The Philippine Islands “The Best Country On Earth” Here’s 10 Reasons Why. By: Marjorie Mae Mendoza [sponsored]

The Philippine Islands “The Best Country On Earth” Here’s 10 Reasons Why.  By:  Marjorie Mae Mendoza [sponsored]

There are no words to describe how amazing the Philippines is –ok there is one:  AMAZING!

Who knew that this small tropical country located right in the middle of Southeast Asia could hold such beauty. With 7,107 unique islands scattered across the archipelago, the country boasts a great array of attractions. From gorgeous beaches, magnificent flora and fauna, and friendly smiles on the streets, the Philippine Islands is a top destination for millions of tourists from all over the world. Here are 10-Reasons Why The Philippines Islands is “The Best Country On Earth” and US Executive Publishers of The Philippines Magazine International 2017 Top Destination:

You Can Eat Classic Filipino Food in Under $2.50/PHP100


Compared to other countries, food in the Philippines is incredibly cheap which makes it ideal for backpackers. Adobo, sinigang, sisig, lechon, and lechonkawali with rice are all available in carenderias or better yet, head to the local isaw-isaw place and have a wiff of barbecued chicken intestines plus quek-quek along with sago for drinks. Better yet, cook them yourself and grab the freshest ingredients from the palengke. If you ever need help on the recipe, just ask your neighbors or your friends and they’d gladly help.

You Can Live Beach Front or Just Minutes Away from the Beach


Being an archipelago, the Philippines is home to some of the most beautiful beaches. Everybody knows about Boracay and El Nido in Palawan but there are other beaches to visit in the Philippines! Talicud and Samal near Davao as well as Dahican beach in Mati, and Sohoton Lagoon in Siargao Island are all a must-visit for beach lovers. There is also Panglao Island in Bohol to name a few.

The Enchanted River

Named so because of its captivating bright blue waters, the Enchanted River in Hinatuan located Surigao Del Sur is a place derived from a dream. Its name is derived from the word “Enkantos” which are mythical creatures in the Philippines where the river is said to be home to many of them. Aside from the fact that its depths are unexplored, there are also fishes that – according to many local fishermen, cannot be caught by any means. While the place is wrapped in local superstition, you can definitely visit and swim in the river except at lunch time and at night. Overnight stay and camping around the river are strictly prohibited.

An Adventure Just Around Every Corner

The Philippines is everything but boring! You can do all sorts of outdoor activities such as camping or casual hiking. Mountaineering is also a great experience in the Philippines, especially in Mt. Apo in Mindanao which is considered to be the highest point in the country and included in the top 100 highest peaks around the world. There is also Mt. Pulag, Mt. Makiling, and Mt. Kitanglad to name a few. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind experience, you can go down an 840-meter dual cable zipline in Dahilayan Adventure Park in Manolo FortichBukidnon which is currently the longest in Asia. If that sounds too extreme, ATV rides in Bohol and Bicol.

Stunning Wildlife


The Philippines is every nature lover’s dream! Because of its unique tropical climate, the country is host to fauna that the world has yet seen. Among the many animals which are exclusively found in the Philippines is the largest of the eagles in terms of length and wing surface is the Philippine Eagle otherwise known as the Monkey Eating Eagle. Tarsiers and flying lemurs can also be found in the Philippines as well as a pygmy water buffalos called the Tamaraw and the Philippine spotted deer.

Everyone Speaks English

Considering the fact that the Philippines is not an English speaking country, over 90% can speak English. Thanks to the fact that the country incorporates English within the education system, Filipinos can communicate well with foreigners. We speak English so well that the Philippines is home to big call centers that could even rival India. Moreover, street signs, maps, even things you find online are all in English so communication is not a problem for Filipinos.

Because The President is a Badass

With the shift of power brought about by this year’s elections, the Philippines is now led by a badass President. Hailing from Davao City, President Rodrigo Duterte has a reputation for being quite a fighter. His unconventional approach to politics has the country shook. Courage that could rival Chuck Norris, his strong political will, will stop at nothing, even at the face of danger for the sake of the Filipino people.

Home to one of the Greatest Boxers of All Time

The person that brought boxing and sportsmanship to a new light, Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao is a Filipino boxer and the only eight-division world champion. Dubbed as the “People’s Champ”, Manny follows unconventional career paths aside from being a great boxer. He is also currently a public servant and a professional basketball coach, and even producing his own music album in 2006, but everybody remembers him for being the most awesome sportsman in history.  As a professional boxer, he has been to a lot of places but always has a soft spot for his home tome in General Santos City.

…World-Class Beauty Queens

Sports and beauty pageants are two ends of a spectrum but Filipinos have conquered these niches effortlessly. The Philippines not only has the People’s champ but also the most beautiful women in the world. In every major beauty pageant, a Filipina will always snatch the top 10 or top 5 and even bag the title of either Miss Universe, Miss International, or Miss World. The most recent Filipina to ever grace the International pageant is Pia Wurtzbach, and everybody knew what happened.

The Filipino Culture and Filipinos in General


Filipinos are beautiful people, not only in appearance but also in heart. Our unrivaled hospitality is known worldwide as well as our hardworking attitude towards work; it’s so much that many consider this as a stereotype. Here and abroad, Filipinos are well known for their respectful and welcoming nature.


To cap it all off, Filipinos and the Philippines is a great place to live in. Beaches on almost every corner of the country, and you will never run out of things to do! If you think we missed something, share this article and let your friends know!

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PHmag-online-marjorieMarjorie Mae Mendoza is a Filipino-freelance writer currently based in Kuala Lumpur and have been writing professionally since 2010. On top of her superb writing skills, her great command of the English language paved way to enrich her career in radio broadcasting, working with some of the biggest names in radio. To enhance her skills, Marjorie is continuously working as a creative writer who constantly improves and develops her own style. She is currently an editorial copywriter foriPrice Group.


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