I Love Dreadlocks…and I’m a doctor

“I Love Dreadlocks…and I’m a doctor.”

–Dr. Vincent Dauigoy

Dreadlocks by Artists:  Kiso Lim, Pasay City, Philippines

Dreadlocks discrimination, isn’t as popular as it use to be.  Now, that everyone is seeking a more minimalist, meaningful, and joyous life, dreadlocks, as well as, the lifestyle they embody has become a new global trend.

Perhaps even more of an influence; Western cultures, black Americans, celebrities, and even diplomates are rockin’ dreadlocks, people globally are much more understanding of the lifestyle, and just like with tattoos, people are realizing that dreadlocks are an investment, not just a hairstyle, but a lifestyle.

“Doctor I love your locs!” is what you would hear when sitting in the waiting room of his clinic, in the Philippines.

Meet Dr. Vincent Dauigoy, a 51-year-old private pediatrician, with almost 20 years of experience in his field.  Doc. Vince (as he is fondly called) has been practicing in Asian Hospital, as well as, other hospitals on the south side of Metro Manila.

How long have you been wearing dreadlocks, Doc?

I Love Dreadlocks Magazine

“I’ve worn it for less than 6 months…knowing that with my busy professional life, it’s time-consuming to maintain clean and shiny dreadlocks.”

Dr. Vincent

What do you think about wearing dreadlocks?

I Love Dreadlocks Magazine

“Wow!  I have an all-new respect for dreadlocks lovers…having dreadlocks is not cheap.  In fact, you need to maintain them by seeing your dreadlocks artists to maintain and repair the locks twice a month so they’re not messy.”

Dr. Vincent

What do you think about dreadlocks as a long-term lifestyle?

I Love Dreadlocks Magazine

 “Actually, I’ve kept my dreads and had them sterilized, so that if I ever get to retire early, I’ll have them put back again. I don’t like having synthetic dreadlocks, or other people’s hair on my head. Haha!”

Dr. Vincent

Have you ever experience discrimination, or bullying, because you have dreadlocks?

I Love Dreadlocks Magazine

“Yes actually.  Mainly on social media, but people made comments such as, ‘Ang gulo ng buhok mo!’ and ‘Ang baho ng dating mo!’ and ‘Ang dugyut mo tingnan!’ as well as, ‘Halika nga sa bahay at kutuhan kita!’ and I had to make some harsh, reality-based decisions about my dreadlocks.”

Dr. Vincent

Many people stereotype dreadlocks lovers as lazy or enjoy ‘chilling’ too much.  What is your lifestyle like?

I Love Dreadlocks Magazine

“ I have an active lifestyle.  Before the pandemic, I enjoyed playing badminton, boxing, running, and going to the gym. I traveled locally and Internationally 4-6 times in a year.”

Dr. Vincent

What lesson have you learn; specifically from having dreadlocks and from the people who surround you when you still had your dreadlocks?”

I Love Dreadlocks Magazine

“Aside from the fact, that I have learned a lot through reading the history and symbolism of dreadlocks here in the Philippines and around the world.  Today, dreadlocks, are being worn as fashion -especially now that even celebrities and sports stars are wearing them also.”

Dr. Vincent

Dreadlocks are more than a hairstyle, they are a lifestyle and for many can be life-changing.  So, how have dreadlocks changed you?

I Love Dreadlocks Magazine

“Honestly, I now appreciate other people who wear dreadlocks. I don’t judge anymore, and I believe in freedom and I believe that -to each his own as long as you don’t offend and it is in synch with nature…after all those are the tenets of a Rasta”

Dr. Vincent

We were honored to interview Dr. Vincent and it was an eye-opening conversation.  In today’s troubled world, more and more people, especially professionals, are realizing that there is more to life than work and money.  Tourists from all around the world are flocking to places like Bali and The Philippines Islands, in search of a new, simpler, and more fulfilling lifestyle.

And, they are finding The Philippines Dreadlocks Community is a great place to revive, re-invent, and replenish your soul.

Look into Philippines Rasta Tours, and when you’re ready to embrace the lifestyle, book one of our true-Philippines dreadlocks artists.


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