Rocky Gathercole

The Philippinesmagazine-Rocky Gathercole

Rocky Gathercole

“Feisty, unapologetic, insomnolence and YES, controversial. Like most others, I started from scratch. I was kid back then trying to make it through this harsh world, and a much harsher fashion scene. But with the help of the almighty, a mentor and off course, much hard work, I finally made it. I’m a fashion rebel which just mirrors my personality. I don’t think of things for the present, it always has to be in the future, which also helps me to be Avant-Garde. I’m a person who really wants to respect everyone and every culture, but unfortunately, I ended up breaking all the Taboos. I am most of the time a person enjouée, and I always make people laugh, but in the other hand, I fear crowds and most importantly, I love to surprise people.”
– Rocky Gathercole

Rocky is one of the few self-made Philippines designers, who started from immensely humble beginning on the streets of Manila, who most American celebrities, top models, world elites and diplomats who don is creations could not begin to imagine.

Gathercole’s unique, extremely-original flavor is perfect for the dramatic and cinematic Los Angeles couture landscape and he represents the Philippines well there. Now a world-wide Pinoy-sensation, Rocky has put the Philippines on the global runway, wowing his audiences from The Red Carpet, to movie sets, magazine fashion spreads and created some of the most-extreme wedding gowns ever made.


Kaye Morales

The Philippines Magazine-Kaye Morales“This is my revolution of self, my freedom, a spectrum of emotions and experience that I want to express!”
-Kaye Morales

The Philippines Magazine-Kaye Morales

Kaye Morales

Kaye Morales is the ultimate-creative.

Kaye is a festive Gemini, one of the Philippines up-and-coming fashion designers; as well as, a licensed diver, a painter, a lover of nature, traveling and sought after make-up artists and stylists.

We first heard about Kaye from our featured celebrities, photographers and editorial directors from the United States to the Philippines Islands. At Philippines Fashion Week, Kaye’s stood out to our US Executive Publisher’s with her hip and edgy fashions. Her flavor is in-your-face and attention grabbing -not the typical ‘island style’ you would expect from the Parañaque designer.

See here Look Book, Runways and More…

Bobby Caparas

The Philippines Magazine-Bobby Caparas“What inspires me…ultimately I want all of my clients to look -and feel- beautiful.”
-Bobby Caparas

The Philippines Magazine-Bobby Caparas

Bobby Caparas

Bobby Caparas has inspired many up-and-coming creatives and make-up artists across the world with his unique and invigorating style. The multi-award winning, Cavite, Philippines native, celebrity make-up artists extraordinaire is a jet-setter creating beauty all across the globe; from the Philippines, to Dubai, Thailand and in the United States as well.

A festive, fun-loving and charming soul, Sir Bobby is known as a joy to work with and is highly-sought after in the industry worldwide.


Garimon Escandor Roferos

The Philippines Magazine-Garimon Escandor Roferos

Garimon Escandor Roferos

The Philippines Magazine-Garimon Escandor RoferosGarimon Escandor Roferos has taken his fashions to an all-new level breaking though the Dubai fashion industry. His niche in the amazing, unique and eye-catching wedding gown market has won him custom, couture acclaim. Customized on-of-a-kind gowns and accessories for the most-unique of brides.


Marlou Colina

The Philippines Magazine-marlou-colina

Marlou Colina

The Philippines Magazine-marlou-colinaMarlou Colina has made a fabulous name for himself and Philippines beauty in the United States. The celebrity stylist, with his own make-up and cosmetics line bearing his name have worked with nearly every Philippine star that land in America.

Marlou, a Cebu native, with his signature Filipino hospitality and charm, was the first Filipino stylist our US Publisher’s ever worked with in Los Angeles California, during the inception of his spa and cosmetics concept -he was a large and inspirational part of what we all know as PH MAG International today.

Now, Colina Salons & Med Spas is a raving success, the Pinoy-Beauty Mogul has branched out into medical aesthetic, hair, make-up and Philippines real estate as well.


Sherwin Limon

The Philippines Magazine-sherwin-limon-fashion-designer

Sherwin Limon

The Philippines Magazine-sherwin-limon-fashion-designer-pic-8Sherwin Limon is one of the Philippines few male fashion designers. Limon is a self-made, and internationally-known for his men’s swim and resort wear, as well as his styling for pageants, TV, print and fashion shows.

Limon’s highly-diverse, limited edition, signature designer swimwear and subsequent global models have gained him acclaim across the world. Limon is dramatic and creates designs which enhance the male body in a very unique way. Though he does create amazing female fashions as well, he definitely stands out among our favorite male designers.


Khalel Zantillan

The Philippines Magazine

-Khalel Zantillan

The Philippines Magazine-Khalel Zantillan

Khalel Zantillan

“I feel privileged to be able to share my vision of life through the lens. Being a part of someone’s life at 1/500th of a second is an amazing feeling. WE captured a fraction of someone’s life, through the creative concept. For that split second, we are aware that moment may never happen again and we just captured it for all time.”
-Khalel Zantillan

Khalel is a self-made, internationally recognized creative who has mastered the art of photography, styling, concept design, for both fashion and interior design. He has worked with hundreds of models, set creators, US publishers and celebrities to bring their image forward and his works have showcased the beauty and culture of the Philippines to the world.

Savvy marketing, Advertising and Brand Managers work with Khalel, his Image District and Casa de Imahe Teams to develop ‘The Look’ that will take them to the next level.


Icon Santos

The Philippines Magazine

-Icon Santos

“What inspires me most…when I see my clients show more than just satisfaction with their makeovers. Seeing them happy with ‘The Look’ they now have…looking their best and remarkably better than they usually look. That feeling of satisfaction is what inspires me to be more innovative in cultivating my craft.”
-ICON Santos

The Philippines Magazine-Icon Santos

ICON Santos and his “House Of Vanity” is the hands-down King of “The Make-Over” in Manila. ICON is a Quezon City native and has an uncanny ability to take his clients; from the simple graduate, bride, model, the executive and professional, with basic, underwhelming looks to the extraordinary and glam.

A multi-talented creative, ICON is a photographer, stylist, cosmetologists and is well-known in the pageant arena as well. He has gained acclaim working with emerging models and professionals helping them to improve their image and to gain the professional exposure they desire.


Marllon Tabangcura

The Philippines Magazine-Marlon Tabangcura

Marllon Tabangcura

“What inspires me is the massive-influence of Art and Fashion…it stimulated my desire to become a fashion designer.Collaborating these two influences Art and Fashion] showed me more energy and versatility to express my unique vision on runway shows. The feeling of happiness and satisfaction which my designs bring to my clients gives me the will to go further with my passion: to create beautiful pieces.”

-Marllon Tabangcura

Marllon TABANGCURA is an amazing designer. Highly under-appreciated in his home country of the Philippines, but huge in Japan, Taiwan and China with growing recognition in the United States for his sleek, sexy and couture fashion sense. Marllon and his Marllon Tabangcura Couture House has put the Philippines on the map throughout the Asian Rim.

From men’s couture, to bridal gowns, casual and accessories, Marllon is rapidly becoming an Icon in the fashion industry working with, and being published by some of the world’s most renowned publisher’s, editors and fashion magazines.


Patrick Henry

The Philippines Magazine-Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry


-Patrick Henry

The amazing Bulacan, Philippines native Patrick Henry has made a global name for himself in the world by styling some of the Philippines -and the world’s- most-beautiful women -a sexiest men. From both men’s and women’s paegents, to print and TV work, Patrick Henry Fashion Styling has been a key factor in some of the most-Iconic fashion expose’s and masterpieces nationwide.

Patrick Henry’s work has gained global exposure and multi-cultural appeal, working with models and talent from all over the world. A massive fan of the luxury Italian fashion house; Dolce & Gabban, founded by Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

Patrick Henry harnesses that same luxury couture ‘look’ in his work: bold colors, smokey eyes, striking features with flawless styling are his signature.


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