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The Philippines Magazine-Donna Agnes
The Philippines Magazine-Donna Agnes

PH MAG ON-LINE Presents The Graphics Design Entrepreneur Master Class…An Interview With Design Biz Mastery Summit Creator Donna Agnes

The Philippines Magazine-Donna Agnes
The Philippines Magazine-Donna Agnes

If you are a savvy student looking to earn extra income while studying; and get a head start on being a graphics design entrepreneur, or you’re a freelancer, looking to level-up your game, Donna Agnes has created the perfect opportunity for you to do it.  And IT’S FREE!

Helen Atanacio, Founder RANGGO Hospitality Magazine and Go Discover Travel, “The hospitality industry around the world –especially in the Philippines- is booming! With literally millions of new businesses, events, resorts, hotels opening every year, the future is in design and development.

Every one of them, beginning with their first business idea pitch, their first business, and marketing plan, to the first business cards, menus, flyers, branding, the logo in the lobby when guests walk in…they all need continuous, fresh, effective business development and graphics design.

Design Biz Mastery Summit is a ‘right on time’ opportunity for creative professionals around the world to gain the knowledge and insights they will need to succeed, in today’s global service-business-centric economy.”

The US Publishers of The Philippines Magazine International is proud to introduce to the Philippines’ design community, our Graphics Design Entrepreneur Master Class.  Your special link to The Internationally-Acclaimed Design Biz Mastery Summit by Multi-Award-Winning Filipina-American Design Diva, Donna Agnes.

Are you ready to level-up your profession and do the creative work that you’re proud of?  If you are at a point where you would like to increase your income by being a highly-valued (and highly-paid) design consultant and FINALLY BE FREE to create the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of?

If so, we’re here to support you (and have your back)!  We’ve got 20+ amazing speakers lined up, ready to share everything they know about being a successful designpreneur and building a sustainable remote design business.

Here are just some of the amazing speakers on our panel:

CHRIS DO, Founder of The Future and Blind
MEL JUDSON, Branding & Web Design Expert and Business Coach
PHILIP VANDUSEN, Founder of Verhaal Brand Design
JEFF J HUNTER, Founder of Branded Media and VA Staffer
DMITRIY KOZLOV, Founder of Influex 
KAMALA CHAMBERS, CEO of Thriving Launch
NATHAN HIRSCH, Co-founder and CEO of FreeeUp.com

And many more!

To give you even more exciting insights into this amazing educational summit, we talked to Donna, we wanted to hear her awesome self-made story. 


What a great event!  It’s obviously, your brainchild and an extension of your core passion for the design business. 


“Correct, I am the creator and host of this event and it’s also my business!  Currently, I also run a remote branding and web design agency [in the United States].  You can visit us at www.TheEssenceMuse.com.”


As a Pinay, [Filipina-American] what inspired you to create the Design Biz Mastery Summit?


“Wow…I know how it is to struggle as a creative business owner. Just 6-years ago, I walked-away from my six-figure job as an art director in entertainment; launching campaigns for blockbuster studios, such as Disney, Sony, and Warner Brothers. 

I was determined.  No matter what, I had to start my own remote design business.  I wanted to work with and subsequently, help motivators…life and business coaches, speakers, authors, and transformational leaders. At that time, I wanted to pivot my career to doing work that fills my heart and nurtures my soul.”


You must be fearless.  Quitting your job and taking the leap to live your passion is scary for most people.  How did you; a cute little Filipina girl from Las Pinas and Navotas, Philippines, overcome the fear of failure?


“Honestly…I was overly-optimistic [laughing]. I felt hopeful and knew in my soul, doing this will give me the creative-freedom, income, and flexibility I wanted.

Well, it wasn’t instant sad to say…I e-v-e-n-t-u-a-l-l-y got there.  Along with some hard, hard lessons along the way.  I almost called it quits after my first year in business because I was working myself until I got sick…I went from six figures [US Dollars], to not making a stable income.

It was an intense, rollercoaster experience of “feast or famine.” Eventually, got into massive debt trying to keep my bills paid –using my credit cards.

I lost control of my life…I lost my confidence.”


But you were an executive and had a wonderful career.  What happened?


“The harsh truth…yes, I knew I had the talent and skills to deliver great ‘work’ as an employee.  BUT- I didn’t know ‘the business of design’ …like, how to deal with the sales, marketing, and client management side of the business.


Yes, most workers gone owners, don’t see their job as a business.  It’s one of the major reasons so many returns to work.  How did you ultimately, not quit, and then, go on to thrive?


First of all, it was a most-humbling experience and it grew me in ways I never imagined.  But, I had to get help…I took out one final, last-chance advance from my credit card to invest in a business coach.

Luckily, my coach was excellent, and finally…my business and life started to turn around. It took another year to get stable…but I’ve maintained the momentum I’ve been wanting in my business for the past 4 years. Now I have an agency with a remote team of 4 designers, 2 developers, a video editor, and a virtual assistant (who live all over the Philippines!) and my business earn a consistent profit of six-figures.”


That is an inspiring story of tenacity and the power of a risk-it-all ambition.  So, you achieved your goals, you are back on top, so why Design Biz Mastery Summit?


“Each One…Teach One.  Now, I want to share my knowledge –and my network of amazing creative leaders- with other creators around the world –especially back home in the Philippines where opportunities to access this mastermind group of creatives would be nearly impossible.

I wish someone told me years ago…how to build my remote agency, so I wouldn’t have had to go through those nearly devastating struggles.  

As a Pinay, and immigrant from the Philippines, I have always felt LUCKY to have been given the chance to grow up in the U.S. and have the opportunities I’ve had, especially with being able to leave a highly-paid, stable job and explore my passion -entrepreneurship. I see this as a gift and privilege that I cannot take for granted.

I know the struggles.  First-hand.  I’ve had to overcome the challenges of becoming an entrepreneur which have come from my family wanting me to have financial stability. In my past career as an Art Director, I had extra money to send back home to my family if they needed help. I supported both my mom and dad because they struggled financially. I saw myself as a provider for them, and it gave me pride that I was in a position to offer support.

However, when I pursued my business and hit rock bottom, it devastated me that I was no longer in the position to give support. But remembering where I came from and how fortunate I was to have the resources, gave me the strength and perseverance to keep going.

This is also the reason why I had the courage to take on such a big and challenging project which is the virtual summit. I’m SO fortunate and grateful that I’m in a position to share resources with other creatives and excuses cannot get in the way of me fulfilling this calling!”


We appreciate your passion and your story is inspiring.  We are proud to be an affiliate and hope we can pass along your knowledge and that of your network to our designer entrepreneurs here in the Philippines. 


“What I’m most proud of about the summit, is that it’s a “one-for-one” model. Meaning that for every pass that an attendee purchases, we grant unlimited access to the content to aspiring ‘designpreneurs’ in the Philippines from the OnlineJobs.ph platform, as well as The Philippines Magazine International!

I’ve always desired to have a business that gives back to my country and thankfully through the support of OnlineJobs.ph, CEO, John Jonas, and PH MAG On-Line, US Executive Publisher we were able to make this a reality.

Our Mission to provide business education to Filipinos is near and dear to my heart, and through the insights of Mr. Jackson, Mr. Jonas’ company and the Design Biz Mastery Summit, we can make a bigger impact and provide Filipinos the tools and skills they need to thrive!”

But, why graphics and web design? 


“I came to the states when I was 9 years old and didn’t speak English. This made it very challenging for me to make friends at school and I was often bullied for not understanding what the kids were saying. I eventually turned to the arts to nurture my self-expression. I painted, danced, sang, which were all the art forms which were encouraged in our Filipino culture anyways! Growing up as a teenager, I still nurtured those crafts and when it was time for college, I ended up defying my parents’ wishes to become a nurse…because there are enough Filipina nurses in the world, and I was an artist [laughing]. 

Instead, I followed my passion to become a graphic designer. I attended The Art Institutes in Santa Monica, CA and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Going through this college and getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia Design was one of the proudest moments in life. After graduating, I was swarmed with many amazing opportunities. I eventually settled into a career for a creative agency where I worked for ten years as a Senior Art Director.”

Donna Agnes is a trailblazer.  She lived in Las Pinas and Navotas while in the Philippines. She now lives in Venice, CA, USA and visits my father in Trece Martires every year. 

If you are a design creative of any kind in the Philippines, you should attend the online event because #1, it’s FREE! Also, because you will learn from world-class entrepreneurs who have done the work of trial and error to get to where they are now (earning six and even seven figures) from their design business!

This is also the first-ever online event specifically about ‘designpreneurship’ and therefore, you will be part of something revolutionary. 

Wanna Learn More & Create Your Graphics Design Agency?

Attend The PH MAG ON-LINE Presentation of The Graphics Design Entrepreneur Master Class:  The Design Biz Mastery Summit by Donna Agnes with CHRIS DO, MEL JUDSON, PHILIP VANDUSEN, JEFF J HUNTER, DMITRIY KOZLOV, KAMALA CHAMBERS, NATHAN HIRSCH & More. 

Visit:   www.DesignBizMastery.com and www.Facebook.com/designbizmastery

If you want me to inspired, we recommend you learn more about the success of, Donna Agnes, and see how you can take your design hustle to the next-level.  [www.TheEssenceMuse.com]

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