Rocky Gathercole

Rocky Gathercole

“Feisty, unapologetic, insomnolence and YES, controversial. Like most others, I started from scratch. I was kid back then trying to make it through this harsh world, and a much harsher fashion scene. But with the help of the almighty, a mentor and off course, much hard work, I finally made it. I’m a fashion rebel which just mirrors my personality. I don’t think of things for the present, it always has to be in the future, which also helps me to be Avant-Garde. I’m a person who really wants to respect everyone and every culture, but unfortunately, I ended up breaking all the Taboos. I am most of the time a person enjouée, and I always make people laugh, but in the other hand, I fear crowds and most importantly, I love to surprise people.”
– Rocky Gathercole

Rocky is one of the few self-made Philippines designers, who started from immensely humble beginning on the streets of Manila, who most American celebrities, top models, world elites and diplomats who don is creations could not begin to imagine.

Gathercole’s unique, extremely-original flavor is perfect for the dramatic and cinematic Los Angeles couture landscape and he represents the Philippines well there.  Now a world-wide Pinoy-sensation, Rocky has put the Philippines on the global runway, wowing his audiences from The Red Carpet, to movie sets, magazine fashion spreads and created some of the most-extreme wedding gowns ever made.


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