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By Kareem Jackson
with KA&CO US LLC and The Tiongson Group
US Executive Publishers of The Philippines Magazine International, PH: CIO, Philippines INK and ON THE SET Philippines LIVE!
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GO GLOBAL: Publisher’s Forward

Hello Freedom-Seekers!

First and foremost, this is not one of those get-rich, make a billion dollars in 30-days and buy that Bentley you’ve always wanted kind of book. This book is about freedom, simplicity and true happiness; not entrapments, complications and blind-consumerism. So, if you’re idea of’ rich’ is working 75-hours a week, living your life in a suit like Donald Trump, or spending every waking hour plugged-in, then there is no reason to continue reading.
Imagine this.

What if…you could cut up to 80% off your business and personal overhead expenses, run your business from a laptop, charge a higher rate for your products or services, re-invent your business, go global and be more competitive by offering your clients up to 50% off your current prices -profitably?
One of the biggest-innovations of the decade is global outsourcing. With the advent and mastery of the internet, on-line business, web-fed printers, multiple major English-speaking countries outside of the West, the dollar conversion rate, the realized power 50-times earnings by the masses and massive industrial develops in 3rd world countries around the world even the smallest Western entrepreneur can benefit from outsourcing.

A decade ago, global ‘outsourcing’ was taboo in Western business culture –especially in the United States. Call Centers, were not yet popular, widely known as ‘answering services’ working with doctors, events, and other professionals, mainly for over-flow and over-night communication with customers -and they were expensive.

Most companies invested heavy with the local phone companies, or phone system provides, bought desks, phones, switch boards and all the needed support to answer the phones. US companies such as Sears Catalog and Walt Disney Catalog, hosted hundreds of employees, in huge, sprawling facilities; usually in small towns and cities such as Overland Park, Kansas, Midwest USA. Mega Corporation AT&T, SPRINT and Western Union built city-size campuses to house the tens of thousands of employees needed to run the company stateside.

Today, every entrepreneur, the smallest businesses, events and organizations can tap into the benefits of global outsourcing. From consulting, logo development, IT, copy writing, the new SEO, printing, social media management, photo editing, website development, graphics design and cold-calling can all be handles from anywhere in the world.

At one time, like most successful American entrepreneurs, I was burnt out. I was a serial-entrepreneur, who had started my business in my living room. When I finally woke-up from the daze, I was in the middle of the overwhelming whirlwind hyper-ambition can create in your life.

Blinded by ambition and the subsequent entrapment’s of wealth it provides, I had a 4-story, 4,000 sq. ft. house (I lived alone with the occasional live-in partner), had 6 Great Danes, 3-cars, a country club membership, I belonged to 10 chambers of commerce, I took limousines to speaking engagements, events and appearances, I belonged to the KC Metropolitan Bar Association (I am not even a lawyer) hundreds of people working for me, a dozen partners, a Board and 10,000 sq. ft. loft offices in downtown Kansas City, USA.

Like many of you, my day started at home with a pot of Folgers Coffee, conference calls on my high-tech headset, I then stopped by Starbucks in The Country Club Plaza (everyday) for more coffee. I spent hours every day in traffic; listening to self-help cd’s by Kiyosaki, Trump, Tony Robbins and even T.D. Jakes, and had more conference calls while in transit.

I technically worked 7-days a week, I’d never ‘called-in’ sick, hadn’t had a real-vacation in 20-years, popped Tylenol PM capsules and cocktails (plural) every night to sleep, I paid huge to maintain my lifestyle.

More Money.More Problems.I was in my early 30’s, I had achieved my dream (or so I thought)and yet, deep inside I was miserable. My success, was not what I thought it would be.I wanted freedom. I wanted to be happier, I wanted my passion back, I wanted a simple and fulfilling life. So, I set out a course, to re-invent myself, my life and my business.

I realized, I would need to make my business at least 75% virtual. At the time, in 2003, I had no idea what that meant. I had no idea what outsourcing really was, I’d already paid thousands of dollars monthly to answering services; I knew that wasn’t the answer, I had no idea what PayPal was, and all we had was a MySpace -remember them?.

Now, I live from my laptop, on a beach, a tropical island, a resort, and the occasional Board Room. I work pretty much, when, and as much as I want. I have around 30 people working with me still, however, half of them, I have never met. I don’t need to earn as much, because I don’t spend as much, I can choose my clientele,because I have no overhead to maintain, I live most of my time on islands in the tropics, I turn my savings into time living my life, competitive prices for my clients, I give to philanthropy and volunteer with causes I believe in.

In addition, I am debt-free, no credit cards, no car notes, no mortgages, and no overhead expenses. Personally, I am a better person now, I am happier, less-stressed, there’s no need for that big-business shrewdness, and subsequently, I’ve found my soulmate, and we have been together on this amazing journey for over 5-years now.
If you…

  • can relate to anything that I’ve said,
  • are sick of being trapped and overwhelmed,
  • are sick-and-tired of working your life away trying to maintain an unrealistic, materialistic, goober-consumer lifestyle which you can’t maintain into retirement anyway,
  • have a business on the brink of bankruptcy,
  • want to retire younger and richer,

…this book is for you.
Many Americans, get their first car in high school, their first credit card and apartment in college, acquire huge student loans in their 20’s and spend the next 30 to 45-years of their lives accumulating more debt, material wealth, and paying them all off. They will die broke, in-debt and in a retirement or assisted-living facility. Their lifetime supply of ‘stuff’ will be given to the Salvation Army and at nearly 70-years old, they will finally be free; but, health issue will keep them from enjoying it.

TIME IS MONEY.Outsourcing, can give you more time, enable you to retire decades early, create a business on-line, work on-line, and save huge money in overhead costs, or allow you to take a series of mini-retirements throughout your life.

So what are you waiting for?

Kareem Jackson

Let’s get started…

Security Issues

Successful &Efficient Outsourcing enable US Small-Business Entrepreneurs to find new options to protect against internal data and billing scams.
US and European small-business and entrepreneurs face big liability and seek to keep their billing, collection and corporate communication data safe against scams by outsourcing offshore.

More and more US and Europe-based small and mid-sized business, firms and organizations are outsourcing to the Philippines and India. The Philippines, is ranked #1 in the world for BPO and ‘big corporations’ such as Citibank, Safeway, Chevron, American Express, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo and Aetna have kept their outsourcing success a secret for decades.

“…American and European companies are increasingly outsourcing more sophisticated work that was once largely done by legal secretaries, junior accountants and medical staff in the U.S. This includes preparing research reports, formatting documents and providing clinical support.”–according to a recent Los Angeles Times Report by Don Lee.

Today, US small-businesses, entrepreneurs and organizations are discovering outsourcing solutions. For these small businesses, the allure of a cheaper domestic workforce is not the reason. Nor, are the growing number of small-business outsourcing clients looking for the common sales and IT service solutions.

Companies and professionals in the West, are becoming a large force in outsourcing due to increased security needs as they scale their successful businesses.
“Outsourcing, is a necessity today. At that exciting time in a business’s development, when a growing company -or celebrity- is between needing an ‘operations manager’ and a ‘business management department’ for example, they need to outsource…usually, they love their new found freedom and effectiveness, so they never bring it back in-house.” –explains KA&CO Senior Partner, Kareem Jackson, an American International Business Development Group and publisher which specializes in helping clients scale-up their businesses and go global.

Such as with, US-based Source Institute for Human Performance and Ivy League Health and Fitness Inc. who were the victims of an internal billing scam. A seemingly-simple clerical breakdown issue caused huge and irreversible damage to an otherwise pristine US health and wellness provider in Princeton, New Jersey, USA.

As with many US small businesses, billing, auditing, selling and client management is handled internally and often times, by just one free-raining professional.

This practice was more efficient; but risky as your business grows. At a time when many US companies battled the recent US recession, the in-house business management practice was cost-efficient and necessity. However, as they grow, and the data, access and income increases, so must the check-and balances in the business management system.

“We learned the hard way. Something as minuscule as a billing error, can cost your company thousands of dollars, stress and possible lawsuits. It’s better to outsource key and sensitive-components of your business so that all data, access and information is not all held by one individual or team. Outsourcing allows for separate data, billing and sales teams…it’s more efficient, more secure and ultimately more affordable.”-August Leming, Ph. D., Motivational Speaker, Founder, President & Dir. of Programming Studies, Source Institute.

Source: The American Press Service | The Power of Efficient Outsourcing
( www.TheAmericanPressService.com )


  • Why outsourcing can help your business.
  • How to outsource –successfully.
  • Where is the world’s #1 place to outsource to.
  • The Financial Benefits of outsourcing.
  • Most Popular Jobs, Services and Departments to outsource.
  • Australian and Global Outsourcing Trailblazers.
  • The Steps To Outsourcing Success.
  • How to set up a business by outsourcing all the work.
  • How To Get Started In Outsourcing –Successfully!


  • Hewlett Packard
  • JP Morgan
  • Macquarie Bank
  • White and Case
  • Virgin
  • Baker & McKenzie
  • AT&T
  • CITI Bank
  • ANZ Bank
  • Jetstar and
  • Telstra.



There is no doubt that in today’s expanding economy, competition is fierce, strategic alliances are more valuable and opportunities for growth abound. The world has experienced an amazing economic growth and a huge transfer of wealth: a seemingly simple change, which has changed everything. The rules, limitations and market indicators of yesterday, no longer apply. The social indicators formerly believed, are no longer relevant and available to a select few big players.



  • You Can Quadruple Your Revenues In 1-YEAR.
  • Cut-Cost & Overhead 50% OR MORE.
  • Gain Lifestyle FREEDOM.
  • JOIN Over 1 Million businesses, entrepreneurs and brands DOING IT NOW.


  •  A CEO?


New innovations in technology…

High-Speed, Worldwide Internet, On-Line Team Managing Interfaces, Real-Time Work Stations, Web-Fed Printing and Global Payment Solutions.
Global army of English-speaking workers…

English Literate Workforces around the world, have made American no longer the center of business. The Philippines is #1.
More Self-Motivated Self-Managing work force…

Task-driven workers, partners and sub-contractors do not need daily-management and constant-motivation.
The power of the dollar and the pound…

Currently in the Philippines for example, $1 equals somewhere between 40 and 50;which enables you to either cut-cost or expand your existing budget.
A more technology-driving customer-market…

Customers are moving to on-the-go, mobile, interactive purchasing, so you must be flexible and fluid to keep up with the curve.
Hyper-emerging new consumer markets…

There are new clients bases within the virtual market place. New consumer markets of more-progressive customers who are attracted to companies with a larger on-line presence.
VOB Model

“The Virtual Owner Business Model”


Management Benefits:

  • Escape The Office
  • Manage Remotely
  • Abolish Micro-Management
  • Cut-Overhead



  • No Need For Office Space
  • No Need For Phone Lines
  • No Need For Office Equipment
  • No Need For Custodial Staff
  • No Need For Human Resource Staff
  • No Need For Uniforms & Dress Codes
  • No Need For Retirement
  • No Need For Management
  • No Need For Employment Tax
  • And More.



  • Work From Almost Anywhere
  • Work Almost Anytime
  • Be Self-Managed
  • No Rush Hour Traffic
  • No Need For Car
  • No Uniforms or Suits
  • Earn More Money
  • And More.



  • 7/11
  • Krispy Kreme Donuts
  • Kenny Rogers Roasters
  • FUBU
  • Tang
  • Nestea and
  • Wrangler Jeans

Krispy Kreme Donuts boast 2 block-long lines to get into their new gourmet pastry restaurants. Wrangler Jeans and FUBU (now FUBU International), is now on the level of Versace or Prada, selling in high-end males with celebrity endorsers.
Nestea,is a #1 sold product and boast more than 75% of the market share, as well as exclusive arrangement with some of the world’s top fast food chains.

How did they do it?

“In the United States these companies and brands –along with more than 5,000 others, are downsizing, bankrupt or even non-existent… like Kenny Rogers Roasters and 7/11. So, how are they also among some of the top brands? THEY OUTSOURCED. ”


  • Raise your brand to all new heights.
  • Re-invent your brand.
  • Lower –or in some cases eliminate- expensive Australian/US/Western overhead and tax burdens.
  • Peg your company and/or brand into a high-end niche market.
  • Freedom of lifestyle.


Vans Tennis Shoes:

  • Few USstores.
  • Uses private retailers and suppliers.
  • Retails for $30Per Pair in US.
  • Retails for $125 Per Pairs in Philippines.


  • Accenture
  • Convergys
  • JP Morgan Chase Bank
  • Sutherland
  • Sitel
  • IBM
  • HSBC
  • Shell
  • Emerson Electric
  • AIG
  • Lexmark and
  • Maersk.


  • Billing &Collection Services,
  • In & Outbound Sales Calls,
  • Accounting Services&Management,
  • Editing,
  • Marketing,
  • Large & Short-Run Printing,
  • Local & International Distribution,
  • Tech Services,
  • Research & Development.

The Power of Outsourcing…

  • Enables failing companies to realize profitability,
  • Entrepreneurs can have an army of support personal for less than 1 Western employees salary,
  • Debunk brands have found new booming markets for expansion, and
  • Fledgling start-ups may realize hyper-growth due to lack of growth-hindering overhead.


Outsourcing is a new mass-opportunity.

  • Outsourcing is a new phenomenon,
  • The up-turn started in the West,
  • Used by hospitals, law firms, sales departments and temp-agencies searching for cost-effective ways to expand and leverage themselves.
  • A solution; to expand using temporary-staff or teams as companies tested new market opportunities or, seasonal sales opportunities.


  • The ‘Outsourcing Industry’ is born.
  • Mostly office phones answered by Australian/US/Western ‘answering service’ company.
  • Used for ticketing agents to facilitate sales for an event.
  • Outside bookkeeping or accounting firm(s).
  • ‘International Outsourcing’ of jobs considered taboo and un-patriotic in the West.
  • Americans worker’s picketed and protested.
  • 300,000+ American jobs were downsized/outsourced.
  • Outsourcing saved many US companies from extinction in then recent recession.


  • Outsourcing made available to the masses.
  • Virtual Business Solutions is born.
  • Conversion Rate hit 40-times+
  • US Recession forces drastic changes.
  • The ‘outsource employee’ is highly educated,
  • The Philippines overtakes India as the world’s top outsourcer.
  • The Philippines ranks as the world’s top English-speaking nation.
  • 20 Million+ independent, self-motived, self-sufficient, low and highly-skilled virtual cells, or employees, who earn their living as freelancers.
  • Outsourcing Boom!

Then, start-ups, such as ODesk or UpDesk, revolutionized the one-on-one outsourcing industry. An industry of more than 20 million

Let’s Get Started…

10 Steps To Get Started In Outsourcing –Successfully.

  1. Personal Outsource Readiness Assessment.
  2. Inter-Company Assessment.
  3. Outsourcing Solutions Research.
  4. Outsourcing Opportunity Value Assessment.
  5. Strategic Outsourcing Solution.
  6. Outsourcing Implementation Plan.
  7. Development Of The 3-Phase Outsourcing Success Plan.
  8. Outsourcing Implementation.
  9. Outsourcing Management.
  10. Be Free.

Getting Ready…

  • Embrace The Transition.
  • Prepare For The Learning Curve.
  • Establish Your Realistic Time Frame.
  • Recruit Your Outsourcing Agent/Consultant or Partner.
  • Develop Your “Outsourcing Success Plan”
  • Identify Tasks, Departments and/or Services to be Outsourced.
  • Update Your Gadgets.
  • Set-Up International Banking & Payments Systems.
  • Set-Up Meeting & Communications System(s).


Ernst & Young– Over 100 Philippines-based (Filipino) auditors working on Australian accounts. All possessing ‘Certified Accountancy Qualifications’ and cost approximately $US25 per hour, instead of the $250 per hour if in Australia.
QBE – An insurance company; confirmed 700 jobs will be moved to Manila. Future plans to move approx..2,000 global human resource, tax, accounting and finance jobs to Manila.Paying average annual wages of just around $8,000 USD.
Deutsche Bank- More than 2,000 knowledge services division employees in Manila.
Telstra- An estimated 5,000 indirect employees in the Philippines .
ANZ- Has around 1,500 employees in Manila servicing its back office.

12-Most Popular Functions To Outsource To The Philippines Are…

  1. Call Center & Answering Service Duties.
  2. In-Bound & out-Bounds Sales.
  3. Technical Needs.
  4. SEO Duties.
  5. Consulting Services & Business Coaches.
  6. Research.
  7. Website Development & Management.
  8. Distribution & Drop-Shipping Duties.
  9. Copy Writing.
  10. Blogging Services.
  11. Layout, Marketing Design and
  12. Printing.

Your Call To Action…

You Can Start Today!

You can start your Outsource Solution Plan small and then expand.
Here is how to get started on your plan to effective, efficient, and successful outsourcing.


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