Destileria Limtuaco Does It Again! with The Philippines’ 1st LGBT White Castle Calendar Girl “Sassa Gurl”.

Sassa Gurl is White Castle Whisky's 2022 calendar girl
White Castle Calendar -social media sensation “Sassa Gurl” blazes the pages of the 2022 White Castle Calendar!

Pride of the Philippines: Destileria Limtuaco has done it again.

First, they launched LiquorExpress.ph; the Philippines’ first online liquor store, then the first Calendar Boy “Chef Ninong Ry”, and now the Philippines’ first LGBT Iconic White Castle Calendar Girl -social media sensation “Sassa Gurl” blazes the pages of the 2022 White Castle Calendar!

Proving that hard work and the power of social media pays off (in cash), gets noticed, and that the Philippines is blazing a trail in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The LGBT community in the Philippines is carving out a niche in the national economy, with politicians, actors, business Icons, as well as social media sensations, such a Sassa Gurl, aka Felix Petate Jr.

social media sensations – Sassa Gurl, aka Felix Petate Jr.

It’s about time, the LGBT and other marginalized communities in the Philippines receive credit for their limitless creativity, thanks to social media, and forward-thinking companies such as Limtuaco.

A little about Limtuaco…

The Philippines’ oldest distillery, Destileria Limtuaco, lead by Olivia Limpe-Aw, has proven to be the countries liquor industry trailblazer. Innovating the industry in ways other, newer, liquor companies can only imagine doing.

Limtuaco has innovated online liquor sales, marketing, and distribution, and has vent viral on numerous occasions –such as with the GAZ product just last year.

Their LiquorExpress.ph has been on the Top 10 List of Shopee Liquor Sellers worldwide since their recent debut on the online shopping platform.

To grab your bottle, –or case- of White Castle, and receive your FREE White Castle Calendar (while supplies last we assume) please visit:

LIquorexpress.ph White Castle Whisky

Enjoy & Drink Responsibly!



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