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When you’re in the Philippines, or even if you’re a local, more than likely, you will visit Pampanga at one point or another. Before you get swept off by the ‘tourists’ and ‘good times’ attractions, go for an authentic one.

This is The Best of Pampanga where you can find some of the best food, delicacies, experiences, and hot spots in the Philippines.

When you’re in the Philippines, please take time to ‘enjoy the true-Philippines lifestyle’ as well.

From Murcon (morcon) Murcon, Pindang kalabaw, also known as, Water Buffalo Tocino, Buro or balo balo, a fermented rice recipe, authentic (no mayo included) Sisig, and together with the exotic tastes of the wild like Betute Tagak, a stuffed local frog dish, and Adobong Kamaru, which is a soy sauce mole cricket recipe.

6 Reasons Why Danilo’s Is Our Best Of Pampanga’s Publisher Choice Hot Spot

1. Affordable

Even with the spike in inflation and the increasing price of the ingredients they need, Danilo’s has not changed the original prices. “Even though the pandemic and the inflation hits, most of our customers are wondering why our rates are lower than other restaurants not only in Pampanga, but also in manila, and throughout The Philippines.” –Oliver, Owner of Danilo’s Restaurant

2.Authentic Sisig

FYI. Based on the research –and from what Oliver said-, the history of the Famous Dish can be traced back to Pampanga in the 1700s. The recipe consists of papaya, guava, and other vegetables, and was reinvented in the early 1900s and now uses the remains of the pig’s head due to the head being considered ‘excess meat’ which sold cheap or was given away for free. As of today, Sisig is one of the most famous Filipino Heritage Dishes…and,…Danilo’s Restaurant serves one of the very best.

3. Atmosphere

Experience the relaxing and open-air ambiance of Danilo’s, while enjoying award-winning food and natural beverages. With a capacity of approximately 200 guests, Danilo’s is a great choice for business and family events.

4. Hospitality

Danilo’s is world renowned, not just for their authentic world-class quality cuisine, but also for their top service standards. The owners are hands-on and it shows in their well-trained staff, managers, and cooks.

5. Multiple KTV Rooms

Filipinos are known as some of the greatest singers in the world. Do you wanna know why? It is because they have Karaoke, and can party (or practice) all night long by just paying 5 pesos per song or you can rent a private room for p400 to p1,500 a night; depending on the quality of the Karaoke. Of course, Danilo’s Restaurant has 4 KTV Rooms you can rent for very affordable rates and packages.

6. Fresh Desserts

Enjoy farmed fresh fruit shakes, made-to-order instead of that unhealthy soft drink, or soda. Great for the kids, and the older folks in the family, and as a great, refreshing tropical drink for expats.Here is a bonus for reading the whole article.

7. The Vibe

One thing that grabbed my attention, and left me pleasantly survived is their great overhead music playlist full of, Motown and Classic R&B Jams! Nothing makes you feel more chill and at home than “Kool and the Gang” or “The Sugar Hill Gang” playing in the background.

For Bookings & Reservations:Call: +63 917 174 2807Visit: Jesus St., Poblacion, Floridablanca, PhilippinesFB:

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