DHOMZ ALFONSO Pride Of Bulacan Farm Boy Fashion Designer Hits The Runway

In today’s modern, global-centric world, it’s easy to simply forget your heritage and jump into what’s trendy. Why focus on natural fabrics, or traditional cuts, old school techniques or ancient concepts when it may be easier and more lucrative to simply adopt internationally popular fashion?

Our Philippines Magazine International, Bulacan Lifestyle Limited Special Edition, “Best of Bulacan” Feature Designer and Publisher’s Choice Award Winner, DHOMZ ALFONSO has held true to his passion, and taken his Bulacan, Philippines provincial roots and traditions to an all-new global level.

Dhomz, is a true-Bulakenyo, farm boy at heart. To this day; his family is still farming vegetables, goats, chickens and ducks. His mother, Maria Oliveras Alfonso and father Dominador Alfonso raised him believing in the value of hard-work, traditional-values and Filipino beauty. Dhomz father; his first model and proud supporter, Dominador passed-away in 2017 of a severe stroke, but not before instilling his son with the family’s farming heritage and teaching Dhomz patience and perseverance.

Now, after skipping college to work with the family and then, leaving the monotonous 9-5 world as a pharmaceutical packager, Dhemz a proud husband and father of two, decided to follow his passions. Dhemz worked 12-hours a day, 6-7 days a week, saved his earnings, worked his fashion passion at night and subsequently launched his first design –a stunning traditional men’s formal Barong Tagalog- at just 24-years old (nearly 10-years ago).

Today, Dhemz is a well-known name in the local fashion forward industry, and is now being noticed nationally, as well as, by the American/international press. He has created nearly 500 men’s and women’s assorted pieces for his Filipino Icon Collection.

“I love to be creative, I love a challenge. That is why I chose the fashion design industry. I saw many –successful- Filipino designers abandoning traditional styles, looks and fabrics and adopting Western design concepts. Yes, that is easier, and more popular, but, I saw beauty in our Filipino and Filipina heritage. I wanted to move Philippines’ fashion -forward. I also saw that local beauty kings and queens, as well as celebrities had limited designers to choose from when it came to traditional events, photo shoots and festivals…I wanted to fill that void and be ‘The designer for the Filipino’…that was –and continues to be- my inspiration.”
–Dhemz Alfonso, in an interview with The American Press Service

Dhomz makes amazing creations from real-life Filipino ancient styles, prints and festival fashion, then, infuses it with his own modern-day cuts, styles and applications.

The Dhomz Signature Trademark is his shear designs; see-through, light and tropical-centric fabrics for both men and women. Dhomz Shear is inspired by the traditional and functional cloth used by Filipinos (much like white linen in Spanish/Mediterranean cultures), ‘pina jusi’ (pronounced: pee’n-ya goo-zz-e) which is perfect for the tropical climate of the Philippine Islands.

Dhomz has amazing, detailed creations in shear, such as high-fashion gowns, Barong Tagalogs and even blazers. In addition, his collections include traditional festival, tribal and ancient costume-wear. Dhomz also has men’s swim and resort wear, as well as, avant-garde fashion, from Tagalog, to Igorot and Bisaya-inspired designs.

You can see Dhomz Creations at the complete collection premier:
DHOMZ ALFONSO Couture Fashion Show, October 17, 2018 in Malolos City
(3-7PM PST), Bulacan, Philippines, at Robinson’s Place Malolos.

Dhomz will be showcasing more than 50 models and stylists from his ICON Model Management Group, as well as, pieces from each of his collections.
Bookings, VIP Seating & Media Contact: 0926.335.6028

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