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For just $999 Retainer, you may book, buy or create personalized business, family and personal tours with our PH MAG Concierge!

Please fill-out the short form below, and our Concierge will get back to you within 2-48 Hours according to time zones.

A real award-winning former US Concierge from The Hyatt Regency, Flamingo Hilton Casino and The Westin will coordinate all of your needs. No need to take time out of your day to worry about the details. From flight booking with United, PAL and other Major Airlines, to any of our featured hotels, resorts and mansions, to livery service, celebrity chefs, custom tours and even business meeting arrangements, as well as, remote destination tours.

Our PH MAG Fans Enjoy…
Bookings, reservations and retail purchases from our more than 1,000 Philippines lifestyle partners, advertisers and feature hot spots.

Site Checks –We check your real estate, business, vendors or family while you’re out of the country –or just sitting on a beach somewhere.

Verification of Receipt –We verify payments made, received and fulfillment.
Airport Welcome Service –We meet your English speaking guest, family or business partners at the airport, host them and insure safe arrival to their destination.

Sit-In –We will ‘sit-in’ on meetings, negotiations and events on your behalf to insure that you are professionally represented, and that meeting minutes are forwarded to you in your absence.

Due Diligence –We can ‘check’ any neighborhood, city or province to provide you with data and insights for anything from a home or condo purchase, to business location viability and safety.

Custom Services –Just tell us what your needs are, and we can design a service package to meet your needs. Just ask…

Retainer is the concierge professional fee; any and all costs and booking fees will be billed upon request.

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