Romar Deinla

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“My passion for great and hip food comes from seeing the smiles on the faces of my happy customers’ faces.”

-Romar Deinla

Romar Deinla is a native of Lipa City, Philippines and has grown his passion for art, music, international lifestyle, great food, good times, and chicken wings into an emerging business venture.  Deinla is an amazing tattoo artists, rasta man, as well as, an all-around chef, making scrumptious Filipino, and international dishes alike.  However, his fan specialty is his 15 flavors of Buffalo Wings; specifically, Buffalo Station fans love the Classic, Cheesy Garlic and Spicy BBQ.

We first met Deinla when he was showcased as the hip-hop expat for fun-loving lifestyle expats at his tattoo shop/resto bar where guest enjoyed sing-alongs, while getting permanent and henna tattoos, over a cold bucket of beer.  Then, we visited his Mediterranean-style, family resort in Tagaytay City where we met the team and tasted amazing medi-centric dishes and enjoyed hookah next to the pool.

Deinla’s Buffalo Station is the rave of Lipa City, as the craving for the black-American delicacy takes hold in The Philippines.  With a new location planned to open soon, everyone has yet another reason and place to enjoy good times, great people and even better food.


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