Dr. Fashion Talks The New Look of Philippines Lifestyle

The New Look of Philippines Lifestyle Introduces Styled By Shaez


The Philippines economy is BOOMING and beloved by people from all around the world.

As the world’s fastest-growing economy; largest English-speaking economy outside The West, the world’s digital and texting capital, plus, the Philippines is ranked the #1 safest place for blacks and minorities by The American Press Service (t.a.p.s.), it is no surprise that the look of Philippines Lifestyle has changed.

The Philippines is one of the most diverse countries in the world as well.

One re-emerging market in the Philippines IS FASHION.

Philippines Fashion is not just about traditional looks and evening gowns anymore.

The new-look of Philippines Lifestyle includes everything from the swag of urban hip-hop lifestyle, to resort fashions for a beachfront lifestyle, Skater City Looks, or a cosmopolitan city life and chic functional fashion, as well as the beloved traditional barong Tagalog and world-renowned dramatic Filipina sleeves, Philippines Fashion, is now, once again, ‘a thing’ for everyone to enjoy!

In addition, beginning with Noynoy Aquino, and now PH President Duterte, the Philippines has become one of the safest countries for tourism, family lifestyle, and (surprisingly) business ventures.

From the tourism and BPO industries to small business ventures and online selling, as well as, a new remote-work-tourism trend, entrepreneurs from all around the globe are loving The Philippines.

The Philippines Hospitality, is inherent in the culture, far beyond the beachfront resorts, and retail meccas.

Savvy Global Fashionistas, such as Dr. Sibusiso Sharon Ndlovu; who graduated with honors, from medical school in the Philippines, recognized the fashion trend and has launched her own stylish venture.

Savvy entrepreneurs like, Dr. Ndlovu aka “Styled by Dr. Shaez” (@styledbyshaez ) are making names for themselves by carving a niche in the expat lifestyle and fashion industry.

“There is a massive trend happening in the Philippines, and it has been sparked by a massive influx of tourists; who have waited for 2-years to visit the Philippines –as tourism re-opened just 2-weeks ago.

As well as, global entrepreneurs, and new-money Filipinos hungry to ‘look-the-part. Fashion is experiencing a rebirth.  And now, the Philippines has a new look, as diverse as the countries 7,000+ islands, inclusive culture and charming lifestyle.” –Kareem Jackson, Publisher, The Philippines Magazine International

An interview with Dr. Ndlovu, the Fashionista behind the Philippines his fashion app Styled by Shaez.


“Hello sister Shaez! Why don’t you introduce yourself.”

Dr. Ndlovu, Styled by Shaez:

“My name is Sibusiso Sharon Ndlovu, I’m 29-years old, single, and from beautiful Zimbabwe.”


“We have heard of how beautiful, and lovely Zimbabwe is.  What brought you to the Philippines Islands?”

Dr. Ndlovu, Styled by Shaez:

“Well, I’m the first daughter from a family of two, I grew up in Zimbabwe and came to the Philippines in 2014 to study Dentistry. I graduated in 2021, and now I’m a freelance stylist entrepreneur –because my passion is fashion.


“That was a smart and savvy decision -as medical school students, eventually become successful doctors and physicians, who have the extra income to enjoy fashion!  Did you know that years ago?”

Dr. Ndlovu, Styled by Shaez:

“(Haha laughs) No. I didn’t realize that nearly a decade ago when I began on my medical school journey. But, I believed that my parents would never steer me wrong.

Actually, it was blind faith, and I only went to Dental school as my parents wish. But now, you can call me Dr. Fashion.


“How did you get started in Fashion, and what advice do you have for aspiring Boss Lady Entrepreneurs?”

Dr. Ndlovu, Styled by Shaez:

“During the pandemic in April 2020, I started an online boutique on Instagram and to my surprise the support was massive.

Then, in 2021 I decided to level up and rebrand my boutique by making it more professional.

So then, I made a website where people can subscribe to personal styling services, as well as, purchase some unique pieces I selected for my “collection”.

Styled by Shaez and my boutique was born. It’s now, also available on iOS, as well as, The Google Playstore.”


“That is an inspiring story. Full of ambition and ‘Black Girl Magic’ throughout. But, you jumped from home, to doctor, to Fashionista. You also mentioned you are single. So, when you have time, what can that special guy do court you?”

Dr. Ndlovu, Styled by Shaez:

“Yes, I do stay busy and focused on success. I have amazing parents to live up to and make proud of me. But, when I do take a break, and set aside some ‘me time’ my hobbies are traveling, making TikTok videos, cooking, and of course, -SHOPPING!


“That is amazing! Your TikTok videos are wonderful! You give real-Philippines-centric-lifestyle tips for people looking to know, how to dress for anything from a date to walking in the fabulous streets of Makati City. How did you discover TikTok?”

Dr. Ndlovu, Styled by Shaez:

“TikTok is fun. I use the platform to share different style tips. People say that I have a global, unique, and refined fashion taste…so, I decided to make it a career and I love it.

I have also scooped two awards amongst the African community in the Philippines as the best style influencer of the year 2019 and 2021 respectively. These small achievements have kept me going and given me the zeal to do more.”

If you would like to connect, commission, or learn from Dr. Fashion, aka Styled by Shaez, just click any of the links below.

Instagram Handle Personal: @shaezthebosslady

Business: @styledbyshaez

Facebook: Busie Shaez Ndlovu

Tiktok: @Shaez

Website: www.StyledByShaez.com


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