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You’re Going To Love Cebu…Meet Chef Alchievan Gomez

In the Philippines entrepreneurship is part of the culture. The Entrepreneurial Spirit is everywhere and small-business entrepreneurs make-up more than 80% of the Philippines overall economy. Unlike in most Western countries, in the Philippine Islands, micro-businesses, such as restaurants, canteen, or sari sari-style convenience stores can provide a family with a nice and modest lifestyle.

An Academic Scholar, as well as a working student busing tables and washing dishes in a local restaurants while in college studying Hotel & Restaurant Management, and then, Computer Science, print, ramp, resort wear, underwear model and painter, Alchievan Gomez found his passion for cooking and serving guests.

Once Alchievan graduated, he earned -and saved- over P100,000 modeling and working at the restaurants, enough money to follow his passion, invest and open his simple province-style, Chef AL’s Canteen & Convenience Store located just 10-minutes away from Mactan Beach, in beautiful Basak ,Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu.

Chef Al, specializes in seafood popular in Cebu, as well as traditional Filipino cuisine. More of a social entrepreneur, he supports his community and has made a niche for himself, selling out nearly everyday catering to the local clientele seeking healthy, affordable, yet tasty breakfast and lunch. Chef Al’s popular dishes such as his ‘Farm Fresh Sweet Tomato Jumbo Yellow Fin & Blue Marlin Larang Stew’, ‘Lapu-Lapu Fresh, Golden & Crispy Buttered Veggie Medly’ and his fabulous signature ‘Chef Al’s Special Pork or Beef Soup Ribs’.

‘Chef Al’s Special Pork or Beef Soup Ribs’ dish is very popular and healthy ‘soup’ which uses real gabi, farm fresh red, sweet tomatoes, crispy string beans, fresh ginger, bell peppers, cabbage, onions and ripe cubes of squash.

Chef Al is a Pride of The Philippines and Bisaya, giving amazing, quality food, and an quant dinning experience right in the heart of the Visayas Province. He does it all while living his dream and supporting his family in a wonderful and positive way.

You can visit Chef Al when your in Cebu for a wonderful true-Philippines lifestyle experience or at: www.Facebook.com/alchievan.gomez

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