CITANG’S Historic Eatery


Company: CITANG’S Historic Eatery
Industry: Historic Filipino Neighborhood Restaurant
Area: Sta. Isabel, Malolos, Bulacan, Philippines

Cost: Affordable
Tag: “Celebrating Nearly 50-Years Of Great Traditional Filipino Recipes, Good Times and Great People!”
Facebook: www.F acebook.com/pages/Citangs-Eatery
Insight: Fresh Fruits & Vegetables, Local Ingredients, Quality Products, Traditional Food, Sushi and Cold Drinks.
Highlight: Local, Celebrity & Foreigner-Friendly.

CITANG’S Eatery is one of the Philippines oldest and most-popular local neighborhood eateries. Located just moment off of popular Mc Arthur Highway, in the quaint Kuatro Kantos neighborhood, Sta. Isabel, Malolos City, Bulacan, Philippines.

[dropcap]The Historic Neighborhood Eatery is similar to the charming little,[/dropcap] restaurants you may find in West Port or The Country Club Plaza Kansas City, New Brooklyn or even Historical Old Town San Diego, USA.

Since 1970, beginning as a small, local canteen, for the nearby churches, schools, bikers, road trippers and residents, Citang’s became popular as a hot spot; putting Malolos on the map even before it was deemed a city, catering to the entire Metro, and surrounding areas.

[dropcap]Local Philippines Media, celebrities, and now expats have fallen in love with the restaurants local charm[/dropcap] –with big resto service and standards. Citang’s is The Philippines Magazine International’s Publisher’s Choice Neighborhood Restaurant 100 Favorite People, Places & Things in the Philippines.

FIVE STARS. The PH MAG On-Line Review was conducted over 5-separate dining visits, including take out, sushi and PH MAG International Lifestyle Editors raved about the restaurant each time. The first visit, Citang’s was on sold out Saturday afternoon, waiting room only for seating. The service, charm and festive-attitudes of the (dancing) staff made it worth the trip and the wait. A patio-style restaurant, flies are to be expected, but other than that, it passed all of our editors expectations. Their highlights, were:

Great Curb-Appeal
Charming Historic Filipino Décor & Painting
Neighborhood Feel
Prompt Service
Hot Speedy Meals
Packaged Sushi
Fresh Locally Farmed Vegetables
Courteous Wait Staff and
Expat-Friendly English-Speaking Service

“Just sit back and enjoy the best of true-Filipino culture in the heart of Bulacan. Citang’s is a wonderful and charming real-Philippines canteen right in the middle of the city. Don’t let the traditional Filipino artists murial’s on the walls, bamboo entry and simple eclectic décor fool you…food is served fast, fresh and hot with a smile. Get out of the Metro, escape Makati…take a road trip and enjoy true-Filipino lifestyle and people!” -Kareem J. A. Jackson, – The Philippines Magazine International, US Executive Publisher


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