Meet Jeff De Perio, the California High School Drop-Out Living His Legacy Owning His Own Historic Resort in the Philippines Islands

It’s a well-known fact in the West that millions of Americans and Europeans are sick of the stressful, high-cost, low-return Western lifestyle.

The average American makes just around $45k a year; and though that may seem like a lot in US Dollar Conversion, after taxes and US cost of living, that is near poverty in the US –and definitely in the UK.

With over 47 million Americans joining The Great Resignation (in 2021 alone), nearly the same number of folks joining The Entrepreneur Revolution, a boom in the black, minority, and women travel, remote work market demands, DEI Failures (diversity, equity, and inclusion), and the rise of The Passport Bros –and Sistas, Jeff Charifa De  Perio, a 46-year old Morris High School (San Diego, California, USA) ‘drop-out’ is on Zambales Island, Philippines living his best life!

Plus, Jeff is achieving ‘The American Dream’ abroad; with the ‘Brady Bunch-style’ family, and a beachfront resort to boot!

Jeff De Perio

I was so inspired!

When we think about ‘second chances’ or ‘statistic’ youth, we often think of either jail, the military, or both.

However, we never think, of a ‘prime-beachfront, resort’ and ‘loving family’ unit for those who come from that background in the US or the UK.

Though some youth (non-minorities), can make all of the mistakes in life, be just as shrewd, and yet, and still seem to have, ample opportunities to get back on the right track.

Another oxymoron, or falsehood, is that men of color, black and brown fathers, do not leave generational wealth to their sons; or, in this case, multi-generational-wealth.

All of that is not true, or at least not anymore.

Like so many of us, Jeff was a ‘wild child’ and enjoyed the US, Westcoast Lifestyle that we have all seen and loved globally, in music videos, Hollywood movies, and Hip Hop Fashion.

But, just as with many men of color in the US, who do not fit into a certain mold, or come from a certain stock, Jeff found himself being misunderstood and discriminated against, in the system, and with no way to pursue his dream of family and entrepreneurship –at least not in the USA.

The fact is, the odds in the US, are against black and brown men, especially, if they’re from the inner city.

Jeff De Perio is an inspiration for us all.

THIS STORY is just as much about the power of one man, and his dream, as it is, about a father his dream for his son, and the power of generational wealth.

Jeff Charifa Deperio & wife Analyn

The Legacy of Armando De Perio.

Jeff Charifa Deperio, along with his lovely wife Analyn, and his children; Mathew, Joshua, AJ, Tyler, Jared, and Aaliahh, own and operate, The Historic (literally located on historic land in the Philippines), De Perio’s Place Resort, in Olongapo City, Zambales, Philippines.

A True-Philippines Lifestyle Experience.

The uniqueness of his resort is that it is one of the last, True-Philippines Resorts on the entire coast of, Baloy Beach.

As foreign-focused, high-end developers, push out locals, by raising the prices above what average local Filipino patrons, tourists, and investors can afford, focused on ‘relationship’ tourism, (for lack of better words) instead of ‘family-oriented’ tourism, and dozens of others remain closed since the pandemic, yet to reopen, The De Pario’s have needed to fight to maintain their father’s legacy.

The De Pario’s Are Winning.

As a destination, De Pario’s Place Resort is exactly what we were looking for when we took a day trip to the coast, a True Historic Filipino Lifestyle Experience.

Though we were directed to the more popular, White Rocks Resort, when we finally arrived there (just 2 hours outside of Metro Manila), we were a little disappointed that there were not many ‘locals’ there.

But, just off the main road; I remembered, seeing festive Nipa Huts, happy Filipino families, a couple of boats (actually they have 3), a warm welcome traditional ‘reception’ desk, and a clear view of the beach.

So, we exited White Rocks Resort (sorry guys), and backtracked to find the oasis destination…

When we arrived at, De Perio’s Place Resort, we immediately felt the warm-Filipino welcome.

A little history:

And, there something was very familiar about the location, it was like I had been here before.

Then, my partners reminded me, that Destileria Limtuaco, the Philippines’ oldest distillery, who is also the maker of our sponsored holiday beverage “White Castle Whiskey” for the past 10-years) held their iconic calendar girl shoots at the “White Castle” just out at the coastline!

This is the beach I was on. I was actually here!

Historic White Castle Whiskey Commercial One:

Historic White Castle Whiskey Commercial Two:

Who knew, the night would only get better…

The resort itself was simply-amazing, the epitome of ‘green’ local tourism; spread out over nearly an acre of natural beachfront, traditional resort, and separate parking area, (1,800 square meters), complete with:


  • 7 Villas
  • 28 Beachfront Nipa Huts
  • 4 Tepee Huts Coming Soon
  • Multiple Shower & Restroom/CR Areas,
  • BBQ Grills
  • Live Acoustic Nights
  • Hip-Hop & Reggaeton Dance DJ Nights
  • Bottle Service
  • A traditional convenience store (aka Sari Sari Store)
  • Private & Group Boating Trips
  • Private & Group Fishing Excursions, and
  • Live Fire Dancers!

Plus Day Trip Experiences:

  • Banana Boat Rides
  • Speed Boats
  • Snorkeling
  • Cove Tours
  • Jigging
  • Deep Sea Fishing
  • Parasailing and,
  • Jet Ski Rides

‘The De Perio Finale’ to our Christmas Day Evening, which I stumbled upon, on a road trip, off the beaten path, on an island, in the Philippines, was “The Xavy De Guzman and Mark Samonte Fire Dancing Beachfront Extravaganza!”

A little backstory: Xavy De Guzman; is a protégé’ of, Ianne Villaflor Tan, and a fresh face in the fire world, at just 18 years old. Though, Xavy’s fire dancing skills are way past her 1-year of experience.

The Dynamic Duo, with Mark Samonte, gave the local fans (and myself) an experience to remember –usually set aside for other more exclusive resorts in the area. It was a very nice and generous treat, provided by Jeff De Perio and his family.

“The Xavy De Guzman and Mark Samonte Fire Dancing Beachfront Extravaganza!”

To View & Bookings:


Visit: De Perio’s Place

Baloy Beach, Bario Beroto Olongapo City, Philippines

Local Reservation: 0928 695 7279

Google Maps:

Out of fairness, White Rocks Resort is AMAZING!

Though sometimes, I do enjoy a more ‘local’ vibe, I do realize sometimes, for some people and families, or corporate event hosts, that this destination may not be realistic.

And also, “When Subic Metro Wins, We All Win!” –Kareem Jackson

So, Please Also Visit White Rock Beach Resort, Hotel & Waterpark:

For more Subic Bay Metro Tourism Visit:

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