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A Dynamic Duo, Sandra Hale-Tockes Celebrates 75-Years Young at Cerveseria Salsa Night

Hello Fam! What’s good, beautiful people? Let me tell you about a dope celebration that went down recently at Cerveseria. It was the platinum birthday bash of the one and only Sandra Hale-Tockes, who just turned 75-years young.
And let me tell you, this shindig was lit!

“Hello, my Beautiful Dance Darlings! OH WHAT A NIGHT! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, for celebrating with me! It was so much FUN having you there. I am so grateful to have extraordinary, dynamic, wise, and wonderful friends in my life! Your “bon vivant” inspires me every day. My heart is full. Love you ALL”

–Sandra Hale-Tockes

In full-swank Cerveseria-style, the night was full of ballroom dancing, salsa beats, stiff cocktails, and some seriously delicious fusion cuisine.

Sandra, decked out in a burlesque-inspired beaded skirt, tore up the dance floors (upper and lower levels) with multiple instructors who spun, twirled, and lifted her high above their heads. And as if that wasn’t impressive enough, they even carried her out in the air as the grand finale!

I mean, at 75-years young, this woman can out-dance just about anyone.

Cerveseria, the spot where it all went down, is quickly becoming a go-to destination for high-class partygoers from all over the world. With a celebrity, diplomat, and who’s who clientele, it’s no wonder that Sandra chose this place to celebrate her platinum birthday.

But here’s the real story…
Sandra –and her husband Frank- are living proof of the growing trend of Americans traveling and living successfully abroad. She’s an expat from the U.S. who has found a new home in the Philippines.

And let me tell you, she’s not alone.

More and more Americans are choosing to pack up their bags and live the expat life. They’re finding new homes in countries all over the world, from Asia to Europe to South America.

And why? Because they’re loving the freedom, the adventure, and the quality of life that comes with it.

Facts: According to the State Department’s estimate in 2021, approximately 9 million Americans are living overseas. The number of Americans living abroad has been steadily increasing in recent years, as more people seek out international opportunities for education, work, and lifestyle.

In the Philippines, Sandra is part of a growing community of expats who are enjoying a more fulfilling and healthier lifestyle, and at 75-years young, she’s a shining example of what’s possible. The Philippines is quickly becoming a haven for this new “platinum lifestyle” -a lifestyle that’s rich, fabulous, and stress-free.

A places like Cerveseria are leading the charge, offering a diverse and mature crowd the chance to enjoy the best of what the Philippines Metro has to offer.

Cerveseria is getting mad love from the expat community at-large, where every week, partygoers gather for a Salsa Night full of ballroom dancing and good times, and let me tell you, this spot is off the chain!

They’ve got Philippines-US jetsetter DJ Basil spinning tracks, celebrity host Dave Mungcal III insuring impeccable service, AND a burlesque-inspired beaded skirt-wearing birthday girl twirling like nobody’s business, and ballroom dance instructors, spinning and lifting her like it’s 1975 all over again.

But it’s not just the dancing, hospitality, and great food that’s bringing in the crowds. The Philippines is fast becoming a hotspot for expats from the USA, and the UK who are loving the laidback lifestyle, the warm hospitality, and the booming economy. And it’s not just retirees who are packing their bags and heading overseas.

More and more young and middle-aged entrepreneurs, professionals, as well as, families are making the move, seeking adventure, mental-health, better opportunities, and a higher quality of life –and food. And when they arrive in the Philippines, they’re finding a thriving community of expats who are living it up and loving every minute. Don’t believe us? Here is what folks are saying about Sandra’s Platinum Birthday Bash at Cerveseria…

“Happiest Birthday again, Sandra!!! You’re one amazing lady!!!”
“Thank you, Sandra for an amazing party. Had a lovely time! You Rock my girl”
“You are definitely an amazing dancer! I am completely in awe!”
“It was a fabulous night! Thank you, Sandra…birthday dancing queen!”

So next time you’re looking for a swank night out on the town in Metro Manila, don’t sleep on the Wednesday Salsa Nights at Cerveseria.
PLUS+ Cerveseria has a killer Daily Buy One take One Happy Hour from 4-7PM

SWANK | A Night at Cerveseria with Dave Mungcal III

Not in Manila?
Who knows, maybe this will inspire you, you’ll catch the travel bug and decide to join the growing number of Americans (Westerners overall) who are living their best lives -abroad.

So if you’re thinking about making the move, take a cue from Sandra and give it a try.
Who knows?

You might just find your own piece of paradise.

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