Love Knows No Color: CODE 143 Event Celebrates Unity in the Philippines

Love Knows No Color: CODE 143 Event Celebrates Unity in the Philippines

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In a groundbreaking celebration of diversity and unity, the Philippines is set to host the unique CODE 143 event on February 11th, just in time for Valentine’s Day. The event, organized by our friends over at Continental Crew MNL, highlights the Philippines’ commitment to becoming a top tourist, educational, entertainment, and medical tourism destination, while also embracing a racism-free environment.

Philippines: A Destination for All The Philippines is making waves not just as a tropical paradise but as a nation that welcomes everyone with open arms. From basketball to dance and singing competitions, the CODE 143 event showcases the country’s dedication to being a welcoming space for people of all races. One surprising fact highlighted in the event is the historical presence of the Aeta people, the first Filipinos who were black. With the Aetas regaining their ancestral lands, the Philippines is proudly establishing itself as a black and brown loving country.

Blazzians on the Rise With Blazzians, the blending of black and Filipino cultures, making their mark in the Philippine media scene, mixed-infusion-style events like CODE 143 are steering the country towards a more global-centric identity. The event promises world-class DJs such as Butta B, DJ Hector, DJ Spectrum, and DJ Valentine, along with special performances by DICY, CJQ, Basil, JWIZZY, and Jahredvibes. MC Chiefcelebrity Hypeman will add to the electrifying atmosphere.

Special Guest Alert!

A Royal Celebration: Miss Iloilo 2024, Alexie Brooks, Takes Center Stage at CODE 143

Continental Crew MNL proudly presents a special and celebratory party to honor the regal presence of our very own Queen – All Hail Miss Iloilo 2024, Alexie Brooks! 👑 It is with great honor and privilege that we introduce and extend our heartfelt congratulations to the stunning and accomplished Ms. Alexie Brooks.

Join us on February 11 at the CODE 143 party as we raise our glasses and celebrate this remarkable queen. With her undeniable charm and grace, there’s no doubt that Alexie Brooks is destined for greatness, and we believe she will confidently claim the Miss Universe crown.

We are ready to witness and embrace the magic that Alexie brings – that powerful #BlackGirlMagic. 🖤👑🌹 Let’s come together for an unforgettable evening of celebration, joy, and unity as we highlight the beauty and achievements of Miss Iloilo 2024.

No worries, entrance is free for everyone, so don’t miss this chance to be part of an extraordinary night filled with glamour and excitement. See you there! ♥️👑🎉

FOLLOW MISS. ILOILO on IG: Instagram.com/alexie_brooks.official

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Back to the LOVE…

As we delve into the vibrant tapestry of connections between the Black and Filipino communities, let’s explore the undeniable and heartwarming reasons that create a harmonious blend of love. From shared cultural experiences to culinary delights, historical ties, and beyond, here are 5 compelling reasons why love blossoms beautifully between Blacks and Filipinos.

Join us on this journey of love, understanding, and shared connections that transcend borders and celebrate diversity.

5 Reasons Why Blacks and Filipinos Fall in Love with Each Other

  1. Cultural and Historic Ties: Similarities in life experiences and historic struggles create a strong bond between black and Filipino communities.
  2. Culinary Connections: Shared love for fried chicken, watermelon, and other culinary delights creates a common ground for cultural exchange.
  3. Dreadlock Lifestyle: Embracing diverse hairstyles, such as the dreadlock lifestyle, becomes a symbol of shared identity and cultural acceptance.
  4. Historical Figures: The connection between the original black Filipinos (Aetas) and historical black Americans like Captain David Fagen and Muhammad Ali bridges the gap between two nations.
  5. Traditional Values and English-Speaking Environment: Commonalities in traditional family values and being English-speaking nations contribute to better communication and understanding between blacks and Filipinos.

The CODE 143 event, with its free entrance for everyone, will be held at Octopus Makati starting from 10 PM onwards. For those seeking a more exclusive experience, table reservations can be made by calling or WhatsApp at +639453826931.

As the Philippines continues to embrace its rich history and diversity, events like CODE 143 mark a significant step towards creating a nation that celebrates love, unity, and acceptance.

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