Longos Lifestyle Magazine Has Dropped!

Hey there, beautiful people!

This is Kareem Jackson, your US Executive Publisher and Executive Producer of The Philippines Magazine International, bringing you some electrifying news straight from the heart of the Philippines. Hold onto your hats, because Longos Lifestyle Magazine has officially dropped, and it’s about to blow your mind!

First off, a massive shoutout to our VVIPs – Mayor Christian Natividad, Wilson Lightspeed, and a select few who are already flipping through the glossy, full-color, perfectly-bound pages of our hard copy edition. For the rest of you, we’re making the online version available WORLDWIDE for FREE. That’s right, you can dive into all the action at Longos Lifestyle Magazine Directory.

Now, let’s talk about what makes this magazine a true game-changer.

We’re not just talking about any magazine – this is the Philippines’ first-ever barangay neighborhood lifestyle magazine!

We’re bringing you 70 pages of pure, unfiltered Longos magic, all in a coffee-table-style format. We’ve packed it to the brim with 700+ businesses, your favorite politicians, local celebrities, entrepreneurs, and the hottest spots around town. From Rese’s cool hangouts to bands that rock your world, we’ve got it all covered!

I’ve got to tell you, the warm welcome I received in Longos was beyond amazing.

I was so touched by the love and energy that I knew I had to give back to this incredible community. That’s why we’ve spearheaded the largest local business direct-empowerment campaign ever seen in the city – nearly P1 million worth of FREE advertising given back to the people! This project, led in true-black-American-style by yours truly, was made possible by a dream team of moreno guys and ladies from the local community. These are folks who might not have otherwise had the chance to shine in such a big way, and they absolutely killed it! True diversity and real equal opportunity – black and brown synergized for the community.

We’re showcasing everyone, from grandma’s sari-sari convenience store to Auntie’s Panceteria, and yes, even the big names like Tesla and Burger King! This is true inclusion, folks. Longos Lifestyle Magazine is more than just a publication; it’s a celebration of the beloved Longos lifestyle.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of Longos Lifestyle Magazine now and be part of this historic moment. It’s all about community, culture, and the true spirit of Longos, brought to you by a black American visionary and an incredible local team.

We’re here to uplift, empower, and celebrate every single one of you.

Stay fabulous and keep shining, Longos! The future is bright, and we’re just getting started.

With love and excitement,

Kareem Jackson

Longos Lifestyle Magazine
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