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Philippines breaks World Record for Largest Art Lesson


In today’s world, we have seen that ‘success’ in life, has become increasingly more dependent on “how” we see and relate to things, rather than “what” the things are.

“Creative Thinking” is a very sought-after ‘skill’ in today’s global marketplace, and in the executive and entrepreneurial world, it is a necessity. No longer is it enough to learn to mimic or copy others’ success. Now, you must be ‘innovative’ a ‘trailblazer’ and ‘proprietary’ to compete in life, work, and business.

Success today, is achieved organically and originally, or it isn’t achieved at all.

“Art nourishes the soul, just as water nourishes the earth.”

-Aditi Ahuja

The fact is, creative curriculums have been a staple of higher education in the US and the UK for centuries. It is one of the core principles which has allowed the West to compete –and dominate- globally.

The Philippines has been on an incline over the past few years, empowering their youth to achieve higher and giving them opportunities to compete on a global scale. Starting with Senior High School, then, free tuition, the Philippines has made it very clear that they plan to produce a highly competitive future generation.

The changes have attracted students from all over the world, as well as, the return of FilAm youth who can now live and learn in their homeland.

Creative curriculums such as Sprout have recently become available in the Philippines.

It’s a New World, full of both new opportunities and challenges; the rules of yesterday no longer apply, and creativity gives us a vision of “how” we can find or create solutions, as well as, opportunities in this new normal world.

We wanted to know more about this phenomenon, so we had a deep dive chat with Aditi Ahuja, the entrepreneur, beauty queen, and educator behind Sprout.

The Philippines Magazine: Sprout has many educational and creative programs. You’re breaking into areas of mental health as well. But what is your goal?

Aditi Ahuja: The Ultimate Goal here at Sprout is “happiness” in life… whether through money, job, school, personal achievement, or anything else. In today’s post-Covid world, we have all been reintroduced to the inherent power, health benefits, and value of being happy in life.

The Philippines Magazine: That’s very powerful, and something we should all cherish, and nurture in our children. In today’s world, “creativity” is something that has become more valuable than any degree or sum of money. For people who still believe that technical and structured aspects of life are the values needed, what is your message to them?

Aditi Ahuja: Wow. That is a very accurate assessment. My message for everyone is, to believe in and build on their creative potential of life above any academic score or corporate race. When harnessed, “creativity” can enhance your life, open doors, make more money over your lifetime, and can be taught at programs such as here at Sprout.

The Philippines Magazine: That’s interesting. Most people are merely right, or left-brained thinkers and do not think of ‘creativity’ as a ‘skill’ which can be accessed when needed. Can you expound on the uniqueness and benefits of The Sprout Curriculum?

Aditi Ahuja: Sure, I’d love to. Sprout is a curriculum basically for everyone. Sprout empowers and boosts the confidence of the participants by using art to tap into their inner creativity.

In addition, it also has been found to decrease toxicity, lower stress, and cure depression.

We have a plethora of programs to choose from…

Sprout Art Programs:

  • Paint All You Can
  • Toddlers Art
  • Acrylic Art
  • Water Color Doodle Art
  • Black & White Sketching
  • Oil Pastel Art
  • Storytelling Arts
  • Oil Painting
  • Watercolor Arts
  • Single Sessions

Sprout is unique and gives importance to mental health issues by encouraging; not only the people but leaders and philanthropists alike.

Here is the link below to the full “What Is Sprout?” article. https://thephilippinesmagazine.com/what-is-sprout-art-fun-imagination-creativity/

“At Sprout, learning art is a thoughtfully drafted mix of development and fun. Built on the fundamental of driving individual skills, imagination, and creativity. This makes a full-filling and therapeutic experience. The program allows individual choices, exploration, experimentation, and authentic expressions.”

-Sprout Admin

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Philippines breaks World Record for Largest Art Lesson

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