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SWANK | A Night at Cerveseria with Dave Mungcal III

Dave Mungcal III
Cerveseria Burgos Park, Forbes Town Rd.
BGC 1635 Taguig, Philippines

When you think of the Philippines, tropical, clear water, white and black sand beaches, come to mind. The concept of curb front hotspots, celebrity havens, paparazzi, and places to see –and be seen, may not cross your mind.

But in the heart of Burgos Park, tucked into fabulous Forbes Town, is a Hollywood Hot Spot-style Spanish-inspired resto and cocktail bar named, Cerveseria.

Visit Cerveseria:
Burgos Park, Forbes Town Rd.
BGC 1635 Taguig, Philippines

Cerveseria is swank.

Reminiscent of the vibe in Beverly Hills, Paris, Orange County, or Ocean Drive, Cerveseria is a breath of fresh air for local and international socialites, celebrities, politicians, diplomates, entrepreneurs, models, and trust funds kids looking for a great meet-up, or jump-off place for dinner and pre-cocktails before the clubs.

Cerveseria is diverse.

DJ Cjreezy from Hollywood, California, USA is here tonight, and he has us all up dancing, and sweating out our overpriced branded clothes. Everyone can feel wonderful at Cerveseria; kids, GenX and Z, Millennials, the older Baby Boomer crowd, and as I look around the world I see Filipinos, black Americas, Africans, white Europeans, white Americans, gays, straights, all together celebrating life -together.

Dave Mungcal III, DJ Cjreezy, Kareem Jackson and Joel Tiongson

Cerveseria is bonga.

For the older elite crowd, looking for an exclusive hideout, after their formal galas, or a holiday event after party location, and to chillax in luxury, after those stuffy appearances, Cerveseria is open until around 2am, so it is great for late night/early morning meetups.

Cerveseria is prestigious.

This swank hot spot is not for those late-night cravings, or junk food lovers unless your cravings are 5–star, world-class, Spanish-style cuisine, and top shelve cocktails. From their Cerveseria Tapas to their pasta and margaritas, to their flaming tower cocktail, this is the place to go if you’ve got the budget and want to impress.

Cerveseria is celebrity.

The newest celebrity hangout just got a facelift, and a new locale, and never know who you will run into. Tonight the spot is full of millionaires, and billionaires, a PBA team is celebrating something, and the successful entrepreneur and Philanthropist Jorge Hizon’s wife is celebrating her birthday, Miss. Universe is here for a bridal party (of her friend), and yes, the US Press Service is also in the house.

So, when you land on the islands, and you’re ready to level up your casual experiences, or, if you’re an elite local looking for a swank, diverse, place to call home, where everyone will know your name, join us at Cerveseria.

Thanks, brother Dave for the invitation, the warm welcome, flaming cocktails, exquisite tapas, refreshing top-shelf margaritas, and for the memorable experience.

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