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Lifestyles of the Rich & Fabulous! Happy Birthday Jorge Hizon

“Jorge Hizon is an exceptional person sincerely loved by everyone, so it’s no wonder that his birthday parties outdo most. Kudos to you and Frieda Hizon.” –Dra. Liza Quirolgico

And what a bash it was!

“Absolutely Fabulous! Jorge and Frieda have done it again.” –Kareem Jackson, The Philippines Magazine International

Jorge and Frieda Hizon have set the tone for elite house party birthday celebrations in the Philippines with their star-studded 45th (I think) birthday bash, hosted at the illustrious and decadent mansion of Manuel Victorio in Forbes Park, Manila, Philippines.

You may remember them from the Aeta Philanthropy Feature:

JOY | Philanthropy Season, Black Filipino Aetas, and an Angel Named Jorge.

The event was fabulous, yet simple and intimate…

…complete with celebrity guests, icons of industry, political dynasties, agricultural titans, hospital owners, media owners, entrepreneurs, diplomats, tech gurus, music icons, TV icons, LGTBQ+ icons, fashion icons, and –did I say icons?

As well as, black American media was literally ‘in the house’ to be blessed by this experience of a lifetime.

Not to mention the celebrity entertainment, nonstop dancing, a traditional Filipino ice cream cart (yes, I said the real cart!), a bottomless cocktail bar, and food, -oh glorious, delicious food!

Party With A Purpose.

But what stands out about Jorge’s events is that they are absent of pomp and circumstance.

Over his life, Jorge has had an uncanny ability to identify and surround himself with the ‘doers’ of the nation, the ‘movers and shakers’ from all across the globe.

And they are all doing something, rather than just talking about what others are doing.

A Unified Legacy.

Another admirable aspect of Jorge is the inherent legacy he is creating with his billionaire club-style network, to take the image and public relations of the Philippines into their own hands and to change the negative global narrative of their country.

I have witnessed firsthand how these progressive elites are silently re-inventing the brand of the Philippines to the world.

Jorge’s Profiles Asia Magazine is a beacon, a glimpse into this Philippines elite lifestyle renaissance.

Cheers! It’s Jorge Hizon’s birthday, and we celebrate the day we were blessed here on earth to receive baby Jorge.

But, there’s another celebration happening right now as well.

The Philippines is going through a rebirth of its own. Perhaps it’s the glory of Marcos being back in office, or the gracious appreciation for having survived Covid-19. Whatever it is, you can feel it.

The Philippines is electrifying right now!

When I’m in these rooms, such as Jorge’s birthday bash, the Ayta Philanthropy Retreat Feature, and the Profiles Asia Launch, there is an energy that is hard to explain.

Love this vibe? Check out the amazing host, Manuel Victorio:

GIFTED | Manuel Victorio Host The Profiles Asia Magazine Christmas Party

It’s empowering, and even exhilarating energy.

When you’re around Jorge, you can feel the revival of joy, the celebration of life, and that’s what connects us.

Happy Birthday, Jorge Hizon! Cheers to you!
Kareem J. A. Jackson

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