Patrick Henry

The Philippines Magazine-Patrick Henry

“I was inspired by the styling of one of Hollywood’s greatest…such as Sam Mc Knight. I find unique ways to always incorporate his taste and flair into all of my work.”

-Patrick Henry

The amazing Bulacan, Philippines native Patrick Henry has made a global name for himself in the world by styling some of the Philippines -and the world’s- most-beautiful women -a sexiest men. From both men’s and women’s paegents, to print and TV work, Patrick Henry Fashion Styling has been a key factor in some of the most-Iconic fashion expose’s and masterpieces nationwide.

Patrick Henry’s work has gained global exposure and multi-cultural appeal, working with models and talent from all over the world. A massive fan of the luxury Italian fashion house; Dolce & Gabban, founded by Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

Patrick Henry harnesses that same luxury couture ‘look’ in his work: bold colors, smokey eyes, striking features with flawless styling are his signature.


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