Welcome to Lovely Barangay Longos!

Dear Family, Residents, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners, Warm greetings from Barangay Longos, Malolos City, Bulacan!
I am delighted to extend a heartfelt welcome to all newcomers, expats, and entrepreneurs who have chosen to make Barangay Longos their home. It is with great pride and enthusiasm that I, your Barangay Captain Rizaldy Dela Cruz, along with my dedicated team, extend our hands in friendship and support as you embark on this new chapter in our vibrant barangay neighborhood.

As you settle into our community, you will discover that Barangay Longos is not just a place to reside; it is a close-knit family where every member is valued and respected. Our barangay is rich in culture, history, and opportunities for growth, and we are thrilled to have you as part of our thriving community.

To ensure that your transition is as smooth and enjoyable as possible, I would like to highlight some of the initiatives and projects that we have been working on to enhance the quality of life in Barangay Longos:

  1. Architectural Draftsman for the Pampanga River Control System: We are dedicated to safeguarding our barangay against natural calamities, and the development of the Pampanga River Control System is a testament to our commitment to ensuring the safety and security of all residents.
  2. Missionary Work in San Miguel, Bulacan: Our outreach programs extend beyond the borders of Barangay Longos, as we strive to make a positive impact on neighboring communities through missionary work and humanitarian efforts.
  3. Moral Recovery Program with PNP Bahay Pagbabago: We believe in nurturing the moral and spiritual well-being of our residents, and our partnership with PNP Bahay Pagbabago allows us to provide support and guidance to those in need.
  4. Livelihood Support and Infrastructure Upgrades: We are dedicated to promoting economic prosperity and improving infrastructure within our barangay, including the enhancement of roads and the installation of solar lights to ensure the safety and convenience of all residents.
  5. The Barangay Basketball Leagues, which are fun and bring the community together, fostering camaraderie and friendly competition among residents of all ages.
  6. Our Senior Citizen Events, geared to keep our seniors active and involved, providing opportunities for socialization, recreation, and lifelong learning.
  7. The Women’s Events, designed to empower women, celebrate their achievements, and foster a supportive network for personal and professional growth.
  8. The All-New Longos Lifestyle Magazine, a beautifully crafted publication privately published to promote our barangay, celebrate our vibrant business community, and empower our neighborhood through informative articles, inspiring stories, and community initiatives. It is available in print, online, and in digital format. Additionally, nearly 500 local barangay businesses received a complimentary listing for free, valued at P1,000 each, to all who registered by the deadline.
  9. The Bulacan Life App, an upcoming platform that will connect the Province, City, and Barangay at-large in the near future, fostering seamless communication and collaboration among residents, businesses, and local government entities.

Furthermore, it is with great honor and pride that we announce the inclusion of a special Welcome Letter spread from The Malolos City Mayor, Christian Natividad, celebrating citywide success and highlights. The acknowledgment and support from our esteemed Mayor serve as a testament to the collaborative spirit and shared vision for progress that unite our city and barangay. We extend our deepest gratitude to Mayor Natividad for his unwavering dedication to the betterment of Malolos City and for his continued partnership in ensuring the prosperity of Barangay Longos and its residents.

To our esteemed long-term residents and families who have called Barangay Longos home for generations, I extend my deepest gratitude and appreciation. Your unwavering dedication to our barangay has laid the foundation for its growth and prosperity, and your invaluable contributions have shaped the close-knit community that we cherish today.

Your resilience, wisdom, and sense of community serve as an inspiration to us all, and we are truly privileged to have you as pillars of strength within our barangay. As we welcome new faces and opportunities, let us never forget the rich heritage and enduring bonds that unite us as one Barangay Longos family. Your continued support and involvement are integral to the continued success and vibrancy of our beloved barangay.

I would also like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Sangguniang Barangay Officers and Sangguniang Kabataan Officers who work tirelessly to serve our barangay. Their dedication and passion are instrumental in driving positive change and progress in Barangay Longos.

Everyone is welcome, I encourage you to actively participate in barangay activities and initiatives, as your contributions are invaluable to the continued growth and success of our community. Together, let us work hand in hand to build a brighter future for Barangay Longos.

Once again, welcome to Barangay Longos!

May your life here be filled with joy, prosperity, and meaningful connections with your fellow barangay neighborhood family.

Barangay Captain Rizaldy Dela Cruz

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