Café 80’S Bar & Resto

Company: Café 80’S Bar & Resto
Industry: 80’s Tagalog & English Music Bar and Restaurant
Area: Quezon City/Timog Area
Cost: Affordable
Tag: “We mix the best of the soundtracks the 80’s has to offer for a great night out. Whether you were around in the 80’s decade or just wished you were. We will take you on a music fueled retro road trip of a lifetime!”
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/Cafe80sBarandResto
Insight: Festive, Mixed Clientele, Great Food, Safe, Foreigner-Friendly and
Highlight: Live DJ. It’s like a big house party.

Café 80’S Bar & Resto is one of Quezon City’s secret hot spots and The Philippines Magazine International’s Publisher’s Choice 100 Favorite People, Places & Things in the Philippines.

[dropcap]Off the corner, to the side, through security, up the stairs, tucked-away right in the heart of Timog, you could easily miss it.[/dropcap] It’s the Philippines version of an old school (if the 80’s is old) hole-in-the-wall or juke joint. A festive fusion of both Tagalog and English 80’s music, a house party atmosphere, dance-anywhere freestyle live DJ and great food!

It’s right around the corner from the TV Studios, and a quick ride from our Malacanang Palace PBS Studios, so you never know who you’ll see there. With ample big-boy bouncers, whether you’re a regular Joe, a foreigner, a local, or a celebrity, you’ll be safe and can get-loose away from the paparazzi.

We came in after a PH MAG Publisher’s diner party event at Alyannes Restaurant (another great pre-bar dinner place see their review in another segment.), and we were humble guests of Philippines Malacanang Palace Media and Uy Family Reps, so we aren’t sure of the entrance and accessibility to the public. However, when we walked in at 11:30 pm on a Saturday night, the party was already turnt-up!

It was standing room only! We were lucky enough to be seated at the bar with the owners –but not for long, the music got us up and out of our seats right away. Wham!, Oingo Boingo, Erasure, Whitney Houston, Ricky Martin, Bell Biv DeVoe, SWV, Run DMC, Martha Wash, CeCe Peniston, Michael and Janet Jackson…too many to recall.

Remember…The 80’s and 90’s good-time house parties in the US or maybe the UK? Did you like Mod, Punk, House, New Wave, Soul or R&B? Then, you will love this vibe. The decor is perfect: records, music posters, pics and memorabilia all over the walls. The DJ is real and mixes live! Yes, live. Just like in the ‘good ole’ days, no pre-mixed, over-played, cookie-cutter, downloaded tracks at Café 80’s.

Everyone; and we mean everyone, was partying like Rock Stars. Getting-their-grooves-on: dancing and singing along in the isles, in/on their seats, along the stairs, at the bar and even one of the owners came out and did a Cha Cha Salsa number with our US Executive Publisher.

” Café 80’S Bar & Resto…what a great place! It is the epitome of the PH DOT slogan ‘it’s more fun in the Philippines’. Awesome vibe…it’s the perfect fusion of Tagalog and English 80’s live jamz! It’s like one big house party full of friends! A must visit for expats (and everybody else) looking to party…and missing home. Plus! The live DJ spinning the 80’s mixes is always a good time.” -Kareem J. A. Jackson, – The Philippines Magazine International, US Executive Publisher

[Pictures PH MAG LIVE! On The SET and Café 80’s Facebook]

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#42 SGT. Esguerra Ave., COR E. Lopez Drive, South Triangle, Quezon City

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