[dropcap]When you think of Asia, The Philippine Islands and Tropical Paradises, typically images of beaches,[/dropcap] fabulous shopping, resorts and swank parties come to mind.  However, what’s beyond tourism?  What’s next once you decide to make paradise, your home? 

Putting Bulacan on the international map.  In an effort to help their global readers and fans decide, the US Publishers of The Award-Winning Philippines Magazine International, went undercover for more than 1-year, and went on dozens of tours, in nearly 100 provinces, brangays and local neighborhoods all around the Philippines.  Ultimately, they picked Bulacan as their: Best Philippines Province To Live, Work & Invest For Students, Family-Oriented OFW’s & Expats.” and dedicate a new, complimentary, Limited Special Edition Magazine to the province.

Bulacan Lifestyle Magazine debuts this holiday season, showcasing their “100 Bulacan Best People, Places & Things”, “Achieve Success Student Lifestyle Section”,  “SWAG Beauty& Grooming Section”, “Welcome to Bulacan with Baby Posadas” and Allan Andan, as well as, “OFW Life with Tony Salao”.

Over 500 Bulacan, Philippines businesses, schools, entrepreneurs, branagays and politicians are bestowed more than P500,000 in local and international marketing aid.

Possibly, just in time for Christmas, the Philippines is to have its first US endorsed and published, complimentary provincial, barangay neighborhood, internationally-distributed magazine and business directory series.

Bulacan Province, Philippines | For free, the ground-breaking provincial barangay small-business, entrepreneur promotional campaign, will showcase “The Bulacan Lifestyle Directory” -a directory of hundreds of local, small-businesses, people, places, events and things  in the Philippines first ever complimentary, internationally distributed, in-print, on-line and digital barangay lifestyle magazine.  (Listings are free for Bulacan-wide registered businesses: otherwise, a ‘basic’ mention or listing in the barangay lifestyle directory cost from $25/P1,000 plus upgrades and is featured in the magazine, on the website and social media.)

All barangay neighborhood businesses chosen, will also receive free tickets to the 2018 BULACAN LIFESTYLE Magazine Premier Party, Business Entrepreneur Networking Mixer, Awarding & Beauty Pageant (held in Malolos City, The Capital).  As well as, receive copies of the magazine for their businesses, lobbies, waiting rooms and residences.

Credit pic to :http://www.ivoteph.com/candidates/region-iii/bulacan/pulilan-bulacan-official-local-candidates-mock-poll-2016/

Additional copies are distributed in-hand to expats, foreigners, foreign-exchange students, FilAMs, balikbayans, OFW’s, professionals and celebrities’ barangay residences.  Plus, copies are distributed to The US Embassy Manila, Malacanang Palace, The Presidential Communications Offices (PCOO), Philippines Broadcasting Service (PBS), local press, as well as, Pinoy-owned businesses in the United States, and globally via the on-line and digital magazine versions on www.PHMagOn-Line.com, with America and Asia’s #1 on-line newsstand www.MAGZTER.com; reaching more than 250,000 people.

BULACAN, is the first province in The PH Province Lifestyle Series.  In support of “The 2018 Come Visit The Philippines” tourism campaign, the US publisher’s KA&CO with PH Co-Publisher’s, stated in an interview with The American Press, (T.A.P.S.) this week when asked about their goals of the magazine,

“…we are very, very honored and proud to be able to promote tourism, lifestyle and commerce to such a wonderful country, people, province and their welcoming barangay neighborhoods…to their neighbors and to the world. Bulacan is wonderful, charming and a great place to raise a family –just minutes outside the hustle, bustle and pollution of ‘the city’… Manila.  Bulacan is booming, true-home to many local celebrities and one of Manila’s best kept secrets.  Bulakenyos are highly-educated, family-centric, entrepreneurial and take pride in being pure Tagalog.” -stated KA&CO US Executive Publisher, Kareem Antonio-Jackson in an interview in Los Angeles, California last week (via Skype).

The idea is to engage targeted local and international consumers on provincial and barangay levels: to promote Philippine local-tourism, as well as long-term PH-life and lifestyle, local PH brands and services, PH-domestic travel and tourism, PH-opportunities and give people –for the first time- the ability to make Philippines-lifestyle choices on a province; barangay by barangay (or neighborhood by neighborhood) basis.

The magazines, websites and social media pages will showcase barangay schools, medical facilities, real estate, grocery stores, vendors, exclusive on-line and in-magazine special promotions and discounts, shops, restaurants, basketball courts, nearest barangay hall locations, law offices, sports teams, philanthropy projects, even parks and barangay social activities.

All targeted at growing provincial, local inner-barangay patronage, while also attracting new businesses, consumers and residents to the province at-large; while showcasing barangay neighborhood options as well.   Bulacan Board Member, Ma. Lourdes “Baby” Posadas is showcased in a “Visitor’s Welcome Letter” 2-page spread where she will invite and welcome readers to her lovely province and give key stats, events and information.

All eyes are on Bulacan, Philippines, as the co-pioneers, with the US publishers of this exciting new small business entrepreneur, provincial, barangay neighborhood, grass-roots promotional campaign and showcase.  When successful, the campaign will rollout throughout the Philippines, ramping up to the 2020 Presidential Elections and beyond.

For the first time in recent PH history, US media, marketers, publishers and developers will endorse and aide them in directly promoting their provinces and subsequent barangays, neighborhoods, businesses, professionals and their political candidates to -not only- locals, but also, to voting-Balikbayans, OFW’s and FilAM’s across the world.

(Businesses who desire to be showcased or advertise in the publication are encouraged to contact Publisher@ThePhilippinesMagazine.com for requirements and specifications before the publisher’s content closing date: November 1st, 2018)

KA&CO, the publishing group who owns the PH MAG brand, is an independent marketing group which funds the magazine and its website privately: largely by Friends of the Philippines; sponsors and advertisers which allows them to distribute the magazine for free, as well as to remain unbiased when developing content such as their List, endorsements, investment insights and partners.

Inquiries: TheAmericanPress@ThePhilippinesMagazine.com

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