Dr. Jon Motley II

The Philippines Magazine-Dr. Jon Motley II

“When there is a question of what is wrong with the body, it is always best to ask the body. Manual Muscle testing allows us to do just that. Since muscles move bones, weak muscles cause imbalances which cause spinal torsion,the goal is to fix the weakness.” -Dr. Jon Motley II

The Philippines Magazine-Dr. Jon Motley IIDr. Jon Motley II is a trailblazer in the Philippines medical arena bringing new awareness to the value and true-benefits of Chiropractic. He and his Lighthouse Chiropractic has helped hundreds of people to find relief and to regain their mobility. Dr. Motley graduated Life Chiropractic College West in 2001, Certified in Applied Kinesiology 1997 with over 9 years basic 100 hour courses. Teachers Assistant to Dr. Tim Francis DIBAK for 8 years. Private practice in St. Claire Shores, MI. for 2 years, Private practice in Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines for more than 6 years.


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