Young Math Prodigy Chrisandro Natividad Secures Bronze at Thailand International Mathematical Olympiad

In a remarkable display of mathematical prowess, Chrisandro Natividad, the 8-year-old son of our Malolos City Mayor Christian Natividad, has clinched the Bronze Medal at the prestigious Thailand International Mathematical Olympiad (TIMO). This outstanding achievement not only adds another feather to Chrisandro’s cap but also brings immense pride to the city of Malolos and the Philippines as a whole.

Bravo Chris!

Just a week prior to his triumph in Thailand, Chrisandro had already secured a Gold Medal at the Philippine Mathematical Olympiad, showcasing his exceptional talent and dedication to the field of mathematics at such a young age.

Family, Math, and Glory.

Representing the Philippines among more than 5,400 students from 20 countries, including Australia, Brazil, and India, Chrisandro displayed remarkable resilience and skill throughout the competition. Despite the absence of a professional coach, his mother, Beverlyn Natividad, provided unwavering support and guidance, alongside his siblings Charlisse, Charelle, and Christel, who are equally accomplished academically. Their collective effort and encouragement undoubtedly contributed to Chrisandro’s success on the international stage.

The Natividad Family’s achievement underscores the importance of familial support and the nurturing of young talents in academic pursuits. Their dedication and unity serve as an inspiration to aspiring mathematicians and students across the nation.

Mayor Christian Natividad: Leading with Love, Laughter, and Fatherly Finesse

Mayor Christian Natividad isn’t just your regular mayor; he’s the ultimate dad, and he’s got the moves to prove it! Picture this: a supportive dad who’s not afraid to roll up his sleeves and dive into the world of math with his son Chrisandro. From cheering on the sidelines to helping with those tricky math problems, Mayor Natividad is there every step of the way, making learning one big adventure. And hey, that kind of vibe? It’s what makes our neck of the woods—the Philippines, Bulacan, and especially Malolos City—tick! With a leader like him, who values family fun as much as community success, it’s no wonder our city is where dreams come true, businesses boom, and families thrive. Cheers to Mayor Natividad for keeping the good times rolling and the spirit of togetherness alive and kicking in our neck of the woods!

The Power of Philippines Youth.

Chrisandro’s accomplishment not only highlights his individual brilliance but also reflects the excellence of Filipino youth on the global stage. His success is a testament to the talent and potential that abound within the Philippines, reaffirming the country’s position as a hub of intellectual excellence.

As we celebrate Chrisandro’s achievement, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Mayor Christian Natividad, Mommy Beverlyn, and the entire Natividad family for their invaluable support and guidance. Their unwavering commitment to nurturing young talent has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in Chrisandro’s success.

On behalf of Bulacan Limited and Philippines Magazine International, we commend Chrisandro Natividad; and the Natividad Family, for his remarkable achievement at the Thailand International Mathematical Olympiad. His dedication, passion, and perseverance serve as an inspiration to us all.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

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