Black Kids Abroad: How Traveling Young Transformed My Life

Attention Passport Families, and aspiring black families, I gotta tell you about the mind-blowing benefits of traveling abroad when you’re a young black kid like me.

Buckle up and get ready for this wild ride, ’cause it’s about to get real!

So check it, back in the day, when I was just eight years old, I had the chance of a lifetime. Me, my mom, and pops packed our bags and jetted off to Lagos, Nigeria, Africa. Why, you ask? Well, my parents had gone there for a friend’s wedding, and they saw the golden opportunities that lay ahead. They decided to snatch those blessings and sent me to join them on this epic adventure.

And let me tell you, it was life-changing!

I enrolled in the American International School in Lagos, (Nigeria, Africa for the geography deficient), and let me tell you, that place was on a whole other level compared to the public schools back in Kansas City, USA.

Fast forward to 1986 when I came back to the States for sixth grade. But guess what? They held me back a year ’cause I was already light-years ahead of the game. No worries, though. I still graduated early at sixteen, rockin’ that cap and gown with honors in 1990 from Monte Vista High School in San Diego, California, at 17 years old.

Talk about making moves, baby! Thank you, parents, Africa, and that passport!

And you know what? The travel bug never left me. The slave mentality and white supremacy mindset didn’t have time to set in me, I had seen, tasted, felt, and experienced, what it was to be truly free.

Now, at the ripe age of fifty, I outsourced my US-Kansas City-based business, (a decade ago), I’m still living abroad part-time, soaking up all the goodness this world has to offer.

But let’s talk a little more about why traveling young as a black kid is a game-changer.

Here’s the real deal, that ‘they’ DO NOT want you to learn, just as we celebrate Juneteenth, the days years after emancipation when all slaves ‘finally’ realized they were free, this is the next-level freedom.

5-Secrets About Your Black Freedom aka Emancipation:

  1. Racism-Free: Believe it or not, not many places on earth are as racist, or unsafe for black Americans as America. While it’s important to acknowledge the realities of racism and discrimination that exist in certain parts of the world, it’s also crucial to focus on the positive experiences that can be found in various destinations. By choosing places recommended for black families, such as The Philippines and Ghana, travelers can immerse themselves in cultures where they can experience a sense of safety and acceptance, free from the racial tensions prevalent in some regions.
  2. Black Privilege: Did you know that being black, particularly black American, can come with its own set of privileges when exploring the world? Many countries embrace and celebrate black culture, offering opportunities for connection and understanding. Embracing our blackness becomes a source of pride, paving the way for unique experiences and genuine connections with people from diverse backgrounds.
  3. Worldwide ballers: When we expose our kids to different cultures early on, they become citizens of the world, baby! They learn to adapt, they gain a global perspective, and they become unstoppable forces of nature. Say goodbye to that narrow-mindedness, ’cause our kids are gonna conquer the world!
  4. Taste the world: Forget about the same old boring meals. Traveling lets our little ones dive into a whole new world of flavors. They get to chow down on some real-deal international cuisine and experience the richness of different cultures through their taste buds. Fish tacos on a Mexican beach? Oh yeah, we’re all about that deliciousness!
  5. Language swag: Even if our kids don’t become fluent in another language, just being exposed to different tongues does wonders for their brains. Studies say that it helps ’em develop mad English skills faster. And let me drop a knowledge bomb on you: early exposure to a second language sticks with ’em, boosting their language game for life!
  6. Confidence on fleek: Yo, there’s something magical about travel that builds up our kids’ confidence and independence. Seeing other kids conquer fears and tackle new experiences? It lights a fire under their butts! Next thing you know, they’re strutting their stuff, grabbing room keys, and venturing out into the world like true champions. They become global superstars, baby!
  7. Power through the struggle: Traveling ain’t always smooth sailing, my peeps. Our kids will face discomfort, but you know what? It’s all part of the journey. Dealing with those curveballs teaches ’em resilience, problem-solving skills, and patience. Plus, they learn to appreciate the little things in life. Mosquitoes buzzing, lumpy pillows, and delayed flights? No biggie! They got this!

So, what’s the bottom line? Book that flight, my friends, and take your little ones on a mind-blowing adventure. The impact it’ll have on their lives will be off the charts! They’ll be thanking you for years to come, trust me. The memories they’ll make, the lessons they’ll learn, and the confidence they’ll gain will shape them into unstoppable forces.

Imagine your kids strutting their stuff, radiating that international swag, and embracing the beauty of diversity. They’ll be ready to take on the world, breaking down barriers and spreading love wherever they go. They won’t settle for the ordinary when they’ve experienced the extraordinary.

So go ahead, and unleash the travel bug within your family. Open their eyes to the wonders of this vast world. Let them dance to the rhythm of different cultures, savor the flavors of diverse cuisines, and conquer new horizons with every step they take. It’s time for them to soar beyond the ordinary and embrace their true potential.

Black kids abroad, rewriting the rules, and leaving their mark on this world. Together, let’s create a generation of global citizens who will make a difference, one adventure at a time. The world is their oyster, and they’re about to feast on it!

So, my people, pack your bags, grab those passports, and get ready to embark on a journey that will change your lives forever. Let’s show the world what black kids can do when we spread our wings and fly. It’s time to make our mark, one epic adventure at a time!

In closing, as we venture forth, let’s seek out destinations that foster inclusivity, celebrate diversity, and provide a racism-free environment. Together, we can create a global community where the color of our skin doesn’t define our experiences but enriches our journey.

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