Ingill Ra

In the midst of a bustling world, I had the privilege of meeting Ingill RA, the face of peace journeying from Korea to the Philippines.

“Yesterday, we had the honor of discussing the incredible life and legacy of Rev. Moon, a vision now carried forward by his son, Dr. Hyunjin Moon, and countless others like you. We all felt moved and inspired. Now, it’s your turn to take ownership of this vision—to build One Family Under God. Together, we can shape a future that unites us all. Don’t just stay tuned; become a part of this extraordinary journey.”

– Ingill RA, Korea, The Global Peace Foundation

People often ask, “Why did you leave America? Why Asia? Why the Philippines?”

And my answer is simple: Why not?

Beyond its paradise-like beauty, the Philippines stands as the English-speaking capital of the world, a haven of hospitality, and a realm where family values thrive. It’s a place where entrepreneurship is nurtured, where the cost of living isn’t measured in currency, but in the richness of life experiences.

Amidst this, one word resonates deep within me:


It’s not just a word or a political slogan; it’s a movement that has the power to unite us all.

In the Philippines, Ingill RA stands as the living embodiment of peace.

Hailing from Korea, he spearheads the Global Peace Convention, a transformative initiative under the Global Peace Foundation, led by the visionary Hyun Jun Preston Moon.

Together, they infuse life into the pursuit of global unity.

Asian, Korean, and Filipino cultures have long been admired for their nobility, hospitality, and peaceful disposition.

As I stand here now, it’s clearer than ever before—these cultures are a testament to the power of harmony.

As we unpack, and dig deeper into the ‘mindset’ of peace, from the Western ideal of self-centered, inner-peace, or mental health peace, we find out, that there is more to it.

Korea and the Philippines, along with a tapestry of nations and nationalities, have shown that my/our shared experience of joy and peace [here in Asia] is guided by a unified intention.

Behind the travel stats and tourism figures are real lives, real stories, and real people dedicating themselves to the cause of peace, enriching our lives with moments and eras of tranquility.

Whether you want to admit it –or not, our world today is significantly influenced by media.

While most Western media agendas focus on division and capitalism, others, globally strive to be the beacon of “global peace.”


“Where there is no peace, there is no equality.”

And us in the Media and in entrepreneurship, we know it better than 80% of the world.

Media’s/Our role in fostering harmony among families, communities, and societies is monumental.
As we dive deep into the essence of peace, we discover a multifaceted approach.

It’s not just about individual tranquility –not anymore.

It’s about fostering a ‘wholistic’ and holistic, positive outlook, creating an environment that nurtures an all-inclusive development and a spiritual sense of peace.

Ultimately, it’s FREEDOM, it’s a more spiritual-peace, in which we know and find comfort in global peace. I love knowing, that you, over there, are ok.

The world God created for us is BIG!

And, in this expansive world that we inhabit, a global agenda for international peace is imperative—especially in the West.

Our global youth are leading a revolution—a culture of peace. And, we must be there alongside them to remain relevant.

In a world more interconnected than ever, millennials and Gen Z champions advocate for minimalism, open-mindedness, and a way of life driven by peace, diversity, and respect. Their actions echo Dr. King’s wisdom: “The time is always right to do what is right.”

Statistics reveal that traditional media is giving way to influencers and social media platforms, creating a new global conversation. Today, millions of youth ‘tap in’ to messages of peace, engaging, supporting, and sharing their ideas with each other, bridging boundaries with just a tap.

It’s an all-new world out here, the rules and limitations of yesterday no longer apply.

This newfound connectivity empowers the youth. It’s an opportunity for them to [freely] grow, experience, support, communicate, and contribute to global peace without the financial constraints of the past.

They’re democratizing access to knowledge.

This is a beacon of hope.

The ease and inclusivity of promoting global peace today surpass anything in history. My journey, my encounter with Ingill RA, my newfound perspective on Korea, and the Filipinos’ affection for their neighbors all led me to this moment.

From Kansas City to Hollywood, Montreal to London, Manila to Visayas, and on to my newfound family in Korea—I share this message…

A footnote: It’s worth mentioning, especially in today’s climate.

In case you’re hearing this on a podcast, radio, or in its translated form; I am a Black American man, a double minority, standing as a testament to the success of unified efforts for global diversity, equity, inclusion –and PEACE.

In conclusion, Ingill RA’s powerful words remind us:

“Don’t just stay tuned; become a part of this extraordinary journey.”

And he is 100% correct. This journey toward unity and peace belongs to all of us.

My parents taught me to DO THINGS, not just sit around and WATCH OTHERS.

Together, synergized, and passionate, we stride forward, fostering a world where diversity thrives, equity prevails, inclusion is the norm, and PEACE isn’t a distant dream, but a global, vibrant reality.

Remember, every step toward unity is a step toward building a world where our collective voices weave a symphony of hope, progress, and above all, peace.

As we stand on the threshold of possibility, let’s embrace the responsibility that comes with it.

Our world hunger for unity, for compassion, for a future where peace isn’t just a fleeting moment, but a constant companion.

Ingill RA’s journey from Korea to the Philippines, carrying the torch of peace, serves as a reminder that change is possible, and that transformation can be ignited by a single individual who carries the flame of unity.

RA’s Mission resonates back generations, across continents, cultures, and backgrounds, urging us to become active participants in this extraordinary journey toward global peace.

So Fam, dear reader, as you absorb these words in print, or as they resonate through the airwaves of podcasts and radio shows, know that you are part of this movement. Your actions, your thoughts, your commitment—they all play a role in shaping the narrative of our shared destiny.

We are united, under the banner of diversity, equity, and inclusion, celebrating the unique hues that paint our world’s canvas. Let us bridge gaps, erase lines, and create a world where differences are celebrated, and unity becomes our common language.

In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”
And we know, Peace is Love, Baby!

More people like me, like us, should step up and be the bearers of that light, the champions of that love -globally. That is the only way we can be catalysts of change, architects of a world where peace is not just a dream but an enduring reality.

Ingill RA’s is onto something.

We need to wake up America.

The unity and peace I found in Asia, specifically, Manila, and the unwavering legacy and commitment to global peace coming out of Korea—these are the threads that weave the tapestry of our lives.

We the people… are more alike, than we are different.

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