JOY | Philanthropy Season, Black Filipino Aetas, and an Angel Named Jorge.

It’s the end of the rainy season in the Philippines…

…the cleansing of the earth has been done, and we are anxiously heading into the glorious kick-off of the holiday season, everyone is bouncing back from 2-years of covid-19 lockdowns and a reborn appreciation for our fellow man -and woman, and all those in between; many of us have simultaneously survived natural disasters, and now, it’s a time of sharing the love and blessings with those less fortunate.

It is that time of the year when we all feel the glorious spirit of giving, the yearning for quality family time, and self-reflection.

One aspect of giving is the inherent JOY you feel when you see the faces of gracious, people.

Jorge Hizon

Some people have a gift. Such as Jorge Hizon; the generous ability to spread joy to hundreds and thousands of other people, empowering his network to join him, and to take part in his Philanthropy, and together bestowing the joy of being blessed to many.

“Through people like him, and them, God does his work…”
Kareem Jackson

It’s philanthropy season, the holidays are near, and once again an Angel named Jorge Hizon prepares to bless the black Filipino Aetas in the mountains of Pampanga, Philippines with truckloads, bags, boxes, and caravans, of JOY.

“Philanthropy is my passion…I have helped in the city, and I have helped many others, but the most ‘JOY’ I feel is every year when I help the black Filipino Aetas…just seeing their smiles, and appreciation, fuels my soul and brings me ‘JOY’ as well. Perhaps even more than I give to them…” –Jorge Hizon

JOYFUL Morning.
It looks like just another day to many people…

The sun is shining, the cocks are crowing, the coffee is brewing, the smell of Topsilog is all around the house…

…it’s dawn, in the Philippines Islands.

We are just getting up, starting the day. It’s a tour to “Black Mountain” Pampanga, Philippines with a special invitation, I’m the first black American media to join, “The Jorge Hizon Christmas Joy Elves”, not their official name, but that is what I saw.

Over 100 amazing, beautiful, inspiring, and generous Philanthropists worked like Santa’s Elves, for months, then overnight, traveling from miles and miles away to make this happen for over 1,000 people, and 300 families, high in the mountains of Pampanga.

However, at Jorge Hizon’s home, they’ve been working like Santa’s Elves all through the night, preparing hundreds of goodies for the black Filipinos who anxiously wait, in Pampanga, at the tippy top of, Black Mountain.

Thank you, sirs, ma’ams, thank you. And, there is a black American, too. He is so big! I am blessed! I can not believe this, Oh, God, I never expected this! I am 86-years old…I never imagined this, you are angels, thank you, I will take this to my home, we eat good tonight. Thank you.
Black Filipino Aeta, Great-Great Grandmother, pictured below.

Carmen Tan, Herminia Emily Castro Manzano, Michaela Pfeiffer, Oscar A. del Rosario and family, Claire Padz, dozens of Slippers, Grace Bondad Nicolas, Terrie Magleo, Dada Del Carmen, Victor Garcia, Dr. Dodie Bautista, friend of Terrie Magleo, Ellen Tan, Nani Reyes, Chris Wycoco, Arjay n Rover, Lulu Obillo, Pinky Mission, Liza Barrera, Charito San Pedro Luna, Maria Shelly, Cora Lenon c/o Terrie Magleo, Hazel Riguera, Anita Ferwelo Directo
Ella C. Rodriguez, Marlan Manguba, Jennifer Helen Weigel Sarmiento, Grace Bondad Nicolas, Minda Javier Pama, Marcia L. Hizon, Jeanette Visser, May Sandico Holland, Maria Charo Calalo, jason mendoza, Jose Claro Velez, Princess Maria Leonora c/o Rosemarie Custodio Basa,, Becky Garcia, Joyce Atilano Herrera Wong

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