From the Streets of the Philippines to the Heart of America: The Call for American Expats and Passport Bros to Vote in their US Elections.

Listen up, fam! We want you!

May sound a little corny, but we do need to have a real talk, all my American expats living large in the Philippines – it’s time to step up and recognize how US policies impact not just the homeland, but our new hood and families too!

From the streets of the Philippines to the concrete jungle of America, our votes –still- matter, and it’s time to show some love to the Philippines and its people. Since Donald Trump stepped into the game, more than 500,000 Americans back home are twiddling their thumbs, waiting for their passports. Time to show some respect to our Asian brothers and sisters, y’all, and take a stand for what’s right!

Medical tourism in the Philippines has been on a wild ride, quadrupling in size, and mental health journeys are on the rise too! All thanks to the Philippines. We need to be part of this movement, embracing the Passport Bros and Sistas, and showing support for the Philippines like true allies!

The Impact on the Philippines and OFWs

Our actions ain’t just about us, anymore. Our votes affect the lives of millions of Filipinos, and that’s a fact! From visa laws to employment opportunities, our say in them policies impacts our Filipino homies working hard in the US as Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). And even out TNT brothers and sisters in the US (wink wink). We can’t turn a blind eye to their struggle. It’s time to use our votes to show some love and stand up for what’s right for our Filipino brethren. We got each other’s back, no matter where we at!

Calling Out Racism, Fighting for Rights

It’s time to flex our voting muscles on the real issues that matter to us and our peeps. We can’t let racism, abortion laws, fair immigration laws for Filipinos wanting to visit the US, or gay rights laws mess with our homies back in the US. We gotta rep the streets and cast our votes for policies that promote unity, fairness, and equality for all, no matter their color or creed. We’ve seen what’s going down, and we ain’t gonna let our peeps suffer from unjust laws. It’s time to drop some knowledge with our ballots, make some noise, and demand change!

Boosting the Philippines’ Game in Healthcare

Did you know that medical tourism in the Philippines is blowing up? It’s becoming the go-to spot for affordable and quality healthcare. We can’t just chill on the sidelines; we gotta be part of this movement too! Our votes can make a difference, supporting policies that keep this train rolling, benefitting both the Philippines and us, the American expats –and saving American lives! It’s time to show some love to the healthcare hustle in our new home.

Unity and Collaboration, Homie Style

Our new home and our old hood gotta be tight like family! We’ve heard it from the bigwigs, like VP Kamala Harris and former Prez Obama – US and the Philippines are friends and allies, yo! It’s time to walk the talk, fam! Let’s be active citizens and show some love, not just in words but in action. We ain’t just strangers in this land; we part of the squad! Let’s vote, speak up, and show that unity and collaboration ain’t just fancy words – it’s real!

Supporting Our Peeps, Building Bridges

We ain’t just here for a good time, we are here to make a difference, right!? Our American expat crew ain’t just about chillin’, we got some ballers and entrepreneurs makin’ moves in the Philippines! Let’s use our votes to back ’em up and push for policies that promote growth, welfare, and support for our fellow hustlers. It’s time to build bridges and show that we got each other’s backs – no matter where we call home!

Get In the Game, Cast Your Vote!

Alright, fam, it’s time to drop the mic and pick up the ballots! We ain’t just spectators; we part of the game, and our votes matter! Don’t sleep on this opportunity; make your voice heard!

Register with Democrats Abroad or Republicans International, and let’s show the world that American expats in the Philippines ain’t just here for a vacay, we appreciate their hospitality, and we’re here to make some moves!

Check out Kareem Jackson’s Expat Guide: a step-by-step guide on how to register and vote while living it up in the Philippines. Get in the mix and be part of history – we’re changing the game, one vote at a time!

About The Author: Kareem Jackson keeps it real as the spokesperson for Democrats Abroad, host of Kareem Jackson LIVE! On The Set Show, and Executive Producer of Passport Bros “The Movie”. He’s all about promoting active citizenship, no matter where you at, and making sure our voices are heard!

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