JTS Trucking Lipat Bahay

Company: JTS Trucking Lipat Bahay
Industry: Professional Hauling, Trucking, Movers and Delivery Services
Area: Metro Manila
Team: Jimmy, Jafar and Jiet
Cost: Most-Affordable Guarantee
Tag: “Celebrating Almost 30-Years Of Professional, Safe, Friendly & Convenient Service. On Time. Every Time!”
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/JTSLipatBahayTrucks
Insight: All-In-One Movers, Celebrity & Foreigner-Friendly and Accident-Free
Highlight: 24-Hours, 7-Days A Week, On-Time, Fast & Professional Service

JTS Trucking Lipat Bahay is one of the Philippines oldest and most-reliable moving services. Catering to the entire Metro, and surrounding areas, and is The Philippines Magazine International’s Publisher’s Choice 100 Favorite People, Places & Things in the Philippines.

[dropcap]They’re service(s) is/are comparable to American/Western Moving Companies; including their on-time and sometimes early service. [/dropcap]They’re moving teams consist of a (1) professional driver and (2) two assistants who pack and move you quickly and without breakage. Their ‘JTS Low Price Guarantee’ is real and came up to %40 Cheaper than other movers, which allowed for lunch and tips for the guys.

For nearly 30-years, JTS has serviced professionals, expats, athletes and celebrities and pride themselves in discreet, anytime, confidential service. JTS Privacy Standards, are perfect for executives, businesses, celebrities and expats looking for safety first-minded professionals to handle their relocation.

JTS vehicles are clean, newer models, as well as, maintained well. Large box vans are perfect for long moves, bad weather, and overnight storage is available for an additional fee. In addition, pets are ok.

FIVE STARS. The PH MAG On-Line Review was conducted during a celebrity move, quite a long distance, and JTS Trucking was rated against nearly 10 other local moving companies. They received the highest rating –by far. Their highlights, were:

Rapid Response To 24-Hour Turn-Around Scheduling
Prompt/Early Arrival Time
Speedy Packing
Non-Stop Work
Efficient Loading and
Courteous Team Members and
Expat-Friendly English-Speaking Service

” WOW! JTS Trucking Western Standards in the Philippines. So refreshing. Jimmy, Jafar and Jiet made an early morning confirmation call, early arrival time and a non-stop, hustle-hustle moving crew. Our review move was completed nearly 2 hours early! No complaints, no breakage, no worries and zero downtime. It was a wonderful experience.” -Kareem J. A. Jackson, – The Philippines Magazine International, US Executive Publisher


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Globe 0917.522.7304
Smart 0920.950.7360
email: jafarsee@yahoo.com

Celebrity Clients:
Dennis Trillo
Jennylyn Mercado
Luis Manzano
LA Tenorio
Dennis Padilla
Ken Bono
Pepe Smith
Kareem Jackson



The Philippines is taking the world by storm. As home to Asia’s newest economic BOOM: The Manila Bay Walk, Philippines Fashion Week, The National Capital Region, The Business Park in CEBU, Davao The Land of Promise and the New Mega Manila give new meaning to The Republic of the Philippines.

Comprised of 7,107 of the world’s most extraordinary islands, 102 million of the most beautiful and charming people on earth, nearly 500,000 American residents, plus another 600,000 American tourist –annually..

Over 45 million square feet of retail and high-end living space, more than 25 million entrepreneurs, the world’s #1 Call Center Industry and a growing Medical Tourism Destination..

The Philippines business, tourist and lifestyle has never looked so diverse and promising. Its more Fun in the Philippines!.




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