Efficient Outsourcing | US Small-Business Entrepreneurs Find New Options to protect against internal data and billing scams.

US and European small-business and entrepreneurs face big liability and seek to keeptheir billing, collection and corporate communication data safe against scams by outsourcing offshore.

More and more US and Europe-based small and mid-sized business, firms and organizations are outsourcing to the Philippines and India. The Philippines, is ranked #1 in the world for BPO and ‘big corporations’ such as Citibank, Safeway, Chevron, American Express, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo and Aetna have kept their outsourcing success a secret for decades.

“…American and European companies are increasingly outsourcing more sophisticated work that was once largely done by legal secretaries, junior accountants and medical staff in the U.S. This includes preparing research reports, formatting documents and providing clinical support.”

–according to a recent Los Angeles Times Report by Don Lee

Today, US small-businesses, entrepreneurs and organizations are discovering outsourcing solutions. For these small businesses, the allure of a cheaper domestic workforce is not the reason. Nor, are the growing number of small-business outsourcing clients looking for the common sales and IT service solutions.

Companies and professionals in the West, are becoming a large force in outsourcing due to increased security needs as they scale their successful businesses.

“Outsourcing, is a necessity today. At that exciting time in a business’s development, when a growingcompany -or celebrity-is between needing an ‘operations manager’ and a ‘business management department’ for example, they need to outsource…usually, they love their new found freedom and effectiveness, so they never bring it back in-house.”–explains KA&CO Senior Partner, Kareem Jackson, an American International Business Development Group and publisher which specializes in helping clients scale-up their businesses and go global.

Such as with, US-based Source Institute for Human Performance and Ivy League Health and Fitness Inc.who were the victims of an internal billing scam. A seemingly-simple clerical breakdown issue caused huge and irreversible damage to an otherwise pristine US health and wellness provider in Princeton, New Jersey, USA.

As with many US small businesses, billing, auditing, selling and client management is handled internally and often times, by just one free-raining professional.

This practice was more efficient; but risky as your business grows. At a time when many US companies battled the recent US recession, the in-house business management practice was cost-efficient and necessity. However, as they grow, and the data, access and income increases, so must the check-and balances in the business management system.

“We learned the hard way. Something as minuscule as a billing error, can cost your company thousands of dollars, stress and possible lawsuits. It’s better to outsource key and sensitive-components of your business so that all data, access and information is not all held by one individual or team. Outsourcing allows for separate data, billing and sales teams…it’s more efficient, more secure and ultimately more affordable.”-August Leming, Ph. D., Motivational Speaker, Founder, President & Dir. of Programming Studies, Source Institute.

The American Press Service | The Power of Efficient Outsourcing


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