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GoBounce Philippines
Industry: Express Travel
Area: Manila, Cebu and Davao
Drivers: 50+
Training: 3-Days In Addition To Licensing
Cost: P20/5 Cents 1ST 3 Kilometers
Tag: @gobounceph
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/gobounceph
Insight: Convenient, Safe, Foreigner-Friendly and Fast.
Highlight: Can cut 1-hour travel down to 15-mins

GOBOUNCE is the newest buzz in Manila since Uber, GrabCar and GrabTaxi hit the scene. Now, with new service in Cebu and Davao, as well as, already ranked high with Top Gear, GMA News and even CNN is getting into it!

“An excellent alternative if you’re in a hurry or on a very tight budget.”
-James Deakin, CNN Reporter

We went undercover and tried it for ourselves! We wanted to see if all the hype was true -or, just great PR.

With new motorcycle lanes set to be implemented -and strictly enforced- in the Philippines starting today, the GoBounce is ‘right on time’.

YEEEEEZ! The hype is all true!

We can really zip around traffic and get to where you need to go in a fraction of the time.
It’s affordable, the drivers are good, highly-trained and have that Filipino sweet hospitality. GoBounce is like having a chauffeur; but he drives you around on a motorcycle.

In addition, it puts hundreds of people to work in an all-new exciting industry, doing what they love in the Philippines and throughout Asia -driving motorcycles!

GoBounce adds that much needed professionalism and respect to motorcycle drivers for-hire, adding a new-level of esteem to the ‘tricyle driver’ and teaches them how to be professionals and allows them to work with other professionals.

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