“The Husky” Philippines #1 Breed in 2024


In the vibrant mosaic of Filipino culture, one thing’s for sure: folks here have mad love for our four-legged homies.

From the city streets to the province, you can feel the energy of that bond between humans and their furry sidekicks—it’s like straight-up family vibes, ya know?

Now, let’s talk about imports.

We’re talking primo pups that some folks are droppin’ serious cash for—like, up to p150,000, that’s around $3,000, no joke.

But here’s the thing: it ain’t just about the fancy breeds. Nah, here in the Philippines, we’ve got love for all kinds of dogs, from the Bullys to the English Bulldogs, Dobermans, and even a few Pom Poms thrown in the mix. These pups ain’t just pets—they’re status symbols, part of the crew, holdin’ it down in the streets.

So, buckle up, ’cause we’re about to dive into the top dogs of the Philippines, where every bark’s a celebration and every tail wag’s a party. Let’s get into it!

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Top 5 Dog Breeds in The Philippines:

  1. Husky: Renowned for their intelligence, loving nature, and adaptability to tropical climates, Huskies have claimed the top spot as the most beloved dog breed in The Philippines.
  2. Labrador Retriever: Labrador Retrievers are popular in The Philippines for their friendly demeanor, loyalty, and versatility. They make excellent family pets and are known for their intelligence and trainability.
  3. Golden Retriever: Golden Retrievers are cherished for their gentle temperament, affectionate nature, and boundless enthusiasm. They are well-suited to families and thrive in active households.
  4. Shih Tzu: Shih Tzus are adored in The Philippines for their charming personality, compact size, and luxurious coat. They make wonderful companions and are well-suited to apartment living.
  5. German Shepherd: German Shepherds are valued for their loyalty, courage, and versatility. They excel in various roles, including as family pets, working dogs, and service animals. Their intelligence and trainability make them popular choices among Filipino dog owners.

And, here is a BONUS, giving respect to the local breed…

  1. Askal (Asong Kalye): Yo, let’s give a shoutout to the Askal crew holdin’ it down in The Philippines! These streetwise pups, aka Asong Kalye, are straight-up legends in the neighborhood. Rollin’ free, they’re like the OGs of the streets, keepin’ it real with their mixed-breed vibes.

Now, these ain’t your typical pedigreed pooches, nah, they’re the hustle and heart of the block. Askals ain’t bound by no fancy papers or breed standards—nah, they’re all about that street cred and neighborhood love.

But don’t let their rough exterior fool ya—Askals got mad love to give. They’re loyal to the bone and know how to hold it down for their fam. Whether they’re chillin’ on the stoop or waggin’ their tails in the alley, these pups bring that unfiltered, raw energy to the table.

Askals might not be reppin’ in the dog shows or rockin’ designer threads, but they’re the true MVPs of Filipino dog life. They’re the embodiment of resilience, representin’ the spirit of the streets with every wag of their tail.

So next time you’re strollin’ through the hood in The Philippines, show some love to the Askals. They might be street dogs, but they’re packin’ a whole lotta heart and soul. Respect to the Asong Kalye crew—keep holdin’ it down, fam!

Unveiling the Charm of Huskies: The Beloved Canine Companions of the Philippines

In the heart of the Philippines, where warmth meets tropical breeze, there’s an unexpected favorite among dog lovers: the Husky. While traditionally associated with colder climates, these majestic creatures have found a special place in the hearts of Filipinos and expats alike. Renowned for their intelligence, affectionate nature, and adaptability, Huskies have become the top choice for many households across the nation.

The Husky: The Philippines #1 Most Beloved Breed

Despite their origins in cold climates, Huskies have soared in popularity in the Philippines, capturing the top spot as the most favored dog breed. Their striking appearance, coupled with their amiable temperament, makes them irresistible to many dog enthusiasts. But what sets the Husky apart from other breeds? Let’s delve into the traits that make them the darlings of Filipino homes.

10 Traits of the Husky Breed Loved by Filipinos:

  1. Intelligence: Huskies are highly intelligent dogs, known for their problem-solving abilities and keen instincts. They quickly pick up on commands and enjoy mental stimulation.
  2. Loving Nature: Despite their wolf-like appearance, Huskies are incredibly affectionate towards their human companions. They thrive on love and attention, forming deep bonds with their families.
  3. Trainability: Huskies are surprisingly easy to train, especially when it comes to housebreaking. With patience and consistency, they can be taught to be clean and well-behaved indoors, minimizing bathroom accidents.
  4. Adaptability to Tropical Climate: Contrary to popular belief, Huskies can thrive in the Philippines’ tropical climate. Their thick double coats provide insulation against both cold and heat, allowing them to remain comfortable in warmer weather.
  5. Variety in Coat Length: Huskies come in various coat lengths, including long, medium, and short-haired varieties. This diversity allows owners to choose a Husky that suits their preferences and climate conditions.
  6. Affordability: Despite their popularity, Huskies remain relatively affordable in the Philippines, with prices ranging from $500/P25,000 to $900/P50,000. This accessibility makes them an attractive option for many families.
  7. New Trend in ‘Loving Family Homes’: In an effort to promote responsible pet ownership, breeders like Jackson Breeders in Bulacan are pioneering a new trend known as ‘Loving Family Homes.’ These breeders offer a 50% discount to buyers who pledge not to cage their dogs or use them for breeding purposes. Instead, they prioritize placing Huskies in loving family environments where they can thrive as cherished pets.
  8. Inclusive Puppy Packages: ‘Loving Family Homes’ come with comprehensive puppy packages, including cute puppy food bowls, a one-week supply of food, a leash, and a puppy collar. While these packages may not include papers or extensive vaccinations, they ensure that new owners have everything they need to welcome their new furry family member.
  9. Parental Meet and Greet: Prospective buyers have the opportunity to meet the parents of the puppies, ensuring transparency and fostering trust between breeders and owners.
  10. Limited Litter Sales: Breeders like Jackson Breeders adopt a responsible approach to breeding by only selling half of each litter. This practice prevents overpopulation and ensures that each Husky finds a loving home where they can receive the care and attention they deserve.

Huskies, with their captivating charm and endearing personalities, continue to enchant households across the Philippines. Whether frolicking in the backyard or cuddling on the couch, these loyal companions bring joy and warmth to their families.

For those dreaming of adding a Husky to their lives, now is the time to reach out and reserve your dream puppy from a reputable breeder like Jackson Breeders. Embrace the Husky love and embark on a journey filled with wagging tails and boundless affection.

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