“United We Stand: The Expat Vote The Importance of Active Citizenship”

Hey, y’all! Check it out, we got some important info for my fellow Americans out there, especially those who are livin’ it up in the Philippines. Now, listen up ’cause this is gonna be good!
First things first, did y’all know that Americans are snagging passports like never before?
That’s right, more folks than ever are gettin’ ready to explore the world. But here’s the kicker: over half a million of our fellow Americans are eagerly waitin’ for their passports to arrive. Can you believe that? The wanderlust is real, my friends!

“Empowering Democracy: Your Voice, Your Vote”

Now, let’s talk elections ’cause democracy matters, no matter where –OR WHO- we are.
In the upcoming 2024 US Presidential election, guess how many of our fellow Americans will be right here in the Philippines?
Brace yourselves, ’cause it’s gonna blow your mind. We’re talkin’ more than a quarter of a million Americans, that’s 250,000+ folks!
That’s a whole lotta stars and stripes representin’ in these beautiful islands.

And here’s the best part: all y’all Americans in the Philippines, the majority if not nearly all of you, can exercise your right to vote.

“Taking Action: Making a Difference Through Voting”

No matter WHO or WHERE you are, we got your back.
No matter where you’re sippin’ your piña coladas or enjoying those stunning sunsets. It’s time to make your voice heard and cast your ballot!

So here’s the deal: if you haven’t received your ballot by October 1, don’t you worry.

We’ve got a solution that’ll keep you in the game. It’s called the Federal Write-in Ballot (FWAB). It’s your backup plan, your ace in the hole. With the FWAB, you can ensure your vote reaches your local election official by the deadline, no matter what.

Now, let me break it down for you:

First, head on over to www.DemocratsAbroad.org/fwab for all the deets. Remember, accuracy and completeness are key, so fill out that FWAB like a boss. It’s your ticket to havin’ your voice counted in the upcoming election. Get those forms and instructions at www.DemocratsAbroad.org/fwab, and let’s get this party started!

Don’t forget, y’all, your participation in the electoral process is absolutely crucial.

So take these steps, be proactive, and exercise your right to vote.

We’re all in this together, folks, and by takin’ action, we can make a difference. Now, let’s show ’em what we’re made of, America!

“Shaping the Future: Harnessing the Strength of the American Expat Vote”

It’s time to ignite that patriotic spirit, America!

Let’s show ’em what we’re made of and make our voices heard loud and clear. This is our chance to shape the future we want, to stand up for what we believe in. So don’t sit back and let others decide for you—get out there and cast your vote!

As American Expat Voters, we possess a distinct perspective that grants us a global vantage point on America’s role in the world.

Living outside the borders of our homeland, we witness firsthand how our laws, legislation, and even the influence of our news reverberate across nations and shape international dynamics.

Being outside the confines of the “Plantation America Bubble,” we have the privilege of observing the broader impact of our nation’s actions and policies.

As representatives of our homeland, we carry the responsibility of embodying its values and demonstrating empathy towards diverse cultures and perspectives. Our unique position allows us to bridge the gap between nations, fostering understanding and collaboration while contributing to the collective progress of our interconnected world.

Let us embrace this opportunity to exercise our AMERICAN RIGHT TO VOTE and use our voices to advocate for a more inclusive and compassionate America on the global stage.

Remember, democracy thrives when we all participate, when we take that leap and exercise our precious right to vote. It’s not just a privilege; it’s a responsibility we owe to ourselves, our communities, and future generations. Our choices matter, and they can shape the course of history.

And hey, for my fellow Americans chillin’ in the Philippines, this is your moment too! More than a quarter of a million of us are right here, ready to make our voices heard. So let’s show the world that American spirit, that determination that knows no boundaries. Together, we can make a difference, no matter where we are.

So mark those calendars, spread the word, and get ready to make your mark. Whether you drop off your ballot at the U.S. Embassy in Manila or send it through the swift hands of DHL or FedEx, do whatever it takes to ensure your vote counts. We’ve got the power to shape our future, to bring about the change we believe in.

Remember, my fellow Americans, whether you’re a Member of The US Military Abroad, a Passport Bro, Passport Sis, a Passport Couple, or a Passport Family, an expat or just a Digital Nomad, we’ve got the most passports in history, and we’re a force to be reckoned with. Let’s use that power, that energy, and make a resounding impact. Our democracy is calling, and it’s time to answer. Together, let’s light up the political landscape and show the world what it means to be American!

Now, go out there, y’all, and make your voices heard. It’s time to vote, it’s time to stand up, and it’s time to make a difference. We’re counting on you, America. Let’s do this!

Step-By-Step Expat Voting:

  • Basic Info
  • State-specific information: Find state-specific information at https://www.votefromabroad.org/states/.
  • To Register
  • Visit www.VoteFromAbroad.org to register to vote and request your absentee ballot.
  • Use the address where you last lived in the US or where your parent/s last lived.
  • Choose “I intend to return” to receive a ballot with national and local candidates.
  • Select “I am abroad indefinitely” to receive a ballot with national-level candidates or both, depending on the state.
  • Request to have your ballot sent by email.
  • Form Submission
  • Fill out the form and if required, mail it in addition to emailing it.
  • If mailing is necessary, use the postage-paid envelope provided when you fill out the form.
  • Send the form to the US Embassy at the following address: American Citizen Services Unit (Consular) ATTN: Voter Information U.S. Embassy Manila 1201 Roxas Boulevard Ermita, Manila, Philippines 1000
  • Alternatively, drop off the form at the U.S. Embassy in Manila, Public Entrance, or the Veterans Affairs Manila Regional Office (Seafront) during specified hours.
  • Checking Absentee Ballot Request Status
  • If unsure about the status of your absentee ballot request, contact your local election officials in the United States.
  • Check the status of your registration via your state’s voter registration verification website.
  • Sending Your Ballot
  • Consider sending your ballot through DHL or FedEx to avoid potential mail delays.
  • The Embassy recommends dropping off mail by October 5, but they still accept mail after this date.
  • The diplomatic pouch takes around 3-5 days to reach the US and then enters the US postal system after going through a sorting center.
  • Voting Process
  • Once you receive your ballot by email, print it.
  • If using the postage-paid template provided by the US Embassy, print it on a piece of paper and glue it to an envelope.
  • Avoid taping or stapling the template to prevent issues with mail sorting machines at the post office.
  • After voting, place your ballot and all necessary documents in the postage-paid envelope.
  • Insert the postage-paid envelope into a larger envelope addressed to: American Citizen Services Unit (Consular) ATTN: Voter Information U.S. Embassy Manila 1201 Roxas Boulevard Ermita, Manila, Philippines 1000
  • Alternatively, drop off the envelope at the U.S. Embassy in Manila, Public Entrance, during specified hours.
  • Deadlines and Backup Option
  • The Embassy recommends sending the ballots by October 15 to ensure they reach the US on time.
  • Election-related materials are accepted until election day.
  • If you do not receive your ballot by October 1, contact the relevant authorities for instructions on submitting a Federal Write-in Ballot (FWAB).
  • Visit www.DemocratsAbroad.org/fwab for details on submitting an FWAB.
  • Ensure accurate and complete information on the FWAB, which serves as a backup option for voters who did not receive their regular absentee ballot in a timely manner.
  • Obtain the necessary forms and instructions at www.DemocratsAbroad.org/fwab.
  • Follow the guidelines and deadlines specified by your local election official to guarantee that your FWAB is received and processed on time.
  • Your Participation Matters
  • Remember, your participation in the electoral process is vital.
  • By taking these proactive steps, you can exercise your right to vote and make your voice heard in the democratic process. As an expat voter, you have a unique perspective on how America looks globally and the impact it has on the world.

Your involvement in shaping the laws, legislation, and even the perception of the United States abroad is invaluable. Being outside the “Plantation America Bubble,” you provide representation and empathy for our nation.

So, let’s show the world what we’re made of, America! Let’s stand up, cast our votes, and make a difference. Together, we can shape the future and contribute to a better world.

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