Raymond Gorospe, 50+ And Killing It –in the Philippines!

“The Secret to a loving and healthy relation…Three words, Kareem: massages, respect, and presents.” Raymond Gorospe

Yo, what’s good? This your boy Kareem Jackson, I am loving this new “Rich & Fabulous Philippines” Series!
And let me tell you, I just had the illest chat with the man himself, Raymond Garospe, the ultimate silver fox killing it in the Philippines.

This dude’s got it all – he’s an actor, host, singer, model, husband, dad, and even a nurse. And best believe, he’s still chasing his dreams and taking over the game at 50+ years old.
What’s even more inspiring is the role his grandma played in his life, taking him to auditions as a kid and pushing him to chase his passions. And now, with a successful career, Raymond still finds time to act, perform, and be that amazing family man we all aspire to be.

That’s that hustle and grind mentality that we know and love.

But let’s talk about LOVE…

Raymond’s got some serious game when it comes to relationships.
He knows that giving massages, showing respect, and celebrating special moments are the keys to a happy marriage. And he’s out here proving it, going all out for his partner with thoughtful gifts and gestures. Respect, fam.

Now, this dude’s got some serious accomplishments under his belt.

He’s the new face of Centrum Silvers Vitamins, taking on the role of the ultimate silver daddy –you’ve probably seen the commercials in your algorithm.
But let’s not forget that he had to overcome some serious setbacks.

Raymond, turned down a role that could’ve ruined his career, but he didn’t let it stop him from shining in every other role he took on. (A sexy role shhhh)
As a black man who’s traveled the world, let me tell you, seeing someone like Raymond thriving in the entertainment industry is a big deal.

It was an awesome interview…

You can follow Raymond on Facebook and Instagram at @Raymond_gorospe

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