15 Reasons Why Calamansi Is So Healthy.

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Black American’s Lend A Helping Hand To The Philippines Farmer’s Market Renaissance &15 Reasons Why Calamansi Is So Healthy.
The Philippines Farmers are making a big splash this year with new ‘farm-fresh’ products popping-up all over the country. The agricultural boom is well-overdue in the Philippines and a complete renaissance of the “Farmer’s Market” is beginning to emerge.

The True-Filipino Pride is its people –and then- its agriculture, and under new Philippine President Rody Duterte, the industry is once again gaining the esteem and support; as well as, exposure it deserves.

Authentic Philippines Farming is being recognized globally. With the help of local manufactures of farm-fresh derivatives; such as the nearly 2-centuries old Destileria Limtuaco’s new Manille Liqueur De Calamansi, and soaps made from farm-fresh Calamansi and ‘Basi’ Historic Vigan Sugarcane Wine, and, with their ‘Philippines Craft Spirits and innovative, new on-line liquor store, The Limtuaco Family are offering another first-of-its-kind ever in the Philippines way for Philippines-based farmers to ‘sell’ their products to the masses.
(see: www.liquorexpress.ph)

Another boost to the Philippines farming industry is the new, high-demand for authentic Philippines-farmed rice due to the inferior and fake rice produced in Korea and China, the Philippines commitment to tradition and quality are paying off.

Black Americans; well-known for their BBQ Sauces, Seasonings, Soul Food and juices, are also lending a hand to Filipino farmers as well. As the world learns of the racism-free, warm-welcoming business and culture in the Philippine Islands, minorities from around the world are turning their scopes to the islands.

The Jackson Family in the United States has offered one of their grandmother’s lemonade recipes which was unique and revised by Grandma Theople Jackson, using Philippines farm-fresh calamansi –or cocktail limes as known in the United States. They have recently partnered with Philippines-based Calamansi, bee and stevia farmers, chemists, alkaline water producers and manufacturers to introduce the new calamansi juice recipe to the local Philippines market.

“HONEYPURE C” THE JACKSON FAMILY RECIPE “Just LikeGranMaMa Use-To Make It!” is a light and all-natural calamansi juice. It’s farm-fresh and hand-harvested proudly in the PHILIPPINES.Sweetened with bee honey and a source a pure vitamin C.

“Remember the taste of Gran’MaMa’s Sunday afternoon lemonade? The cool and refreshing, natural juice tasted like pure love. Well, that’s what the all-new ‘Honey Pure C’ Jackson Family Recipe taste like.

But, with a few of innovative twists –Bee Honey, Farm-Fresh Calamansi, Refined Sugar & Infused Alkaline Water.

See my festive Gran’MaMa’s Jackson and Foster made ours extra-special by using imported cocktail limes…also known as Calamansi and just a bit of natural, sweet, real bee honey.

In The Jackson Family Recipe, we infuse it all with alkaline water for extra detoxification power and energy boosters. It’s great for a refreshing, healthy, post-work out thirst quencher, a low-sugar diabetic-safe beverage and even, for a Light and Zingy Gin & Juice Diet Cocktail! And, the Philippine Islands in one of the world’s few remaining true-farming countries.”-Kareem Jackson, Grandson

The group is also looking into a special sugar-free recipe using farm-fresh stevia leaves. The fresh stevia gives it that added sugar-free sweetness and flavors-in natural nutrients. (see: http://thephilippinesmagazine.com/product/honey-pure-c-the-jackson-family-recipe-just-like-granmama-use-to-make-it)

Calamansi juice is a powerful nutrient, extremely beneficial for the entire body, it eliminates toxins and boost weight loss. It’s citrus, vitamin-rich content is a key component used for beauty, youth rejuvenating products and adds glow to skin.

Another benefit to drinking farmed and fresh calamansi juice is its ability to boost the body’sdisease-fighting immune system, helps the eyes. Its natural, anti-bacterial qualities act as a healthy mouthwash, and helps to maintain healthy teeth and gums. As well as aids the body in healing after being bruised and aids in skin lightening, which is why calamansi is used in soaps, facial scrubs and spas around the world.
The world is finally catching own to healthy, natural good-health practices and the values of farm fresh foods. Calamansi is one of those ‘smart foods’ which is gaining more appreciation and here are15 Reason Why Calamansi Is So Healthy:

  1. Healthy refreshment
  2. Skin Bleaching Agent
  3. Serves as body cleanser
  4. Use as body deodorant
  5. Lightens dark area of the body like armpits and elbows
  6. Lightens freckles
  7. Good as Mouthwash
  8. Cure coughs and expel the phlegm
  9. Helpful in dealing with a Hangover
  10. Prevent and Cure Osteoarthritis
  11. Maintains Kidney Health
  12. Great tonic for the Liver
  13. Prevent Diabetes
  14. Lighten Urine Color
  15. Lowers blood cholesterol
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