Philippines Launch: In Makati City, Manila, we conducted a market launch hosted by Our US Executive Publisher, Kareem Jackson, PH CIO Partner Joel Tiongson and US Embassy Diplomat Andrew Ace Adams.

The event was the first test-market debut of PH MAG in the Philippines. Club America Hooters VIP: Was designed as a strategic event to test our local market penetration to the largest share of the local American market. It was a blast!

Our free or complimentary American-readership, niche market, internationally distributed magazine product and LIVE! ON THE SET TV and radio show series concept has tapped an exciting new global, industry demand and is well on its way to becoming “The #1 Magazine for American’s who desire to travel to, live and invest in the Philippines new booming economy” and “The Official Magazine of the Philippines.”


Spring 2012, Los Angeles, California, USA: We launched Rediscover Paradise; The Premier of our International Test-Market Philippines Reimaging Campaign. Which included, the Maiden Issue of, The Philippines Magazine International and its on-line digital debut, as we as, unveiling ThePhilippinesMagazine.com.

Both, received a warm welcome from entrepreneurs, celebrities, politicians and government officials in the Philippines, more than 500 Filipino-owned businesses, designers, travel agencies, and Balik bayans throughout California, USA, as well as the international community.

With copies in-hand, Kareem Jackson boarded a United Airlines flight for his first actual visit to the Philippines personally. Jackson was met with a warm-welcome; which he would never forget, directly from the airport by PH Department of Tourism officials, his PH Lifestyle Partners, PH Development Team, photographers, local media, hosts and the overall Filipino community.

Jackson had been inspired in 2011, by the Open Invitation from (now former) PH President Aquino III to US publishers and media to showcase his beloved country in positive ways. Accepting the Presidents invitation, Kareem subsequently created the venture and publication.

Though many of the cover shoots, pictorials, on-location shoots, advertorials and the printed was proudly done in the Philippines; Jackson shocked the US publishing community when he and his US publishing group KA&CO America (www.KareemAntonio.com) executed the extensive, R&D, venture and content development, networking, design and endorsements from the United States, without ever actually seeing the country.

Spring 2014, Los Angeles, California, USA:

After Kareem Jacksons eye-opening, paradigm shifting and ultimately life-changing 1st tour of the Philippines Islands, he decided to re-invent The Philippines Magazine to promote ‘a more optimistic-view’ of the Philippines, and to showcase true-Philippines, real-lifestyle without any propaganda. “The Masa Lifestyle” was the mews and The All-New Philippines Magazine International “The Welcome Edition” was born.

In that over-sized, coffee table, mag-book style re-birth Welcome Issue of PH MAG International In-Print and Digital Edition Jackson showcased welcome letters from (former) US Ambassador, Harry K. Thomas, Pasay City Mayor Antonio Calixto, Australian Cover Girl Jessie James and nearly 500 other Filipino-owned businesses from Hollywood, USA to Mega Manila. Plus, music, chefs, food, Filipino Pride liquors, our top micro-investments, outsourcing and insights.

Based on our extensive in-the-trenches R&D, we had re-developed and re-designed our magazine, launched a new American-centric demographic model, grown it from 30 to nearly 100-pages and was now offered FREE at more than 500 locations in the United States and throughout the Philippine Islands -and Globally On-Line.

Plus, a non-free version on MAGZTER.com; the world’s #1 digital newsstand; we were the first Philippines lifestyle magazine they showcased, others would follow.

That Welcome Edition, also included a test-market Philippines Tattoo Tourism, Lifestyle & Culture Feature, showcasing award-winning tattoo artists Jeff Cruz. The simple advertorial, was just a 3rd page, but showed early signs of success and vast potential – well beyond what was originally envisioned.

In late 2015: Concluding our US Publisher’s tour and intense R&D campaign within the PH artists and tattoo lover’s community, we released publically our intension to launch a mer ‘tattoo section’ in the next Issue of PH MAG International. The on-line interest went viral!

We then sent our American Executive Publisher, Kareem Antonio-Jackson to the Philippines tattoo community on multiple tours to conduct the same R&D campaign –personally.
We would later expand the ‘showcase’ to include multiple artists genres in a separate ‘Limited Special Edition Magazine’ Series. Philippines INK was born.

First Quarter 2015: The New Philippines INK: Philippines Tattoo Tourism, Lifestyle & Culture Special Edition Magazine, On-Line Showcase & Booking Service and The PH INK MASTERS Tattoo Competition &Interactive Event Series will be launched.

Nearly a dozen other titles such as, Achieve Success Student Lifestyle, FOOD! Oh, Fabulous Food!, PH: CIO, PH Beauty & Wellness and Boracay Lifestyle would all follow.

We had also acquired a new CIO, Design and IT Partner, and re-developed the initial Phases Two and Three website, to the previously static Phase One version; and launched the new platform New Year’s Eve 2013.

Now, the all-new PH MAG ON-LINE is complete with hundreds of regularly-updated full-features, lists and showcases of Philippines-based businesses, insights, tour bookings, products, tattoo artists, fashion designers, hotels& resorts, on-line exclusives and all the great PH MAG Content you love.

PH MAG ON-LINE also offers our new page-by-page viewing and downloading of our magazines and media kits. We currently boast 100,000+on-line readers and fans!
So, when you want true-Philippines, real-lifestyle content, with no propaganda anywhere, anytime -FREE!


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