Marllon Tabangcura

The Philippines Magazine-Marlon Tabangcura

“What inspires me is the massive-influence of Art and Fashion…it stimulated my desire to become a fashion designer.Collaborating these two influences Art and Fashion] showed me more energy and versatility to express my unique vision on runway shows. The feeling of happiness and satisfaction which my designs bring to my clients gives me the will to go further with my passion: to create beautiful pieces.”

-Marllon Tabangcura

Marllon TABANGCURA is an amazing designer. Highly under-appreciated in his home country of the Philippines, but huge in Japan, Taiwan and China with growing recognition in the United States for his sleek, sexy and couture fashion sense. Marllon and his Marllon Tabangcura Couture House has put the Philippines on the map throughout the Asian Rim.

From men’s couture, to bridal gowns, casual and accessories, Marllon is rapidly becoming an Icon in the fashion industry working with, and being published by some of the world’s most renowned publisher’s, editors and fashion magazines.

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