SUSHI’YAL “The Sushi Prince” Dennis Francisco Hits Bulacan, Philippines, and He Brought The Whole Gang!

“Our Mission was simple, low budget, and specific. To create an opportunity, a business with low capital, that would empower us, help our friends’ sushi supplies business, and other entrepreneurial-minded Filipinos, nationwide in the process. Since then, with now 7 branches, I think we are achieving that mission.” 

-Dennis Francisco, Sushi Prince 

It’s been a life-changing 2-years for us all. Finally, the pandemic is getting under control in the Philippines, lockdowns are lessening, and the post-pandemic, new normal market is settling in. 

The rules and opportunities of yesterday are gone, and we all find ourselves in an all-new world.

What do we do now? What business and venture opportunities are going to thrive in the future?

“A sushi business start-up…”

-Dennis Francisco, Partner & Sushi Prince

 It was just like that, Sushi’Yal was born. Dennis Francisco, Jon Timmons, and Tom Wilson; with just P5,000/$100 each, they kicked off the venture.

“We technically launched in Makati, in May of 2021, But…the brand recognition didn’t really kick off until we hit Marikina, in 2022 and launched the Franchise Concept.”

-Dennis Francisco, Sushi Prince 

The Fantastic Four

Sushi Prince Co-Founders:

-Dennis Francisco “CEO/Founder”
-Jon Timmons “CFO/Co-Founder”
-Tom Wilson “COO/Co-Owner”

Current BRANCHES: 


The BIG QUESTION is, “How can I be a Sushi Prince?”

The Mission of SUSHI’YAL is the same today as it was when they launched it back in 2021. They’ve just gotten wiser, and their unified success has made them an even stronger brand.

The Sushi Prince Gang (as I so fondly call them) is a group of four fun-loving friends and serial entrepreneurs, from diverse backgrounds, simple beginnings, with a shared passion for entrepreneurship, AND SUSHI! –with a little ‘Filipino Entrepreneurial Empowerment’ sprinkled on top.

The beauty of this story is that you can join it.

You can learn from them, and leverage their experience and brand to launch your entrepreneurial dream, too. What The Sushi Princes have stumbled upon is a success system. Sushi, is a new trend, sweeping the Philippines right now.

Since Covid, we all realize the value of our health, we learned about ‘pre-existing’ conditions, and we learned that fried foods, processed foods, and over-cooked-vitamin-lacking foods are the worst things for our bodies.

We also learned the inherent value of iron in our bodies, as well as, vitamins D and E, along with maintaining a strong immune system.  

6 Healthy Reasons To Eat Sushi

A Healthy Heart. 

The most popular reason is that Sushi contains high amounts of concentrated forms of Omega-3 fatty acids which are a form of “healthy” cholesterol, which helps keep your arteries unclogged. 

And did you know, that Omega-3 is believed to help lower blood pressure? 

For this benefit, eat Omega-3 rich sushi:

  • Lake Trout, 
  • Herring, 
  • Tuna, and 
  • Salmon.

Hormone Regulation. 

Seaweed is good for us. Seaweed is an ancient remedy. 

Lots of sushi rolls are wrapped in thin sheets of REAL seaweed—or “nori” as they say in Japanese. 

Seaweed is jam-packed with minerals. Minerals are key to our overall diets and the proper function of our Thyroid Glands. Such as Iodine, and others which with the right balance; as found in sushi, can help balance our hormones and optimize our metabolism.

Metabolism Boost. 

It’s simple fitness trainer logic, ‘Fish is high in protein, low in fats and calories.’

So we can eat, and feel full and fulfilled, without the sluggish, high-fat feelings of fried and processed food.

Cancer Prevention. 

Did you know that that tangy green and pinkish side garnish, is called ‘Wasabi & Ginger’ and is full of antioxidants? 

Since ancient times, they have been used to ‘neutralize free radicals’ a scientific way to say, that they ‘naturally disinfect’ the palette. The same natural antioxidant phenomenon has been linked to neutralizing cancer radicals and eliminating them from mutating into actual cancer cells.

Just ask your doctor about it.

Bolsters Immune System. 

Another positive attribute of that Wasabi & Ginger we mentioned before, is that it kills bacteria, which inherently gives a boost to your immune system.

Circulation & Iron.

If you have an Iron Deficiency; which is very common in the West and in women around the world for some reason, then you’re going to want to read this part.

Did you know, that healthy, natural Iron is in both fish and soy sauce —the two key elements of sushi? 

(But be careful of the salt in soy sauce, just dip the sushi in the soy sauce, and do not drown it, unless you’re like me, and just can’t resist it.)

That being said, eat foods like sushi/fish/Salmon because they taste great, AND are a high ‘natural’ source of Iron.

Iron intake, can boost your red blood cells, and promote more production. 

It’s simple. More red blood cells equal better circulation, which boosts your metabolism, promotes healthy skin, stimulates hair growth, and is a natural healer of our bodies. 

Now that you have learned some of the reasons, sushi is booming right now in the Philippines, SUSHI’YAL has some very simple ways you can jump into entrepreneurship, and have a fun, healthy time while doing it.

Be a Sushi Prince –or Princess.


From P228K/$5K

We-Build Packages


Sushi Resto

“If you want to share our dream, you have a strong work ethic, a discipline, then find your courage, your niche, build your team, practice patience, know that success is a rollercoaster, and takes time to achieve.” -Josh Almario

Entrepreneurship is booming across the globe. But, no other demographic is plunging into business for themselves more than the younger market. 

Freedom is the driver, and the opportunity to build a legacy for themselves –all before being burdened by the entrapments of life. Before the youth lock themselves into home loans, college debt, corporate jobs, or family life.

Josh Almario, the serial entrepreneur from Manila, Philippines, behind the hip High Cultured Philippines International Clothing Line, has found another niche within the sushi restaurants and kiosk business; and he. Along with his partners are empowering other young aspiring entrepreneurs by sharing the SUSHI’YAL Success System with them.

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