Thea Alberto

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“What inspired my was my love for baking began when I was just 5-years old. When I came home from school one day and saw my mom baking macaroons in a “magic oven”, I just fell in love with the sweet smell. From that moment on, I would always watch my mom every time she baked. I was in High School when I started baking semi-professionally and initially took orders from family and friends.”

-Thea Alberto

Thea Alberto and her Delamor Sweet Treats, has made a name for herself as one of the most-creative Pastry Chef’s in the Philippines catering the unique visions of her clients.   From amazing kiddy parties, to diplomats, bachelor and bachelorettes, as well as corporate branding cakes and pastries, Thea has taken their theme themes to all-new levels.

Thea says her first love is baking and cooking. As a full-time entrepreneur, she loves independence, and being her own boss. Entrepreneurship, allows her more time for herself and her family. She says, “It’s not easy but worth it”. In her spare time, she does boxing and Zumba to keep fit and healthy. Her goal in life is to share what she knows and to pass what she has learned to those people who have the same passion.

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