Turn-Key Real Estate Business Investment Opportunity


(Private International Placement)

One of the ‘Major Keys Philippines Lifestyle Success’ for expats looking to make a new life here is to have passive cash flow and revenue generating investments in the country.

In addition, being open-minded and able to surrender to the minimalistic or simplistic Philippines true-lifestyle is another key to success in the islands.  Though not forever; unless you love it and decide to adopt it into your being, the process, both mentally and physically of shedding the ‘excess’ in your life and learning to live ‘happily’ with the outcome, is an invaluable learned-skill for Westerners.

Westerners, especially Americans spend more than $50 billion dollars a year for –not the ‘Get Rich’ products, but for ‘The Simple Life’ types of books, seminars, travel, self-help events, interior designers, life coaches and even religions such as Buddhism.  Movies such as “Eat. Pray. Love.” have become catalyst for the simple lifestyle movement that has picked-up momentum since the US Recession and new Presidential Election of Donald Trump.

Now, more than ever, Westerners are looking to escape ‘the rat race’ and live their true-life, retire young and retire rich; with more than just money.

The Philippines is one of the world’s fastest-growing Mega economies.  For expats, especially entrepreneurs, micro-investors and retirees the Philippine Islands are a haven which offers –your choice- of a simple, low-stress lifestyle, and/or ultimate financial freedom by living of a cash flow business.

The bad news:pretentiousness, an entitlement-mentality, pomp and circumstance can also leave you broke, suffering from massive losses and even homeless running with your tail between your legs to the US embassy begging for a free-trip home.

The Power of 50-Times Earnings by The Philippines Magazine International exposed the secret to the US Dollar Conversion Rate.  It’s obvious that when the US Dollar is $1 to P50 as it was just 2-weeks ago in the Philippines, the not so savvy expat and investors party and invest like Rock Stars blinded and drunk on their new lifestyle.  It’s usually short lived and they will soon need to return to the West for work and to save –again and again.  Living is a perpetual ‘Disneyland State of Mind’ they never learn the secret; the paradigm shift that could set them free and deliver their dream life full-time.

The Philippines’ tourism and major investor markets depend on millions of ‘Rock Star’ and ‘Disneyland-Minded’ types of people annually and the PH-business system is set-up against them.  Subsequently, America and Americans are the country’s top foreign investors –especially when you take US Balik bayans (or US-based Filipinos) dollar accounts and transfers into account.  However, many are big losers in a system designed to take them for every penny they have.

But, some, around 10% of expats who learn the secrets really do find paradise in the Philippine Islands.

In the same PH MAG The Power of 50-Times Earnings Special Report, the US publisher’s went undercover and looked into the Philippines New Rich market, and showed the public how millions and millions of Filipinos (many in low-level, service and minimum wage jobs in the US as well as former PH Jeepney drivers) had used that same conversion rate, to get rich in the Philippines and to make their entire family and next generations rich as well.

Now, many Americans are catching onto the secret Filipinos have used for decades.

The 6 Secrets To Financial Freedom in the Philippines:

  1. Adopt a simple, minimalist lifestyle,
  2. maintain a stable relationship,
  3. make consistent investments,
  4. value formal and in-formal education,
  5. increase your international business knowledge and
  6. develop or acquire a turn-key, case flow business.

Simple.  You take those 6-Secrets, coupled with a new paradigm shift to a more simple and minimalist approach to life, and surrender to the true-Philippines culture and presto, you’re posed to get rich.


Turn-Key Cash Flow Businesses are the key.  In the Philippines, micro-investment opportunities are hard to come by.  Rare ones, such as CVG Resort (Not Its Real Name) is nestled amidst celebrity-owned resorts and estates, in Barangay Carasuchi, near popular Tagaytay and Taal Volcano,its was founded by a very charming, retired British national and his Filipina wife.

The dynamic couple successfully achieved the dream.  Featured in The Philippines Magazines –twice- they have been a poster couple for what is possible for expats in the Philippines.  Together, following the 6-Steps to Philippines Success, they achieved what thousands of expats only dream of.

Now empty nesters, ready to retire –again- and enter the next phase of life together, the couple intends to sell their turn-key cash flow resort business and travel the world together.

For nearly 5-years, KA&CO America, a US-based international business development, web, marketing and publishing has developed, managed and assisted in the development, promotion and growth of:

CVG Resort, Philippine Islands

Now available for Private Micro-Investors.

PH MAG ON-LINE Exclusive Listing Price:

$2 Million/P100 Million

Investment Includes:

Prime Location: 

Near to Taal Volcano

Next door to Filipino Super Star Kuh Ledesma’s Hacienda Isabella Resort

Walking distance to The Secret Falls

Walking distance to Rachel Lobango’s Family Farm Resort



Gated Property:  Sprawling Estate Grounds

(2) Mansion Resorts

Carasuchi Gardens

(10)On-Site Spacious Bungalows

(1)On-Site Café

(1) On-Site Staff Bungalow

Catering & Bakery Kitchen

(2) Outdoor Covered Cocktail Bars

(1) Outdoor Covered Stage

(1) Oversized Covered Gazebo

(5) Covered BBQ Decks

(1) Saltwater Pool

(2) Swimming Pool

(1) Workshop


(100+) Glass Plates, Coffee Mugs, Chrome Utensils and Napkins

(100+) Cocktail Glasses, Rock Glasses and Wine Glasses

(50+) Miscellaneous Serving and Mixing Utensils; i.e. large strainers, spoons, etc.

Full Chefs/ Bakers Kitchen Supplies; i.e. Pots, Pans, etc.

(20) Serving Trays

Business Development Tools

Logos; for print, uniforms stencils, signage, etc.

Marketing Materials

Full-Color Glossy Brochures

Full-Color Glossy Laminated Menus

Promotional Videos

Promotional Advertising Spreads

E-commerce On-Line Booking Website

Social Media Accounts i.e. Facebook

Staff Uniforms i.e. Chef, Waiters and Valet


Limited Staff (approx. 20-people)

Client/Guest Lists (approx. 8-years)

More than just a home, residence, mansion-style resort or business, CVG is perfect for micro-investors looking for a proven cash flow business which offers historic revenue, data, and proven occupancy –with up to 100% untapped and maximized revenue potential.

The business model is endorsed by KA&CO America LLC and is featured as The Philippines Magazine International 100 Best of the Philippines Award Winner.  In addition, is the Official Resort of Philippines Ink Magazine.


  • Over 1.1haa(11,000m2) of secure developed land all titled in all.
  • There are 6 rentable bungalows in all.
  • Bonus Bakery Business: Separate with an added coffee shop.
  • Bonus outside profitable café in CAVSU University.
  • Event Hosting & Catering:  Weddings , Corporate Meetings, etc.
  • (2) Saltwater Pools.
  • (1) Chlorine.
  • Separate Laundry Facilities.
  • Over 40 varieties of mature fruit trees and
  • Parking for up to (20) cars.

For inquiries about this opportunity please contact:  TeamPhilippines@KareemAntonio.comOR Local Direct:  +63.917.794.0213

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