Chelsea Manalo From Bulacan Philippines to the Universe.

I once thought that a fallen star can never be reborn. For years it kept itself absorbed in the dark void. But it once again found its light. I was that star and last night I shone brightest because of all the love and support I received.

Mom and Dad, you both served as my pillar of strength and inspiration. I never stumbled as I envisioned myself walking with you. I was calm because I imagined you were holding my hands. Every word I spoke came from the genuine heart you both nurtured. Every step I made on the stage, led us to achieving the crown we all dreamed of. You, both, deserve my eternal gratitude.

To my Bulacan Team, you all are my heroes. The challenges I was confronted with was overcome by your magic, kindness and generosity. You never made me feel I was alone. I was empowered because I knew you were all by my side.

To my MUPh sisters, my home. The past months have allowed me to find a home away from home. You treated me like family. I learned many lessons from you that I would carry throughout my journey.

To those who supported me, it was beautiful to know you were all cheering Bulacan even if I didn’t know all of you. Your voices echoed in my head, reminding myself that I should believe in myself because there were people believing in me.

Sa’yo mahal kong Pilpinas, gagawin ko ang lahat para iuwi ang pang-limang korona. Hindi kita bibiguin. Ilalaban natin ito. Maraming Salamat po…from, Bulacan Philippines to the Universe.

-Chelsea Manalo, Bulacan Philippines to the Universe.

#BlackGirlMagic takes over in the Philippines, as A NEW QUEEN IS CROWNED! ✨👑


In a historic and electrifying turn of events, Chelsea Manalo of Bulacan has been crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2024, marking a significant milestone not only for the Philippines but for the entire Black and Blasian community worldwide. Chelsea, a proud Nigerian-American-Filipina, is the first Black-Filipina to win this prestigious title. This victory is about much more than a beauty pageant—it’s a powerful symbol of diversity, heritage, and the relentless spirit of #BlackGirlMagic.

Chelsea Manalo: A Queen for the Ages

Chelsea Manalo is not just any beauty queen. She’s a force to be reckoned with. Her journey to the crown was nothing short of spectacular. With a solid preliminary performance, Chelsea was a top contender from the start. During the finals at the Mall of Asia Arena, she wowed the audience with her fierce walk in the swimsuit round and her stunning white evening gown by Manny Halasan, complete with a dramatic ostrich feather cape. Her elegant high bun perfectly highlighted her striking features.

From the start, Chelsea had the aura of a star. Comparisons to icons like Naomi Campbell and Miss Supranational 2022 Lalela Mswane were inevitable, but Chelsea carved out her own unique path. Her charisma, sultry walk, and dazzling gown left fans and judges alike in awe. This victory wasn’t just a personal triumph; it was a statement. Chelsea Manalo is ready to represent the Philippines on the global stage at Miss Universe in Mexico, showcasing a new type of Filipina beauty that the world has yet to fully appreciate.

A Celebration of Heritage and Diversity

Chelsea’s win is a celebration of Black and Blasian excellence and a testament to the rich, diverse history of the Philippines. Many might not know, but the original inhabitants of the Philippines (The Aetas) are Black people, and they still live in the country today. Chelsea’s victory can be seen as a nod to the nation’s roots, a beautiful blend of past and present, illustrating that the Philippines is a land where diversity is not just accepted but celebrated.

The Philippines: A Beacon for Black Americans and the Diaspora

The rise of Chelsea Manalo also highlights the Philippines as a welcoming haven for Black Americans, Westerners, and the global diaspora. The country has become a hotspot for those seeking a healthier, more inclusive lifestyle. As our readers know, the boom in Black and Blasian content in our Philippines Magazine is no coincidence. The Philippines offers a vibrant, somewhat racism-free environment where diversity thrives.

Chelsea Manalo’s win is not an isolated incident. It’s part of a broader movement showing that the Philippines is on the global map for all the right reasons. This historic victory underscores the country’s commitment to embracing and celebrating its multifaceted identity.

A Queen with a Cause

Beyond her stunning beauty and pageant prowess, Chelsea is also deeply committed to her advocacies. A model since the age of 14, she has used her platform to champion Indigenous people’s rights and youth education. Her journey has been one of perseverance, making her crown well-deserved and her reign promising.

Her proud parents, especially her mother, Contessa Manalo, have been her steadfast supporters, sharing every moment of this incredible journey. Chelsea’s story is one of dreams realized through dedication and passion.

All Eyes on Mexico

As Chelsea prepares for the Miss Universe pageant in Mexico, she carries with her the hopes and dreams of a nation and a community. The world better be ready because Chelsea Manalo is about to bring a new kind of magic to the Miss Universe stage—Filipina beauty infused with Black excellence.

Remember her name, Chelsea Manalo, the “Black Pearl of the Philippines,” “Black Barbie,” and “Black Stallion.” She is extending the hashtag #BlackGirlMagic to the Philippines and beyond. Congratulations, Queen! We will celebrate you in our own way on May 25th.

Celebrating Chelsea Manalo: A Symbol of Diversity and Heritage

Chelsea Manalo’s victory as Miss Universe Philippines 2024 is a landmark moment that transcends the world of beauty pageants. It is a powerful testament to the rich cultural tapestry of the Philippines and a shining example of Black and Blasian excellence. As she sets her sights on the Miss Universe crown in Mexico, Chelsea is more than ready to show the world the true essence of Filipino diversity and the magic of Black beauty.

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