The Micro-Investor’s 8 Key Questions To Ask Yourself Before Expanding Your Philippines-Based Business

The Micro-Investor’s 8 Key Questions To Ask Before Expanding Your Philippines-Based Business

The Philippines is the world’s fastest growing economy. With the
rise of the USD to $50 to P1 and the unsettling state of America at the current time, more Westerners are looking at the Philippines Islands
now than ever before.

US Futurist predict that the current Western market focusing their scopes, are an all-new demographics
of upwardly-mobile, middle-aged, entrepreneurial-minded, micro-investor level Westerner who re-assessing their life goals and ventures -if any.

As millions of Westerners look abroad to The Philippines; as well as Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico,
Africa and China for opportunities, we have created a quick check list for you, before you take that leap. We sat down with the multi-award winning, senior partners at KA&CO America and The Tiongson Group, experts in international business development. They
specialize in the Boom Market now emerging in the Philippine Islands.

We’ve narrowed the day-long
Live! On The Set Interview down to “The Micro-Investor’s 8 Key Questions To Ask Yourself Before Expanding Your Philippines-Based Business” .

  1.  What is your #1 Priority?
  2.  What do you believe needs to be strengthened in order to achieve your #1 Priority?
  3.  What are your 5 greatest weaknesses?
  4.  What options have you explored trying to achieve this?
  5.  Is there anything that you and/or your employees are doing that may be hindering you from achieving your desired results?
  6.  What is unique about your business compared to your competitors?
  7.  What is the main reason you wanted to make a change?
  8.  Who will be making the final decisions for your opportunity and who will be in charge of making it happen?

Take some time and think what the answers to these questions are for yourself. Your answers may open your eyes to insights you hadn’t thought about. Going Global, is completely different for Western opportunities, lifestyles and ultimately that is the reason it is so attractive.

The key to making a successful-life-change or re-inventing your business is freedom, flexibility and control.

The growth potential is tremendous -and still expanding. The tropical, simple, low-stress, charming and hospitable lifestyle is a dream hiatus for many people around the world.

The Western, or Philippines-based micro-investor, small-business-minded person for the first time in a generation, posses the same relative lifestyle and business opportunities as millionaires in the West.

For many it is a once in a lifetime


By all means, take that leap! But, before you do…

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