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15086986_10212181544240353_649232414_nAs the Executive Publishers of The Philippines Magazine International Series, we feel confident that you, our readers, fans and tourists alike will love our showcase of more than 100 real-life immersion tours and  1,000+ of our favorite people, places and things throughout the Philippines and beyond.

Let us state at once, we are the only complimentary, true-Philippines Lifestyle,100% internationally-distributed, full-color, glossy, over-sized, coffee table-style mag-book, published in America to promote the Philippines to the growing number Americans and FilAms looking to learn more about the Philippine lifestyle.

We boast more than a dozen complimentary, internationally distributed Limited Special Editions as well; all showcasing a positive and‘optimistic view’ of the new Philippine lifestyle renaissance.  Our Covers and Content are crafted to and focused on acquiring high-readership within the American –and global- consumer/investor communities: consisting of American business investors, consumers, AmPats and FilAms who are looking for a new lifestyle –and new brands and products to spend and invest their money with.

We distribute to over 1,000 businesses, events and organizations from Hollywood, USA to Makati City, Philippines; including the US Embassy, Manila, The Aquino International Airport, The PH Department of Tourism/TIEZA, to United States politicians, corporate decision makers, Filipino Town, USA and Daley City, USA.

We reach up to 250,000 people monthly with our anytime, anywhere, in-print, on-line and digital editions, press, social media, videos, radio, product promotions, events and networking mixers.  Being a complimentary publication allows us to give our readers and Philippines fans 100% distribution of the content they love with no barriers, no newsstands, no plastic-wrapped issues, and no hidden or limited content!  100% International Distribution Guaranteed.

Our unique and exclusive, first-to-the-market readership model allows our advertisers to reach targeted 100% true-distribution, across all platforms, within the emerging, high-net worth, loyal and  highly active new American, PhilAm and Expat market demographic…something domestic-news stand magazines CAN NOT ACHIEVE.

We began 5-years ago with a simple idea…that became Our Mission.

“Let’s create a magazine that celebrates our beauty,promotes our lifestyle and showcases our unique version of success.”

We felt compelled to make a difference, because we were tired of the negativity and fruitless images of Filipinos in the media.  It’s simple.  The Philippines Magazine International and its Limited Special Editions were born from that need to be seen and appreciated.

We have had more than 100 real-life immersion tours all across this beautiful country to deliver true-Philippine Lifestyle to the world.

In addition, we have showcased Our 100 Best & Worst Investments in the Philippines,People, Places & Things, PH: CIO, Our Philippine Lifestyle Directory of more than 1,000 businesses, professionals and hot spots.  Plus, our Philippine Beauty & Wellness, Philippines INK Tattoo Tourism, Lifestyle & Culture, Boracay Lifestyle, as well as, LIVE! ON THE SET events, video showcases, TV and radio segments.

We create every insightful Issue with you in mind.  Whether you’re a reader who is currently in the Philippines, or a newcomer looking to spend,tour, vacation, invest and do business in the Philippines, or an advertising looking to grow your business…WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED!



Kareem Antonio-Jackson, US Executive Publisher& Editor-In-Chief, PH MAG International
Joel Tiongson, PH Executive Publisher & CIO, PH MAG International

The Philippines is taking the world by storm. As home to Asia’s newest economic BOOM: The Manila Bay Walk, Philippines Fashion Week, The National Capital Region, The Business Park in CEBU, Davao The Land of Promise and the New Mega Manila give new meaning to The Republic of the Philippines.

Comprised of 7,107 of the world’s most extraordinary islands, 102 million of the most beautiful and charming people on earth, nearly 500,000 American residents, plus another 600,000 American tourist –annually..

Over 45 million square feet of retail and high-end living space, more than 25 million entrepreneurs, the world’s #1 Call Center Industry and a growing Medical Tourism Destination..

The Philippines business, tourist and lifestyle has never looked so diverse and promising. Its more Fun in the Philippines!.




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