Summer and Tourism Season is upon us, and we are all looking for vibrant opportunities to celebrate.

One thing that has changed this summer season, is that the entire world, all at the same time, celebrates in synergy, this first summer Covid post-lockdown.

We realized we were all in this together.

All of us, are more conscious of our; both, physical and mental health, our food quality, and our appreciation for farming. Whether you just want to leave the ‘concrete jungle’ (New York City, USA), and head for the tropics, or if you are one of the hundreds of millions of people with ‘pre-existing conditions and you have now jumped all-in-to farming.

Bohol Bee Farm

There are 3 Main Barriers to Successful Farming:

  1. How to start,
  2. How to scale, and
  3. How to market –and, make money.

The answer to each of those is the same…


The US industrial revolution in the 18th century and the subsequent fast food boom in the 1960s didn’t change the need for fresh, quality food, nor did it change the food itself.

What industrialization did was steal the pathways to the market from the farmers. And then, their scientist found ways to sell derivatives of the ‘real food’ to the public.

All in the name of more profitable “merchandising” in their stores and “farmers” markets.

But, Mother Nature and Father Time changed all of that.

Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdowns woke the entire world up to the facts about our lifestyles, our health, and our food quality. Especially, in the world’s richest nations, like the USA and The UK -where Covid attacked and killed millions of people.

Here are 3 Reasons to Farm –Right Now!

3. Vegan & Healthy Lifestyle.

Healing Foods are the new craze. And it is no surprise, after all, we just had the health scare of our generation.

Healing Super Foods have been re-discovered, proven, and implemented to help us fight off these largely man-made, manufactured, and environmental diseases.

A Super Food common on farms but blocked in the West by ‘Big Agra’ is Malunggay –it’s a tree typically found around the world, and its leaves have healing powers.

Malunggay IS VEGAN, it helps you focus, balance mental health issues, asthma attach reduction, boost your energy, and can also protect you or reduce the negative effects of more than 100 ailments. Such as diabetes, high blood pressure, slows the aging process, clear skin, immune system strengthening (fights Covid and other viruses), is an anti-cancer agent (breast and colon cancers), plus 32% Iron, 19% Vitamin A, 17% Vitamin E, 157,000 ORAC, 6-TIMES the anti-oxidants than berries, and is virtually free.

You can eat Malunggay fresh from the tree (after washing like any other veggie), cooked in soup, blended into a power green smoothie, as powder, tea, or in Filipino Tinola –one of our favorites.

Fact: Since 2014 US prescription drugs cost have gone up over 35%, outpacing wage increases.

Most countries in the West; to protect their $300+ Billion annual prescription drug sales, (nearly half of the US population is on prescription medications), have seemingly outlawed or controlled the distribution of this leaf or other healing foods. 

Instead, they push highly-profitable, complicated, and sometimes deadly medications such as:

  1. Hydrocodone/ acetaminophen, such as Vicodin for pain,
  2. Statins, such as simvastatin (Zocor) or atorvastatin (Lipitor) for high cholesterol,
  3. Lisinopril (Zestril) or amlodipine besylate (Norvasc) for High Blood Pressure and,
  4. Metformin HCL (Glucophage) for Diabetes.

In addition, there are prescription medications and over-the-counter beauty products, pushed onto the public in the US and UK, instead of the herbal leaves from the God-made Malunggay Healing Tree.

But farmers are learning the game.

Farmers have realized that with the proper merchandising, such as this “Bohol Bee Farm Malunggay Spread” direct-from-the-farm can sell it as a “Super Food” from $1/P50 to $20/P950.

Bohol Bee Farm has done this with FDA Approved, ice creams, sauces, juices, teas, seasonings, of course, real-bee honey (not all honey is from real bees; synthetic honey is a thing in the USA and UK), and more than 100 other farmed-fresh products and services.

See Minority/Female-Owned & Operated Bohol Bee Farm for yourself: www.boholbeefarm.com

Order Farm-Direct from The Bohol Bee Farm Shop:


Do you like Shopee? Here is their store:


Bonus: Selling healthy products which feed the environment, support farming, and empower humanity at the same time can bring great profits.

Don’t believe us? Want to learn more benefits of Moringa aka Malunggay, directly from, Dr. Ahmet Ergin and SugarMD:

The Good News for farmers is that since Big Agra has kept Healing Foods; like Malunggay and thousands of others, away from the public, and the herbal or vegan solutions are becoming more sought after, Farm Tourism has seen the benefits.

More than food, eco-farming, and farm tourism heal the environment as well. 

2. The New Tourism.

Farm Tourism has become the new tourism as people realize the benefits of leaving the cities, the pollution, the processed food culture, and re-connecting with the world that God has created for us.

We all know that ‘true farming’ is nearly dead in the United States, except for high-end farms, micro-farms, and vineyards, as well as, black and Urban farmers such as those found in the, 275,000+ member, “Black Owned Farms” Group (Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1643942469062325).

So, Americans have found themselves traveling the globe for a farming experience, and education, as well as, importing fruits, herbal and vegan healing foods from as far as The Philippines, Africa, and India.

Subsequently, in those countries; especially the Philippines, “Farm Tourism” is BOOMING right now.

And, the rest of the world could benefit from taking notes on the Philippines, successful farming renaissance.

Alternative Livelihoods & The Pamilacan Island People…

Farm Tourism isn’t just about land crops, swine, and greens. We can also learn a lot from the uplifting and transformative stories of The Pamilacan Island people in Baclayon, Bohol Philippines, who have stopped killing and selling their beautiful whales and dolphins.

Now, re-educated in the power of alternative livelihoods, they have learned how to earn more money and empower their community-at-large with ‘tourism’ from sea lovers, resort tourism, snorkeling, and award-winning photographers from all around the world. Bravo!

Farm Tourism, is a synergy of 5-principle industries:

A. veganism,

B. eco-farming,

C. the restauranteur,

D. the hotelier/lodging, and

E. hospitality.

In the West, it is more of a revolution as they fight against BIG AGRA, but around the world, in places like the Philippines, it is more of a Renaissance.

And business is booming. The possibilities are endless!

From “Farm” Estates like Elvie Pineda’s EP Farm in Cavite, Philippines, and Luxury “Farm Front” Condominiums in Pampanga, to 5 Star EcoLodging and Infinity Pool Beachfront Resorts like Vita Isola Farm, farmers in the Philippines are changing the global farming game and competing head-to-head with traditional ‘concrete’ real estate developers.

See Elvie’s EP Farm: www.facebook.com/EP-FARM

See Vita Isola Farm: www.facebook.com/pages/Vita-Isola-Leisure-Farm

3. Black, Female, Minority-Centric Opportunities.

Land and climate do not discriminate, so anyone, anywhere, can find success working with Mother Nature –and now, maybe they can find fortune as well!

Believe it or not, despite the bad news, BLM, wars, racism, and lockdowns, the world has experienced some of the wealthiest decades in history.

Fact: More millionaires -and billionaires- have popped up in the past 2 generations, than in world history. 

That quiet economic boom of the Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers sparked a rebirth of health, wellness, and conscious living.

Millions are leaving the West (hemisphere), escaping the cities, 40 million Americans quit their jobs in the past year during The Great Resignation, and many of them are returning to “The Farms”, moving to the tropics, or are embracing a simpler, healthy lifestyle. 

And for those who cannot make that leap just yet, are becoming tourists, taking classes, or now simply “buy direct” from the farmers.  

In addition, the farms of today are not our great grandparents’ nor the cotton-picking farms which come to mind from the past.

Today, farms are chic, 5-star, and with world-class amenities.  They can tap into every market, from the local family to the world-class traveler, with attractions like spas, bucket list activities, entertainment facilities, and cocktail bars.

These farms of today, are The Vegans’ Paradise and now that we know the inherent value of healthy-living, farm-to-table, healing foods, and mental health, these are the new ‘get-a-way’ destinations.

Want to Meet Melanie at The Bohol Bee Farm, Egay’s Farm, South Farm Panglao, Iyaah Eco Farm, Green Thumb Farm, Fox and the Firefly Cottages, and Vita Isola?

Take a look at this, Farm, Fork, Fitness video, presented by The Department of Tourism, Central Visayas. It’s a farming industry game-changer.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=725944985149862

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