On the Road Together: The Epic Saga of Rannie and Rei

It all began in January 2023, riding as an Angkas duo. At that time, we were on the brink of breaking up due to a significant challenge that had arisen.

Rannie thought of taking Rei to one of his favorite places, Shotgun in San Mateo, Rizal. However, we only had one bike at the time because it was all we could afford. We didn’t have enough money to buy another bike. Previously, Rannie would give Rei a ride to and from work. So, Rannie thought, if he could ride with Rei without any problems, why not try going farther together? “Shotgun” was closed that day, so we went to Timberland in San Mateo, Rizal instead.

That’s how the Bike Angkas Series started. We tried recording videos to have memories of what we did together. We never expected that the videos would reach over 40k views on our Facebook account.

On our second ride, we ventured even further, from Malolos to Baguio. Rannie had never gone that far alone before. At the start of our journey to Baguio, Rei’s seat didn’t have foam. We just bought a basket for the front of the bike to carry our belongings because Rei had struggled with a bag on her back during our last ride. We started our journey to Baguio around 2 PM and arrived at Lions Head in Baguio after 20 hours. We only slept for 2 hours on the side of the road near San Manuel, Tarlac. We continued our journey until the early morning hours. We even celebrated Rannie’s birthday and Valentine’s Day during that trip.

We also made a video of that journey for documentation and memories. We weren’t used to vlogging at the time because we felt shy. When we uploaded the video of our Malolos to Baguio trip, it only had music as the audio. Many people didn’t believe that we did it because they thought it was “impossible.” We understood because if you hear about it for the first time, it does sound impossible – partners riding together on one bike from Malolos to Baguio.

After that, we decided to ride to Dingalan, Aurora. It was our third ride as part of the Bike Angkas Series, and it was the first time we got a plate made for the front of our bike, labeled “R.Adventures.” We also created a TikTok, Facebook Page, and YouTube Channel. We planned to vlog that trip. We only had ₱1,300, but we managed throughout the ride. Rei did a voice-over for our video, and GMA discovered it and invited us to do a documentary for their segment called “Dapat Alam Mo.” That’s when we became known, and we shared that our next target ride was the North Luzon Loop. Many people supported us, and sponsors came forward, so we were able to finish that journey. It took us 24 days to complete the North Luzon Loop. Despite facing Typhoons Egay and Falcon while in Vigan and Pagudpud, respectively, it was an incredibly memorable journey, and many people recognized us throughout the trip and even when we returned home.

After that, we continued with our long rides until we reached Alegria, Northern Samar, on our last ride, and the rest is history.

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