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from the only black American media in the Philippines Islands. 

Bulacan Lifestyle Magazine - Corona Virus
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14 MARCH 2020 | T.A.P.S. The American Press Service | Bulacan Province, Philippines

Tonight on Victory Liner Bus from Quezon City to Bulacan…half full and no standing as provincial people brace themselves in the homes and slowly abandon the city -Metro Manila.

Provincial life is even more attractive in times of crisis due to the fact that it’s more affordable and not so congested.  If you can exit the city and can last 2-weeks in the province without work or income, then do it. 

Let’s take care of one another.

Remember everyone: wash your hands, wipe your hands -and face- with antibacterial soaps and alcohol.  You can also spray all fabrics in your home, office and vehicles with and antibacterial fabric softener, such a Downy Antibac. 

Families with newborns and infants: wash everything -with antibacterial soaps.  And; as hard as it may be, do not allow people to visit as much –especially in your home and the baby’s room- unless they are close family already living in the house and who have no symptoms.  That means, no family and friends coming in from far away and no baby shower parties.  Additionally, any gifts or toys should be washed in warm/hot water (for clothes) and sprayed with alcohol or bleach (if plastics, toys, dolls, ect.).  Good news, this is a great time to use Facebook Face Time and Skype Chat.  Also, take nothing home from the hospital; bring your own sanitized out-patients garments from home in a plastic sack. 

Pregnant Women Tip:  If pregnant, the virus can add to complications in your delivery. There is NO greater risk of getting the virus if you are pregnant.  However, of the 9 reported cases in China, they acquired a form of Pneumonia then needed to have C-section births –all children were ok.  Recommendation:  consult your doctor when/if you feel awkward or have cold or flu symptoms.   

Children (up to 14-years old):  Good news, they have an unexplained defense against this virus and are actually less likely to have major complications, and of all the children cases reported, only 1 to date has not fully-recovered.  That being said, children DO NOT SHOW SYMPTOMS as do adults and the elderly and can transfer it to adults unknowingly.

Parents: teach your children the value of washing their hands and faces often.  Also, wipe your children’s’ hands, face, hair (yes, hair as someone can sneeze on a little persons head), arms and legs with alcohol; when leaving and upon arriving back home, as children may touch one another.  If you have a play date or friends over, make each one wash their hands and use alcohol as well. 

The Elderly:   please stay in the home as much as possible. Take time to disinfect your home using spray alcohol and an antibacterial fabric softener (like Downy Antibac) and wash all vegetables with a small-cap of plain bleach in a sink full of water. Ask a grandchild, neighbor or a tricycle driver to buy the things you need -especially if it requires you to go into a mall, grocery store or use a crowded jeepney.

Expats, Diplomates & Foreign Nationals:  Always wash your hands and take multi-vitamins and vit-C tablets, as well as, stock up with enough food, canned goods, and other things needed to last at least 2-weeks.  Self-quarantine yourself and your family if possible.  Not surprisingly, many of the current Corona Virus cases in the Philippines are from more successful persons, travelers, business and political people. 

Businesses Owners: understand that the majority of approximately 4,000 cases per day during it spread peek, Corona Virus cases have been linked to a business; from a public market, to offices, airplane terminals, churches, events, sports events, theme parks, concerts and cruise ships.  

Therefore, please, make sure you are ‘providing’ and ‘enforcing the use’ of antibacterial soaps for dishes in restaurants, bars, food service facilities and employee break rooms.  As well as, in employee and public restrooms’ hand soap dispensers. Insist that cleaners use proper (OSHA or other) cleaning standards, warm or hot water when possible, antibacterial cleaners, as well as, bleaches to clean desk and restrooms, trashcans, surfaces, doors and doorways, walls and when washing fabrics. 

Always use an antibacterial fabric softeners (such as Downy Antibac) and spray all fabrics; such as curtains, chairs, sofas, company cars and uniform hanging in lockers or in offices –even if they are already cleaned and in plastic dry-cleaning bags.

Jeepney, Grab, personal, corporate and tricycle drivers:  please use alcohol to wipe down your vehicles –at least 4 times per day. You should spray down your vehicle 2 to 3 times a day with alcohol and an antibacterial fabric softener (such as Downy Antibac) -especially after customers with fevers, sneezing and coughs.  

CASH HANDLER TIP:  Keep your ‘cash’ in a plastic baggie, use alcohol after every customer or handling of cash (both, paper and coins)and DO NOT touch the cash and then, touch your face -or your families faces.  Corona Virus, as well as FLU and other viruses can stay on surfaces and cash for up to 3-days.

The Sickly:  including but not limited to, those with low immune systems, chronic illnesses, existing colds and cases of flu, asthma, open wounds, severe diabetes, and gout, use alcohol on feet, and face multiple times a day –especially when/if in public.

If you feel any symptoms, contain yourself, and call the hospital, your doctor or other health physician as not to flood emergency rooms and clinics.

Got Coronavirus Covid-19 Questions?

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