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GIFTED | Manuel Victorio Host The Profiles Asia Magazine Christmas Party

Manuel Victorio Host The Profiles Asia Magazine Christmas Party
Manuel Victorio

As the sun sets on Manila, the estate grounds are all a buzz, as Manuel Victorio prepares to host, ‘The Jorge Hizon Official’ Profiles Asia Red Carpet Hollywood-Style, Star-Studded, Global Diplomat Christmas Party, and simultaneously set the high bar for swank holiday galas this season.

The Event. 

“I’m honored…The Profiles Asia Magazine Christmas Party was in honor of Princess Amor Mastura, and Princess Izashy Mastura…” –Manuel Victorio 

Hello, I’m Kareem Jackson, and I’m ‘Live! On The Set’ of The Great Gatsby…just joking, this isn’t Hollywood, I’m in The Philippines Islands!

I had a full access pass to another ultra-exclusive, star-studded, diplomat takeover in Forbes Park!

This time for ‘The Christmas Party to Remember.’ 

Kareem Jackson:

The venue, was a sprawling Spanish-inspired, statement-making mega mansion, reminiscent of old-world, Spanish blueblood refinement, with an iconic twist of Hollywood Glam.

Wow. Your mega mansion is jaw-dropping, Kuya Manny. I have got to know, who was the architect? Who was the builder, and the interior designer?”

“Modesty aside, I was the original architect and builder. And, I also interior decorated it.” –Manuel Victorio 

Kareem Jackson:

As if it could be any more impressive. This is your ‘personal’ manifestation! That is amazing. But, if I am not mistaken, you are not a General Contractor, are you?

“”Haha. Correct. Although, I’m not an architect by profession, but an MBA-CPA…I broke ground in 2011, and it was completed in 2014.” –Manuel Victorio

Kareem Jackson:

Ang GIFTED! Kuya Manny, you are truly gifted and such an inspiration to me; my audience, readers, and my fans all around the world. When I stroll, through this sprawling estate, that YOU created, and manifested, I feel as if anything is possible. But, what inspired you, Kuya?

“I was inspired by the house of Robert Redford, in the 1970’s classic, The Great GATSBY Movie.” –Manuel Victorio

The Estate and Mansion are a self-contained destination, within itself, complete with tennis courts, a water park, theaters, a lounge, a ballroom, and a helicopter pad. 

Both inside and outside, I ascended through curved, grand, movie star staircases, and massive Herculean pillars, I was inspired by the historic scrolled openings, gilded-age mirrors, droves of art, gold dipped accoutrements, and statuary.

As well as, Great Gatsby-inspired black and white, bling-encrusted, Spanish floor tiles. Lush masterpieces adorn the walls, featuring cathedral ceilings, and bold-stripped drapery.  

I feel so inspired. Anything is possible.

Consistent with Profiles Asia’s warm hospitality, elegance, and flair, was the gold leaf, Victorian grand welcome entrance; overshadowed only by the fabulous cocktail bar that was calling my name, just outside the terrace French-kissing doors.

Guests were welcomed by Manuel Victorio, Jorge Hizon, and the Profiles Asia Entourage.

The Profiles Asia Cocktail Mixer Bottle Service, Appetizers and Spread was by Chef Noel Hizon; featuring Biryani Chicken Lollipops by Tenambhat Krishnamurthy Rameash, and Traditional Filipino Lecheon, with Pre-Event Bottle Service by Mache Torres.

Chef Noel Hizon: https://www.facebook.com/chefnoelhizon

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